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POW Exchange part 2.: Going to be a long trip

Posted on Thu Jul 5th, 2018 @ 10:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Brad Talon & Lieutenant JG Datav & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant JG Rico Demic & Lieutenant JG Butch Stryker & Senior Chief Petty Officer Gavar & Petty Officer 2nd Class Gild Demic & Dawn Sumner Miss

Mission: Mission 27: Reclaiming SB214, the work begins
Location: flight deck-8
Timeline: 28 February 2392


Talon was there by the Danube as the fighter CAP was preparing to launch. He saw the two pilots selected LTJG Butch Stryker and Ensign Gavin Wade. Both were single and would be less noticeable while gone. Stryker was the senior pilot so he went aboard while Gavin checked the outside of the Danube. Talon was glad to see the pilots being thorough.

PO2nd Hank Miller showed up earl as well and went aboard stowing his gear and checking the internal systems from the operations station.

==Datav's quarters==

"Dawn it is time. We can not be late for our own mission." He made eye contact "it pleased me greatly the Captain was so willing to give you a rank and position without much in the way of processing." He carried their bags, they had the Captain's room on the Sovereign yacht.

"I suppose my people skills may come in handy, although I doubt with the Talarians." Dawn spoke as she followed him since he did have a quicker step and she had paused to tuck her hair back.

"Well you understand I need you to read them and tell me what they have on their ninds, like their moods. If you can figure out when they are getting angry or becoming nervous that is what your task is on this mission." He glanced down into her eyes "I do not believe I could have picked a better aid. Did you bring a few dolls for 'luck'?

"I am good with body language although no way near empathic. No I left the dolls all tucked in safely on their shelves and locked in place. Even the carriage and babies are secured. Now as long as we sit next to each other, I touch your knee it means their getting angry, your thigh they're nervous."

Datav nodded "that sounds reasonable and we have a five days, six hours, and twenty-two minutes to practice on the trip there." He made eye contact "I am glad you stopped at my thigh or I might have become jumpy myself." His deadpan voice made the attempt at humor almost sound absurd.

Colt looked at Kilara on the way to the flight deck. "Do you think we will rate a room since we are a couple?"

"I rate a room." Kilara chuckled. "Due to my rank, and you'll simply have to bunk with me since you're keeping me safe."

"I have to keep 'you' safe? That is a full time job by itself." He hip bumped her "maybe I should go back for more ammunition?" He had a standard load and had felt he was bringing too much as it was really. If this went South he was not going to have enough firepower to save them, this was just a show to have him there.

"Well you never know, seems since we met you keep having to rescue me." She fluttered her lashes at him.

Colt swallowed hard to keep his heart in his chest. "You look at me like that even with your clothes on and you know it has an affect on me right?" He lead her into the yacht where Hank Miller met them.

"I figure we will be on first name basis on a trip this long in close quarters so please don't be offended Kilara. You and Braden here have the number three cabin here in the back. It isn't much but you do have some privacy. Best stow your gear."

Braden took their bags and went to the assigned quarters. Two people could fit in there if they were friendly! IN this current situation Braden was not unhappy in any way. He went in and began securing their bags.

"Thank you Hank, I expect I'll be seeing you in mess hall while en route." Kilara said with a smile. "I'm going to go have a look at how small our quarters are."

Hank laughed "Well you are both on the thin side so just exhale and you should both fit." Hank was in a berth with the pilots that amounted to four hammocks in a closet with a spot for a chest for each or them.

Demic carried his and Gilds luggage, Gild carried their med kits. They knew they'd have a bay but certain medical tools just felt more a part of you after repeated use. Like the feel of their own medical tricorder.

Ensign Wade trotted over to the medics "can I help you?" He had just finished the walk about when he saw the burdened medical team walking toward the yacht. "Say you guys did know this baby has a medbay right? I checked off on it and everything listed was there."

"These are just our personal medical equipment." Gild spoke softly. "Similar to an ancient doctor having his own stethoscope."

"This is our clothes and a few other personal affects for the journey." Demic chuckled as he adjusted one of Gild's bags.

Hank Miller waved "hey Doc Demic, welcome aboard Sir. You and Gild are in cabin four in the rear of the yacht." He pointed to the same direction Braden and Kilara had just went.

"Thank you Hank." Demic spoke and nodded Gild in that direction. "We'll get our things put away then take a little tour of sickbay."

"For the number of people considered a crew on this yacht it is something to see Doctor Demic, but only one treatment bed and three stacked recovery units. Looks like the newest and best though for the treatment bio-bed.

"Let's hope we don't all get food poisoning, doesn't sound like it'll hold too many at a time." Demic smiled. "I'd best catch up with my wife."

Ensign Wade had moved into the cabin and used the intercom. "As soon as everyone is stowed away for launch, please come to the main cabin for a head count and to buckle into the crew chairs here. PO2nd Miller will be our crew chief so please follow all his instructions." Ensign Wade then went forward to the co-pilot position

Brad Talon spoke with Stryker for a few more minutes than left the bay.

Hank stood in the middle of the main lounge which was almost half the interior of the yacht, after all it was meant to be a meet and greet boat for Diplomatic purposes. It was rather luxurious for the size.

Datav took Dawn's hand "we should go to the main bay, sooner we get started the sooner we resolve this problem."

"True, it looks like we'll be doing some work there too." Dawn slipped her fingers through his, she found even a simple touch would seem to set sparks along her nerve endings. She smiled and wondered if their room was sound proofed.

Braden was tight against Kilara 'accidentally' and kissing her when Ensign Wade made his announcement. Braden found he was not able to get unentangled without some shuffling about! He mumbled softly "sorry Kilara, I did really want a few kisses but I did not account for how tight this actually was.

"I think it should be better when we're in bed. This room isn't meant for living, I think just changing and sleeping." Kilara chuckled. "Alright lets go get strapped in."

"Time to go get buckled in Gild." Demic spoke as he tugged her from the room after she found a space to fit her case under their double wide bunk.

"And I thought the quarters on the new ship were small." Gild said with a laugh taking hold of hir husband's arm as they went to the main room and found seats next to each other to strap in.

Hank made sure everyone was aboard, securely seated before he sealed up the yacht and took his own seat as crew chief. =^=Ready to launch Stryker.=^=

Butch Stryker went through the clearance to launch procedure and within a minute they were feeling the yacht's power vibration in the passenger area. The Yacht lifted easily and began a steady increase in speed till they were in the black. Butch Stryker put the Yacht on course as he flew directly away from the Asgard. As soon as they were clear of the Asgard Butch Stryker took the yacht to warp speed.

=^=This is your pilot we are currently at warp and on course. Feel free to move about now. Enjoy the trip because out arrival might not be so pleasant." Stryker laughed as he looked at Wade "might as well try to sleep. She is all yours in eight hours."

Wade nodded "good point." He went back and crawled into his hammock. Gavin thought he would have a hard time getting to sleep but he was out in a short time and sleeping soundly.

Gild stood up and stretched reaching hir hand out to Demic. "Rico... I've a bit of a headache. Come massage my neck."

Demic smiled as he took his wife's hand. "I'll be back in a few hours. Yell if someone gets hurt." He went off towards their little alcove of a room with a slight smirk.

Dawn stood up and walked over to the replicator. "Would anyone like anything?" She asked her eyes looking at Datav.

Datav looked up from the research materials "no thanks Dawn but I do appreciate you asking." He did not want her to think he expected her to serve him as she was now his aide, not his servant. A flash of seeing her in bed naked flashed past the back of his eyes and he shuddered slightly. He stiffened slightly as he did not approve of his body's reaction or the random thought! He willed himself to be more controlled. He loved Dawn but random thoughts were just a weakness of the will.

Flicking off the buckles and harness. "Nothing for me thank you." Kilara spoke as she now relaxed and leaned against Braden.

Braden removed his harness and shifted so Kilara was more comfortable. He kissed her forehead. A week with little to do but be with you. How tough of a job is that?" He smiled into her eyes enjoying what he saw. Before he got lost in there though Hank spoke up.

"Well Corporal now that you mention it all of us save LT Datav and his aid will be taking six hour shifts on the monitors. Ensign Wade is sleeping, the medicos have the medbay to sort out and I am on the station now. You have six hours before you take over. When we get closer we will be having two people on stations." Hank chuckled as he watched the couple "but you still have plenty of cuddle time."

"Six hours should give us plenty of time to rest our eyes before we start staring at screens." Kilara spoke softly getting comfortable on Braden's shoulder and literally falling asleep.

Braden stroked his fingers through her hair enjoying being close to her. Being a marine sniper he could sleep in about any position and sleep whenever he could simply because he was trained to be alert almost on demand. So after a half hour or so he closed his eyes and went to sleep. It was a light sleep if Kilara got up or if anyone even walked within reach he would wake.

Dawn returned with a cup of tea to sit next to Datav, she picked up her PADD and began going over what was known of the Talarian culture once more.

"Dawn. I am thinking we should concentrate on the high ranking sons and stroke their ego as much as possible to make them see the benefit of the exchange."

"So the sons influence the fathers." Dawn nodded. "I'll research the family names in news feeds to see who is the highest ranking."

"That is an excellent start. The better we know who is related to whom the better we can influence those in charge to do as we wish. Keep on that social media track Dawn, I never thought of that but it might be the best way to link names to leaders. It would put us in a bad light to suggest we had someone's son only to find out they had no sons, or worse, that particular son was known to be dead." Datav had a thoughtful expression as he went back to his research on Talarian customs and family values.



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