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Asgard: I heard something over this way!

Posted on Sun May 13th, 2018 @ 11:04pm by 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf Blackhawk & Lieutenant Jenna Cair

Mission: Mission 27: Reclaiming SB214, the work begins
Location: Asgard deck-5
Timeline: 5 February 2392


Shadow had Mom all to himself for a change! She was taking him for a walk as Daddy was gone and Jack was in daycare. After their walk he was sure they would visit the little kids. He liked kids but they could be a nuisance as well? Sticky fingers and fur did not match well but then a nice warm bath after was something he enjoyed. So he got to play and then he got one on one time so it was always a win-win! He was walking along smartly feeling all full of himself when he heard something behind the wall? There should be no noises like there, it was like a whimper? He stopped abruptly and went to the wall sniffing it.. Nothing but he heard the noise again?

"Shadow? Come along now." Cair spoke giving his leash a gentle tug. "Time to go chase bunnies in the holodeck."

Mom wanted him to move along but he knew something was wrong, his doggy senses were in full explosion and he tugged on his Mom hard, he never did that anymore as she did not like it, he wanted to please her but right now she needed to come with him! He looked at her with his eyes huge and brown and whimpered "please come with me!"

"Shadow what's wrong? Why are you acting this way." Cair allowed the dog to tug her back several feet not really having much of a choice in the matter she didn't want to hurt him by jerking on his leash.

Ranulf came around the corner, he was on his way to the holodeck and he saw Talon's wife struggling with their brown lab. He knew Brad and his flight were out on CAP at the moment so he stopped "excuse me Mrs. ? Cair? He knew she went by her maiden name, he had heard some of the techs teasing behind Brad's back. It was good natured so he never said anything but one look into Jenna's eyes confirmed one thing, she was not someone to mess with! Ranulf watched Shadow move to an entry to the jefferey tubes and then he heard the small whimper as well! "Say smart dog!" Ranulf bent down petting Shadow as he removed the cover. The whimper was much more audible now, the sound of a small child? Ranulf looked at Jenna "you might want to make first contact. I tend to scare kids."

"How would a child get in there." Cair whispered stunned. She squatted down and looked into the tube. "Here take Shadow." She handed the leash over and crawled into the opening.

Ranulf accepted the leash but was not prepared for the strength of the dog!

Shadow leaped forward suddenly as soon as Jenna was past the opening. he pulled the leash from Ranulf's hand and rushed past Jenna in the tight confines his bark loud in the tight passage "I am coming. I heard you." he pressed past Jenna.

Ranulf followed his face almost ramming into Jenna's butt! "Umphf. Oh! Sorry Lieutenant? I am afraid the dog was stronger then I expected. I will of course help you recover him. "Do you have a light? I have a small penlight but it has a strong beam." The main passage was dimly lit but the nooks and crannies were shadowy and dark.

"No I don't have one, I wasn't planning on doing a rescue mission." Cair spoke as she crawled after Shadow.

Up ahead a tiny voice shrieked then began laughing? Shadow had found a small girl, maybe four or five years old. She had a bunny in her arms and Shadow was licking them both his tail banging excitedly on everything in the way.

Cair paused taking in the child and the rabbit. "Good boy Shadow. Sit." She ducked pulling back as Shadow's tail slapped her face. Her voice soft as she looked at the little girl. "Hi sweetie, how did you get in here?"

My bunny came in here. I was trying to catch him.. He got loose and the door was open in daycare. They all told me he would be safe enough and 'adults' would find him." Her voice became defiant "I knowed better, I saw one of those panels off next to a toolbag and I knew Pickles would hid in there behind the cover. I took Daddy's tool and slipped away while Mommy and Daddy were talking. I know how to remove the panels, I am a big girl!" She squeezed the bunny and the triumph was plain in her voice "and I found Pickles!" her expression changed quickly as she became sad "but then I got lost in here and could not find a panel from this side! My Daddy and Mommy are going to be mad, I think I was gone a long time now." her eyes began filling with tears.

Ranulf had moved forward with his light and had moved to block Shadow's tail. he petted the brown lab trying to calm the happy, excited dog.

A PADD on his belt buzzed and the ship comm went live "There is a young lady out and about who has very worried parents. Anyone who sees this young lady please call main Security immediately. Her name is Daisy Diego and she might be searching for a bunny named Pickles." Kate Buckmeyer's voice sounded unusually light as she made the announcement.

The girl beamed "that is me!"

"Well then Daisy, it looks like Shadow found you." Cair spoke gently but with a stern tone. "You should never go into the access tunnels without a grown up telling you to. If your mommy and daddy say not to you must follow their orders like a good officer."

Ranulf shook his head "you have her Lieutenant so I can call this in." Ranulf took Shadow's leash and lead the dog back toward where they came in here. =^=This is 2ndLT Blackhawk. LT Cair and I have found both the young lady and her bunny. We will return her to main Security.=^=

=^=Be advised I have your location and just remain there. The parents are on their way. Thank you=^= Kate was shaking her head as she watched the parents disappearing out of security.

"Give me Mr. Pickles and follow Shadow out, I'll be right behind you Daisy. My little boy Jack goes to the Daycare too." Cair spoke holding out her hands to take the bunny and make it easier on the child. "I promise I wont let him get loose again."

Ranulf climbed out with Shadow "Sit." the brown lab looked at his face quizzically as he was not someone who generally gave orders? He obeyed just the same. With the dog listening Ranulf helped pull the girl out of the enclosed jefferey tube. "Stand her beside Shadow okay?"

Shadow licked her face again as his tail swept back and forth across the deck.

"LT Cair hand me the bunny. It will make it easier to get out of there." It was much easier to bend down getting in then crawling back out. Ranulf wanted to get her back out before the parents arrived and Jenna got caught in an awkward position.

"Here, hold his back feet secure so he feels safe." Cair spoke carefully passing the bunny that she had held against her chest in a football hold while she crawled toward the entry.

Ranulf did as he was told and took the bunny. He moved back out of the way so Jenna had a clear path.

Once he had the rabbit she held onto the frame of the opening, sat down and stuck her legs out ducking her head scooted forward and her feet touched the floor when she could stand again to full height she noticed a couple coming around the corridors junction.

The parents swooped in on their daughter obviously panicked from searching for her. She was confused as it was perfectly sensible for her to have gone after the bunny. After all Pickles was like family.

Ranulf was struggling with the leash to Shadow and the bunny and he offered the leash back to Jenna before he lost control of both critters.

Cair took the leash and spoke in a firm tone. "Shadow sit down." Then she pet his head. "Good boy." She crooned to him.

Ranulf offered the bunny to the Dad "here ya go, one bunny safe and sound. Daisy here was very brave to go on such a quest." he looked at the little girl "but maybe a bit foolish as well. I think next time you should take an adult on one of your searches." Ranulf turned to the adults and petted Shadow's head "since all is under control here I will be on my way." Ranulf escaped the meeting to follow. He was not a family man as yet and he was not sure if he was ready for scenes like that. He liked kids but he was not sure he wanted to be around them all that much.

The parents looked to Jenna "thank you ever so much. We are fixing the entry and exit codes so she can not use the door without an adult. We had thought we could trust her more but it seems she is not as trustworthy as we had thought." Daisy was almost in tears at her parents words. "I had to find Pickles!" She was still defiant just the same.

"Shadow heard her in the jeffries tube." Cair smiled and scratched the dog behind his ears. "He insisted on investigating. He's the hero."



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