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SB214: Security support on SB214 Part 1. (a false wall)

Posted on Sun May 13th, 2018 @ 11:11pm by Lieutenant JG Kraggar & 2nd Lieutenant Doug Cameron & Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies EMTP/PO2 & Petty Officer 3rd Class Teri Harding & Chief Warrant Officer Eric Stoltz & Petty Officer 3rd Class Steve Boston

Mission: Mission 27: Reclaiming SB214, the work begins
Location: cargobay deck-230
Timeline: 5 February 2392


Base Operations had been scanning the cargo in this bay when they discovered a fake wall! Rather then investigate themselves they called base security. Within a few minutes the Team on call from the Asgard arrived.

LTJG Kraggar took the information offered on arrival outside the bay. He had five from Asgard security, Harding, Boston, three others with less experience. He had Bettina Davies one of the medics, and a marine team of five under 2ndLT Cameron. Kraggar nodded as he checked what had been found "you did right to call us PO2nd. This is a job for an armed response, you might have just saved your team. Now wait out here till we clear the area."

"False wall, could be hiding a hoard of stolen weaponry." Harding tugged at her kevlar vest it felt like she was going to need a larger size.

"Could be anything in there," Bettina muttered with a grin, shrugging. "It could be a bowling alley." Well, obscure reference, but she thought it was funny!

Cameron smiled, Bett had a charming as he saw it way of making everything less dangerous. He would maintain his and his people's alert state but the idea it might not be anything dangerous was a sort of tension breaker.

Kraggar looked to his team "Boston go check for traps, Harding go with and cover his butt." He glanced at Bett "I do not suspect it is anything mundane as a recreational area."

Boston nodded and slung his typeIII phaser rifle behind him moving forward to scan.

Harding kept close, her rifle ready to fire if the wall held secreted Talarians. "I hope this thing isn't rigged to blow."

Boston hunched his shoulders then smiled "don't jinx us Harding. He liked working with Harding she was a pro. He didn't tease her all that much though because he was not sure how she would take it. He did not want to offend her for more then one reason. he had been assigned as the Captain's bodyguard on a mission shortly after coming aboard and had maybe saved the Captain's life? He was given credit for doing so anyway. So he had found himself on the A-list to get tough missions. Harding was on that same list. If he made her mad she had connections as well and he did not want to jeopardize his status on an off color comment.

"I'd rather be prepared to duck and cover." Harding spoke as she glanced at him then checked for intruders.

Boston stopped after a few minutes "LT Kraggar! I do not see any traps that go bang, but it does have an alarm system and it is locked. Do you want me to try to disconnect the alarm? It looks like a pretty solid system Sir?"

Kraggar shook his head "don't bother they would have to be idiots to not know we are coming by now. You two move back here with me."

Harding nodded. "Yes sir." And moved quickly into position back near Kraggar. Her rifle still positioned at her shoulder and ready.

"Cameron you have a sapper right? Blow me a hole in that wall big enough for four people to enter at one time." Kraggar pointed to the middle of the wall.

"CPL LeClaire you heard the boss move forward. The rest of you hold fast, face shields down just in case they do something clever." he smiled at Bett as he moved forward with LeClaire.

CPL LeClaire was not very tall "LT Camreron I will hand you magnesium strips to place higher then I can reach. Just place them where I tell you, we are going to just cut a big hole, drop the wall toward us on this side. Less fuss and clean up after. No cover for them if they are hiding near the wall." She started handing him strips of the Magnesium. The stuff did not explode but it could melt through the armored hull of a space ship.

Tense but alert, Bettina held back as they worked on the opening, curious but wary of what might be on the other side and if this was a safeguard for whatever was there, or if whatever [i]had[/i] been there was gone now, and this was for nothing. Of course, they wouldn't know until the had access, and she honestly wasn't sure which she was rooting for!

Doug and CPL Leclaire returned to the line and she set off the charges. The magnesium burned white hot then the wall fell outward landing with a loud crash. INside were several stasis coffin like devices. People were inside them marked for shipment.

The marines moved into the area securing it. Kraggar looked to Bett "Check vital signs and if we can open these here we will. If not we need to find someone who knows how to open them."

As the marines moved in movement in the corner, behind the wall that was still there was detected. A marine riflemen called out "Movement on the right!" Cameron called "hold. Check." The marines moved in a cover and move tactical manner and Cameron saw the target leap into a jeffery tube under the monitor station he must have been working at? "We have a runner."

Kraggar moved into the lead "Harding, Boston go run them down." As the security team moved past he looked he looked at Cameron "Continue LT. Cameron secure the room.

Cameron's team moved into the corners then a series of "all clear" shouts were heard. Cameron waved Bett forward "Bettina you need to check this out."

Moving cautiously, Bettina followed the Marines into the room, taking a breath as she looked around. There were several stasis chambers situated neatly around the room, and as she moved from one to another, she was alarmed at the variety of occupants, ranging from middle-aged men to mere children.

"They all seem to be functioning properly, but I'm not sure how these things work..I mean, there's a chance that if they aren't handled properly, they could...default to extermination, even on a cascade." She looked at the others, "You know, destroy the evidence."

Kraggar frowned "PO1st Davies if you can not be sure of opening them safely we need to get someone here to help. I need you to watch the vitals till we can get support here. If they start to crash we might have to force them open.. Use your PADD to check the base Library to see if you can find anything on that model."

"Aye, sir." Nodding, Bettina searched the database, managing to pull up the specifics and schematics...only there was a little problem...

As his team did what was required he called the Asgard =^= We found stasis units and eight are filled we need some tech support here right away. Cargobay230/B22.=^=

A few minutes later Chief Warrant Eric Stotlz walked into the bay "LT Kraggar You needed some tech advice?"

Kraggar sent the Engineer over to the monitor and waited impatiently for word.

Eric tried to access then hacked into the system. He shook his head "they are set to fail, apparently they would rather kill people then lose them? You there medic? Ahh PO1st Davies right? IT is up to us young Lady. Move to a chamber and call out the number. I will open it, use a dose of adrenaline as soon as you can. After she does that LT. Kraggar have the patient transported to the Asgard medbay. I have already sent an alert to our medical people.

"Aye, I'm the medic." Bettina nodded to the man, then showed him her PADD. "Theses are the schematics, but I found an anomaly." She pointed to the PADD. "This system here, the one that operates the locking mechanism...the ones on these chambers are different...modified. Don't know if it makes a difference, but..." Well, the tech guy would know more than she would.

"Good job Davies and yes they make a difference. You see this, that is a security code, if they are forced open it looks like it will trigger something.. Here, see this, that is coded as a deadly toxin. If these are opened incorrectly the people inside would be dead before we could thaw them out." Eric shrugged "at least they would die before anyone could stop the toxin? Hmm, this looks like a way into the coding here." He glanced at Kraggar "Don't move these or the people inside just yet Lieutenant."

Kraggar nodded and made some calls to Operations.

"Davies I want to you to work with me here. I am going to try to open each case. As soon as it is open you need to follow the reviving medical procedure Once we get one out safely I want you to send a toxin sample to the Asgard med lab and see if it can be counter-acted. We have to pick one guinea pig though to get to the toxin in the cases. "Anyone you feel lucky opening first?"

"I..." He was giving her the weight of potentially killing someone? The distress showed in her expression, but it had to be done, so she took a breath and pointed. "This one...the oldest, I guess."

Taking out a hypo-spray, she loaded it with Epinephrine then nodded. "Ready..."

"Brave lass, it is not on you if we fail this person. We did not do this to him." Eric spoke as a mentor as he worked the data entry. "Here we go, cross your fingers!" The seal released and hissed as it popped open. "Tag'em,bag'em and transport him to the Asgard." Eric had seen no alarms on the control panel so he was hoping that meant success. "Bettina after he is gone make sure you are careful taking the toxin sample. We do not know how lethal it might be."

It wasn't until the container opened with a hiss, and the hypospray of medication hissed as she pressed it against the man's neck an instant before he disappeared in the sparkle of the transporter beam that Bettina let out the breath she'd been holding with a hiss...

"So far so good," she muttered, then she held her breath again as she gently extracted the small vial of toxin from the pod, quickly sealing it in shatter-proof container.

"All right, then..." she looked at Eric, "shall we go for the next?"

"Same deal Davies looking at this panel here I am not sure we should wait to get a report on the toxin? Ready here we go" The coffin hissed and popped open

"Aye...ready..." She'd done it once, so this second time went smoothly and her nerves were starting to settle, a pattern going...

...Open, spray, transport...

Until the sixth pod...the cover started to open, but immediately hung up and stalled. Gasping, Bettina took a step back then held her breath, praying as they waited to see what would happen.

Kraggar stepped forward and put one hand on the stuck lid and the other on the coffin shaped chamber then he growled as he flexed his muscle. The stuck door gave, it buckled and then tore off the chamber. Kraggar modded his face a fierce grin "okay Doc, this is all your now!"

Bettina sucked in a breath and held it as he pulled off the lid, praying that this didn't release the toxin. Still, there wasn't time to fret over it...once the lid was removed she had to get in and act, so she moved in without hesitation, applying the hypospray then calling for transport.

Once that patient was gone, she let out her breath, then looked at the others and laughed, a nervous release. "Let's not do that again! Three more to go, shall we?" She'd be glad when this was done!

Eric was amazed at the Klingon's strength as he continued "next one is opening up Bett just a few more to go and we can go get a beer!"

"I could go for a beer," she muttered with a grin as she tensed, waiting to repeat the rhythm, sending the next patient on their way to freedom. "Maybe two, and a burger...ready for the next..."

Eric popped the lid and the last of the prisoners were freed. "LT Kraggar would you like to join us for a beer and a burger. I knoe a place on deck-65 that is very good."

Kraggar shook his head "Maybe another time Chief Warrant I am still on duty. PO1st Davies though you are free to go. Thank you for the assist here. LT Cameron your detail is released as well, thank you for your support."

Doug released his marines and joined Bett and Stoltz, "room for one more?" He slipped his hand in Bett's as he walked nearer her.



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