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Just a beer and a burger

Posted on Sun May 13th, 2018 @ 11:15pm by 2nd Lieutenant Doug Cameron & Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies EMTP/PO2 & Chief Warrant Officer Eric Stoltz

Mission: Mission 27: Reclaiming SB214, the work begins
Location: Sandy's burger shop
Timeline: 5 February 2392


Stoltz walked inside holding the door open. He had lead them straight here from the recent rescue. "Grab a seat you two lovebirds and I will grab us a pitcher of beer. How many burgers do you want? I can order when get the beer." Eric could not fail to see the marine and the medic were a couple. Seemed a lot of couples were aboard the Asgard.

As the entered the burger joint, she realized that she'd pretty much been squishing Doug's hand and he'd been silently was the tension she'd been feeling, and only now did she really let out a breath and relax her grip.

"Um...sure...burger with cheese and bacon and smothered in mushrooms...oh, and sweet potato fries!" It was more than she would normally indulge in, but today was anything but normal!

Then she glanced at Doug and grinned. "So, what sort of bird are you? Not a vulture, I hope!"

"I would not consider myself a scavenger? Maybe." He took her hand smiling "maybe an eagle? I hear they mate for life and have no other mate once they are mated?" Doug tilted his head "would that thought scare you Bett?"

Eric shook his head and paid for the food before slipping away, those two were into each other and he was a third wheel.

Bettina felt her cheeks go hot as she looked down at the ground for a second while Eric kindly left them alone. Then she looked back at Doug and shrugged. "Nothing scares me," she answered, even though it wasn't really true, in fact, what he had just suggested kind of terrified her!

"So, um, is there some sort of ritual or something that they do to make it official? Or do they just lock talons?" Grinning, she gave his hand a squeeze.

"The birds? I think they do some aerial mating dance sort of thing? I really do not know. I just read somewhere there were animals that mated for life." He laughed "come to think about it so do Black Vultures. They mate for life just like Bald Eagles do" Shaking his head "so you are free to think of me as you like I suppose a hunter or a scavenger?"

"Either, I guess." She looked at him for a moment, then took hold of both his hands. "So...are you asking me..? What are you asking me? I mean, I'm pretty sure I know, but I...I'd rather be sure. Are we going steady?"

"I would hope so,we have shared the same quarters for nearly two months now even if we have been to busy to take full advantage of the time. I think exclusive is working for us. I admit I have thought about asking more but my intellectual side says it is too soon and I need to wait, give you more time to be used to me." He smiled weakly "I do not want to scare you away Bett, you are the best thing that ever happened to me."

Bettina shuddered a little at that last statement. "That's a huge responsibility," she murmured, but then she grinned, lightening the mood. "And man, you must have had a pretty sad life so far if I'm the best part!"

Sighing, she took his hands in hers and looked into his eyes. "You can ask me anything you want of me...I mean, what's the worst I can do? Kick you there?" Her eyes flickered down, "but I need that, so..."

"I would hope you like that enough not to ruin it?" Doug licked his lips. "I want to wait Bett, I know it seems weak but I do not want to ask you just yet. I want to wait six months. It might be silly but it is something my mom told me. If it is real six months will prove it. You know my intentions toward you. I hope that is enough for now." He smiled "I will try to make the asking worth the wait?" His eyes pleaded for her to understand, he did not want to jump blindly and lose.

[i]Asking..?[/i] So, he really was to that point that he was talking about asking? of course, she didn't mind that, nor his wanting to wait.

"Six months...I think I can stand you that long." She grinned widely. "And you will be charmed by me, naturally." Then she took a breath and nodded, serious.

"I like that idea...those wanting to ask, and waiting for a while, to be sure."

While she knew her feelings for him were deep, the whole concept of commitment and all that went with it scared her a little, so this would give her time to adjust.

"Since Eric left us to our own devices what do you want to do? Are you still on call or is your shift over? I was thinking we might go back to the Asgard tonight and sleep in our own bed."

"Together?" She gave him a teasing look, wiggling her eyebrows, then shrugged. "Wouldn't mind that burger and beer," she answered, "or cheesecake and coffee...but we can get that at home, too, and I guess we sort of need to celebrate not asking, right?"

Standing on her toes, she kissed him lightly, then took his hand. "You're not going to get rid of me easily, you know!"

Cameron laughed "get rid of you? I was planning on taking you home so I can get you in my bed." He waved over one of the staff "Another pitcher and more burgers, can we get a booth?"

They were lead over to a booth and another pitcher of beer was left at the table. Doug waited for Bett to sit before sliding in beside her.

"Oh, well, then you really should feed me first." She grinned as she sat at the booth, waiting to see if he was going to sit across from her or beside her. "I think I'm going to need energy! I mean, six months is a long time, you know."

It was still a little awkward, the idea that he wanted to work toward something more permanent, but it appealed to her and she would try to just relax into it and go with it.

"We can get dessert to go...I hear that cheesecake is even better than whipped cream!

Doug laughed "you, food, and bed! I am not complaining just noting I see a trend here." Doug waved the waiter over "Two Cheesecakes with whipped cream to go please."

"Are you worried about ants?" She laughed, waiting for their order, then hooking her arm into his as they headed toward their quarters. "Besides, Buster likes to lick the plate." She grinned broadly as she looked at him. "Seems like all my boys like licking!"



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