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SB214: Security support on SB214 Part 2. (the chase)

Posted on Sun May 13th, 2018 @ 11:14pm by Lieutenant JG Kraggar & Lieutenant JG Tristan Arundel & Petty Officer 3rd Class Teri Harding & Petty Officer 3rd Class Steve Boston

Mission: Mission 27: Reclaiming SB214, the work begins
Location: cargobay deck-230
Timeline: 5 February 2392


As the team approached the now hole that was a wall motion was detected in a corner near a computer terminal. A screech kind of sound was heard as a person scrambled under monitor station crawling into a jefferey tube. There was one in the cargo bay to get to the large cargo airlock. Now someone who was actually involved in this travesty was at least within reach. Kraggar nodded his head "Harding, Boston go get that person. If you need help call for back up."

"Going to be close quarters." She shrugged her rifle to her back and ran towards the jefferies tube with her hand phaser drawn and ready. Harding glanced at Boston. "You want point?" She asked on the run.

Boston moved past her laughing "I never thought you would ask. I heard you don't swing that way!" He ducked down and crawled into the opening. He checked for traps as he moved so it was a bit slow. There was some dust in here so seeing where he went was not a problem for now. Once past the opening Boston began to move faster. When he reached a junction he looked up and down, "going up Harding, there are hand prints from this dust on the ladder." Boston started up.

Harding paused and and waited while he checked the ladder. She grabbed hold and started up after Boston. "The view would be better if you were the Chief..." She quieted the added vibrations on the ladder stopped. "Hurry his feet stopped hitting the ladder."

PO3rd Servek was with LTJG Arundel walking a patrol on Deck-230, that was one of today's decks to be cleared and checked. "LT Arundel did you hear? There is a runner in the jefferey tubes and he is moving in our direction!" Servek no sooner spoke the a panel banged on the deck causing people to scream and scatter. A person stood, saw Servek pointing and ran the opposite direction!

"Hey....hey!" Tristan watched with wide eyes before lurching forward. On sheer instinct, he sprinted hard and fast after him. If there was something that Tristan could do, it was run, and he chased him with a fierce speed.

Servek was caught flat footed but realized he was being left behind! He ran after the officer not bothering to call out as it would do no good!

Boston had just begun saying "I will have you know I have a fine tight.. Right! Try to keep my cute ass in site pokey!" Boston laughed as he sped up the ladder. The next cross passage he saw a open access panel and sped on hands and knees toward it rolling through the opening he came to a knee and spotted the runner "He is leaving white dust tracks Harding!" Boston came up running after the fellow leaving the white footprints.

Harding rolled out after him and sneezed as she stood up to take off running after Boston and the escapee. "Damn the maintenance crews will have their work cut out for them." She grumbled as her foot falls thudded after him.

Tristan glanced back over his shoulder at hearing footsteps behind him, breathing hard, his body tight with how he sprinted with the practice of a regular runner. "I've got him!" he called back.

The man running seemed to develop a limp, appearing to have a charlie horse of some such affliction. As he ducked three Orions became visible and each had a disruptor pistol. They aimed at Tristan as he was the nearest.

Tristan's eyes darkened as he realised he was looking, literally, down the barrel of a gun. Of a number of them. He instinctively knew with his speed that he couldn't stop, turn and escape the fire. His body made the decision for him, dropping to the ground with barely enough time to avoid the fire, his forward motion causing him to roll before finally coming to a stop.

Boston was off to the side and he yelled "ambush!" He dropped into a forward roll and came up on a knee with his phaser drawn

Harding slid into position as if she were running bases. She dropped to one knee against the wall opposite Boston. Her phaser drawn and ready to fire at heavy stun. Why are Orion men such ugly bastards? She thought as she took aim. I guess the females get the looks.

Servek was a good ways back so he kept moving to get into the fight.

Tristan scrabbled sideways, breathing hard with both the run and the sudden rush of adrenaline from the fire. His back hit up against the corner of a wall as he yanked his phaser free, firing even as he lifted it to aim at them, sending off an unforgiving volley of fire back at them.

Boston saw the others in the security detail firing and he shot a fellow taking aim down the alley, probably aiming at Servek!

The security team behind solid cover and the ambushers behind thin barriers used more for hiding than actual defense. They were dropping like flies as each time they showed a body part one of the Security team nailed them. The person they were chasing dashed out of a building and kept running. The few ambushers left also fled in different directions.

Boston glanced at Harding "still got some leg left, I think we can catch one of them that went that way."

"If I get one first you owe me a beer... A real one." Harding spoke as she took off after them. It seemed all the runs with Buckmeyer did well for her stamina. She paused at a juncture in the corridors then turned where she heard the plodding heavy footfalls of the former ambushers.

"Deal, and since i know you don't want to if I win I want a kiss, a real one on the lips!" Boston dodged down another lane between two businesses to cut off the orion if he turned in that direction. Running with the pilots the last few months had added not only speed but a lot of stamina for him. He emerged onto the main walk way just ahead of Harding with the Orion between them "Hold and surrender!" He pointed his phaser but the Orion turned and ran toward Harding. Boston had no shot as too many people where in his line of fire. =^=Coming your way Harding and i am right behind him.=^= Boston was following but this was a lost bet for sure the Orion was running straight at her.

Harding smiled as the Orion ran right towards her and paused running with the phaser aimed right between the eyes. "Face down on the deck!" She ordered.

He attempted to dodge her, she did a side swipe with her foot tripping him, the next thing he knew there was a hot tingle and things went black.

"I told you face down on the deck." Harding muttered as she had one knee in the small of the Orion's back and was securing his wrists. "Thanks for saving me from having to kiss Boston." She spoke as she flipped him over and secured his ankles.

Boston stopped looking down at her "Oh well. I was thinking maybe if you had a real manly man like yours truly you might realize what you were missing?" He shook his head =^=we have a tagged Orion who tried to kill fleet security personnel. Please beam him to the Brig, separate room if available we will want to question him soon.=^= Anyway Harding it was worth a try, seems the fates were on your side today."

"Unless you're planning gender reassignment surgery, I'll take the beer." Harding spoke with a chuckle in her voice. "Don't worry Boston, I'm sure some day some woman will show up that thinks you're all she ever wanted."

"A beer it is Harding, but it was you I was trying to save you understand." he laughed as he walked beside her to find the others. "I do okay, I just hate to see someone like you missing out on part of life!" Boston looked at her serious like "say Harding you know I am just joking with you right? I like working with you and well.. I thought maybe we could be friends. I was not sure how to go about an ice breaker? I got no problem with your life choices. Heck you can tease me about women anytime!"

"Oh you might have to be the one to worry if she's tall, blonde and with great legs." Harding said with a laugh. "Good thing I was busy or your ice breaker could have got you a busted lip."

Boston eyed her from the side "ahh, you mean you would have tried to bust my lip. I am no ones easy meat. Even if you are a badass tough girl!"

"Very bad ass, strike like a viper when least expected." Harding stood in what appeared a relaxed stance, but every muscle was ready to flex into action. "I'm not one to yell when I swing my bat'leth. So other than breaking the ice, what hobbies do you have."

"From what I can tell pretty much the same as you. Except the bat'leth thing. It seems unwieldy and ineffective to me. Than I am training with Talon and Hawken and neither of them have any use for the weapon. So I guess I share their bias. Other than that training, martial arts, food, working out, all that is what I do." He shrugged "I read fantasy novels in quiet times. I enjoy heroic fantasy with evil bad guys and noble heroes. I also like adventure books, I particularly like the Lara Croft adventures you sort of remind me of her in some ways."

"Oh I take it Lara Croft kicked ass too huh?" Harding laughed and even though appearing at ease her gaze was on the look out for further problems. "A phaser still works best, but when used right the bat'leth is very graceful, almost a dance. Some time I'll have to show you."

Boston nodded "Oh I do not mind watching you dance around. Be glad too in fact." he winked "maybe wearing one of those halter tops and some short baggy shorts." He kept his distance as he said it and laughed after.

"Not what I wear." She laughed with a shake of her head. "That will just have to stay in your fantasies Boston." Harding headed in his direction still alert to possible lurkers.

Whilst Boston and Harding had gone on the run, Tristan had taken off after the guy who had led him straight into the trap. He ran hard and fast with the ease of someone who had been doing it his whole life. He pushed himself until he felt the burn in his chest...just how he liked it. He narrowed his eyes when he started closing on the familiar figure, shaking his head. "Surrender! Surrender or I open fire!" he called out after him, hoping he'd give up, but not expecting him to.

The runner turned his head at the sound of the commanding voice and tripped over his own feet. He fell, rolled, and came up on a knee facing Tristan's phaser. He was a rat all the way through and he put his hands behind his head. "I surrender just don't hurt me man!" His squealing voice was shrill and piercing.

Tristan's eyebrows lifted with surprise at the turn of events. He caught his breath as he approached him, keeping his phaser lifted at him, cautious all the same. "On your front on the ground, hands behind your head!"

He laid on his face following instructions. He knew stuff so he figured the syndicate would be busting him out of this. If his boss had not been so damn greedy he would not be in this fix.

Tristan moved fast to straddle him, grabbing his wrists to pull them down behind his back, binding his wrists. "You're fast, but not fast enough...don't get mixed up in trouble next time..."

The immediate threat to his life being over his natural anti-social, anti-establishment attitude resurfaced. "Yeah, yeah I know just take it easy I ain't no android ya know."

Servek walked over reporting "the bunch you left me with are all safely in the brig Lieutenant. I see you caught the runner."

"Wasn't going to let him go now," Tristan chuckled, catching his breath as he stood, dragging his prisoner up with him. "We can hope a lesson has been learned."

Boston and Harding walked into view "Hey you caught the road-runner dude!" Boston frowned "might want to keep him separated form the others Lieutenant? He was doing something with some stasis pods when we found him and he bolted. He might be needed for some questioning."

Tristan frowned at the news, looking to the man he had gripped tightly. "Not just a little distraction then," he said quietly, shaking his head. "If he knows anything, we'll get to it."

"Right like if and where other pods are hidden." Harding added. "I'm pretty sure those weren't the only ones."



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