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Base Infiltration part 9. Gaining allies (Silk)

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 3:27pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Yukime Winters

Mission: Mission 26: Let there be WAR!
Location: Deuces Wild club deck 164
Timeline: 24-25 January 2392


Blue Orchid, that got Silk's attention. The Asgard and company had run into them before. The fact they were here was something that the captain would like to know. The Talarians she was now suspecting had the military part to take the base but she would bet the farm that the Blue Orchid was doing the financial backing as well. A paid off Klingon warlord was now not so far out of the stretch. "Yes I am interested especially if it can get me around," Silk replied. She knew she could not use the assumed pass name at this point and decided just to use her nickname. "You can call me Silk Mr. Lane."


"Silk." He repeated the name and it had a sensual ring the way he said it. His smile was warm, heated even as he made eye contact "it fits you well. Smooth and fine yet an underlying strength that defies the appearance." Hondo leaned back in the booth "I would rather return to my place to discuss this in more detail. I would warn you being seen with me will put a mark on you. The Orions know who I am and would dearly love to have me not be present. They just might make a move on you? I can not really think they are that worried but you should know just the same. I am a dangerous man to be near." He stood slowly with a grace and style. He offered her his hand "coming?" he winked "this is a job offer, if you spend the night after is still entirely up to you." His eyes dropped to her cleavage "you are invited though."

Silk took his hand but did not quite yet respond to the other invite. "Trust me sir," Silk replied, "I have run into Orions before." She was not going to say Blue Orchid quite yet. "I know how to take care of myself." Anyone opposing the syndicate would be interesting and she pretty suspected that the syndicate and the Talarians were more than just a convenient partnership. If it fell apart, they could just as easy turn on each other.

"The name is Hondo and if you have dealt with them before then you know how dangerous being seen with me is." He handed her a business card "my contact number is on the card. You decide to join in or if you need help give a contact." He finished his own drink and stood "you would be smarter not to get involved. Than what fun is there in not getting involved? Later Silk, I would leave this place if I were you."

Silk was a bit surprised at the way Hondo ended but she only nodded and then went to pay up. She took the hint and left the place right after. She headed off to think a little on the odd contact. Dangerous was certainly the term, and even more so since she was trying to get more information on the set up here. She made up her mind and waited for about two hours and then found a place to make the call on the card.
The comm seemed to beep forever before it picked up and a simple, "Speak" finally came across.

Silk simply said, "Silk here, your place or mine?"

"Mine, and for only one reason. I know my place is secure. Look at the back of the card." He pressed an eletronic key and the back of his business card revealed a map to his location. "Silk come alone and know this anyone following you will meet an unfortunate ending. Just saying so you know, if i suspected you were not an option you would not have my card. Just so you know I have your location as well. If you start moving away from me call. If you do not call there will be a rescue. People will die. I am careful but if you are on my team you are protected." He was on deck-150.

"I will be there," Silk simply replied and cut the comm. Silk quickly memorized the directions before they began to fade. "Clever," she thought. It was a good a thing and she was putting trust in the man though. She started off but took a somewhat circuitous route, using store front glass, looking over clothing and anything to see if anyone was following. She also used her mind as well. While that was not as reliable if anyone was close and she got an impression then it would be a bit of alert. She was pretty sure that she was alone and that no one had followed and as far as she knew no one had been dropped suddenly when she got to the place off the card.
It had taken a few hours but she figured there had not been quite a time limit.
She took a breath knowing she was, no scratch that, had probably been observed by now and for a bit. Nothing mentally screamed danger yet, in fact she got nothing. She pressed the comm and waited.

Hondo opened the door even as the chime was ringing. He was pretty tall and in a gentlemen's dinner jacket, "welcome Silk. Please come in. You are a very careful person and I like that. Please couch, chair, or stand if you prefer." He lead the way into the room. There was a four place couch with two of the seats that could recline. The chair also could recline. The room was neat but still had a lived in feel. Hondo walked past the furniture "drink?" He poured himself a single finger of a Earth brand scotch. "I have ice if you want ice as well." The bar was well stocked with a dozen visible bottles, some were not entirely legal. "I am more than a little pleased you decided to join me."

Silk was a bit surprised but quickly entered not wanting to stand there if there were other eyes about. She moved toward the chair for the moment and took a seat.
She was going to refuse at first, it was all too easy to slip something in a drink but again she tried to get an emotional reading. He was closed as a book but she took the chance and said, "Something non-alcoholic please, water or soda."

She took the drink and only took a small sip. "So what made you trust me?? she asked. She wanted to get to know a bit more before revealing any of her secrets as well. This was going to be the test for both of them.

Hondo almost spit his drink out "Silk I never said I trust you. Damn few people I trust. If any?" He sat on the couch "I need allies and you looked competent. When we spoke I took a liking to you. You also know your way around you proved it coming here. Now I have a job for tonight, I could use someone as savvy as you. Pay is say ten thousand Federation credits in Latium. About two or three hours but high risk." He smiled a wicked cold expression "and no you don't get to know before hand. You agree or you turn me down up to you. Onceyou are in then there is no turning back."

Silk leaned back in the chair and then said, "I agree, but I am calling BS on the trust. You might need allies but in order to get them, to allow me to get here and not bump me off is a sort of trust. Maybe not full, I will not tell you all my secrets trust, but a bit. I need allies as well so there it is. So with that being said, what are we up to?"

"I have been watching a pair of Talarians that collect what amounts to their cut from the Orions each night. The Orions are collecting slaves for a shipment to some Klingon mine. So we are nabbing the Talarians and putting them with the already prepared slaves. Then when the Talarian's are reported missing they will find clues leading them to the Orion slave storage. Makes the Orion's look bad and maybe if we are lucky those people will be freed? That is not important though, undermining the Orions is all that matters." Hondo smiled "we have three hours before we need to be in position. The rest of the team will be meeting us on site. So care to get better acquainted while we wait?"

Silk could see that if it worked it would begin to help unravel the trust between the two groups. It was something that she could go for after seeing what was going on here. "Indeed, just what did you have in mind?" She said with a bit of coyness. She pretty much figured what he had mind.

Hondo laughed "really? Coyness. Look Silk it is like this. I like you and your body, you know what I want from you. If you say yes or no has zero impact on our business arrangement. I am not some one who has to force women to share his bed." His smile grew wider "yes I do realize how arrogant that sounds, but that does not make it less true. He did have bedroom eyes and a friendly smile, but his confidence was what made him stand out. "What do you say hot stuff, staying and playing or do you want to just meet me and the team on site?"

Silk stood and held out her hand, "Well let me show a bit about the way of the flower and willow."

Hondo took her hand lightly his expression confused. "You are a Geisha?" He smiled crookedly "okay, this should be different, as long as this is not a tea Ceremony at least. I am not into drinking tea."

"I have been trained yes," Silk pulled him gently. "I told you I have secrets just like you and you will have learned one." She turned and then reached for him kissing him.

He was patient and savored the kiss, returning hers several times. His hands moved to her hips drawing her closer. When their bodies touched his hands drifted firmly up behind her shoulders supporting her weight more as he leaned into the next kiss. He opened his eyes smiling "this just might prove to be very interesting indeed."

Silk was just enough compliant as her training took over. While he enjoyed her kiss and body she used her hands to gently touch various places that she had been taught to do. It was a sort of pressure point style that would increase what would be called Qi, that energy. It would help arouse him and also feel an heightened feeling of energy. While normally there would be no rush, a few hours did mean to her that they needed to move on. After her sort of pressure point massage, she began to tug gently at his clothing.

He had known more then a few masseuses and some had used pressure points but what Silk did was more invigorating. He let her remove his cloths as he did the same for her. He was a lady's man so it was not as awkward as it normally became. He knew what he was doing and she was skilled so it was a dance of sorts. His arms wrapped around her and he lifted her slightly so her weight was on his chest. He began kissing her as he danced through his quarters to his bedroom. There he lowered her to the bed covering her body with his own. He had seldom felt such need before. He had never felt stronger. His tongue danced with hers as he used no words before starting. They both knew and words would just be a distraction.

Silk enjoyed herself, this Hondo certainly knew his way around a woman's body alright. When they got to the bedroom and put her on the bed there was the more quick fun, the second was slower and even more erotic. Afterward Silk stretched a bit like a cat. "Hmmm.......too bad only a few hours," she said.

Hondo relaxed his fingers circling around her flat belly, "Darlin we could always come back here and celebrate after." He winked and kissed her shoulder as he hoped out of bed. "Still you are right and that took longer then I expected!" He smiled and made eye contact "not that it was not worth every second we had. That was an experience I would not have missed even if it cost me money." He went to the sonic shower. "After we clean up I want you to wear the grey jumpsuit and mask over your cloths, as we can not risk anyone knowing who we are. On the table are skin tight gloves, and yes they are green. They should look like normal Orion hands, so if security does spot us they will see Orion's snatching the Talarians."

Hondo admired her body with new found admiration as he got dressed, than donned the grey overalls along with the Orion 'gloves'. He offered her a small taser. "We don't carry lethal weaponry as if you do not have it you can not use it. Killing a Talarian has too many consequences, so we just do not go there." He moved to a closet that turned out to be a door to a Jefferey tube. "Ready when you are Darlin.

Silk got up after and cleaned up as well. She came back after the shower and got into the outfit along with the gloves. It was cleaver idea as she got the final bit on and was glad she had dyed her hair black as well. There were no blonde Orions running around. Silk accepted the taser and nodded acknowledgement to the admonition. She had heard that from a lot of sources that the Talarians retaliated in a way too asymmetric fashion. "Ready," she said and nodded, "lead on." Again this whole thing was a bit of cleverness on his part. The closet being put with an access to the tubes.

Once they left his quarters things moved fast. The trip through the jefferey tubes was not simple to put it mildly. Several false walls were in place redirecting regular paths in very clever ways. When they exited the tubes it was in a created alcove with storage crates. As soon as they were there Hondo flipped a switch turning off a few lights so the shadows were deepened but the light was not drastically affected. "Now we wait."

Silk followed along. It was obvious that this had been long planned or there was some sort of organized group in opposition. As good as this Hondo was, it would have been difficult for one man. She did not say a word and slipped quietly along until they got to the destination. She nodded silently that she understood.

Down the alley-like passage a woman dressed as a stripper started walking down toward their position. When she was only about fifteen feet away a male voice from the other direction spoke "Stay clear alien filth, you are as close to this equipment as one of your low birth will ever get."

Hondo held up three fingers and lowered them one at a time then when all were down he leaped out of cover knocking the nearer Talarian to the ground as he tasered the other.

Silk followed and went to the Talarian that was just trying to get his feet under him. She tasered him quickly and then spun going into a defensive but also could quickly become an aggressive position. She would be on the woman in a flash.

The woman snapped her fingers "Who is h.. just who is she?"

Hondo snarled then hissed under his breath "run you damn fool." He made a lunge toward her and her eyes popped then she ran awkwardly on her heels toward the main path. From a back service door across the way four men with two long crates. they took the limp forms and put them in the crates. n seconds they were walking away carrying the stunned and now bound Talarians.

Hondo went back into the created alcove, waited for Silk then went back into the alcove. Even as she entered a man with a lift truck was moving in to remove the crates so their hiding place would vanish.

Silk let the woman go as Hondo had told her to run. She followed along yet again.
As the truck got close and seemed to be aiming at their crate she looked at Hondo and made a little shrug. It was a question, run or attack or something else.

"C'mon, unless you want to be relocated with those crates." Hondo moved through the jefferey tubes again keeping his face down so no security would detect his true race. He stopped at a panel maybe twenty minutes later. "Okay keep you face down and speak softly. Make them work to pick up any words. We are going to leave some clues on the way to the cargo bay. The Talarians should already be there. So ready?"

Silk just nodded and did as she was told. She did not know this plan and had to just put her trust in that he knew what he was doing.

Hondo left the jeffery tube and left a piece of fabric on the edge of the panel he replaced after Silk exited. They went into the cargo bay and sure enough the four men were there with the crates. In fact they were putting bodies back inside the crates. A small woman looked up at the entry, she had a full face mask on including eye pieces "they rigged the damn transports. I lost both of the men we are replacing! The Talarians were already in the coffin shaped stasis chambers. Do you want the toxin replaced so they can't prove tampering?" The crates were resealed and than hauled away by the four men. Now here in the light it was noticeable they had fake whole head masks.

Hondo shook his head "Nah just seal them up once the Talarians see this they are not likely to listen to many explanations." He showed no feeling toward the dead men. "Make sure you dispose of those properly we can not afford to have them found." He looked to hacker "finish up and scram so we can restart the security cameras."

"I want you to make like you are working the console, she will show you how to close and seal the units. Make sure they see your hands working the controls. I will be over by the units as if I am finishing the process. Ready?"

"Yes," Silk responded. She felt uneasy about this. It was not so much faking working the controls which the woman came over and showed her quickly what to do. It had more to do with that things had sort of gone sideways. The process was pretty easy once she was shown what to do and she put her mind to the task but kept an awareness about who and what was around her as well.

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