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Base Infiltration part 8. (Morga / Kilara)

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 3:18pm by Lieutenant Frank Luke & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf

Mission: Mission 26: Let there be WAR!
Location: Deck-164
Timeline: 23-24 January 2392


==Morga meeting with the contact person==

The Bajoran refilled Morga's cup, "now then other then the ability to better surveil the base what does your Asgard offer to actually help in the rescue here?"

“I can offer this. The Asgard is a small ship, but I think there might be something to surprise you when she arrives.” Morga said with a conspiratorial chuckle. “You are correct in saying your information has been more than enough for a Sitrep. A good one at that. Though I have only just arrived with my team once we all get together we should have a better feel for the whole situation. As for contacting the rest of my team is JavaJo a safe place to meet?”

"We have had enough surprises here of late." The Bajoran was not happy with the reply. He had maybe trusted this Klingon to much already. He had just been overly excited that this mess might be over soon. "You can stay here, that is a spare bedroom there and it has facilities. I have things to do yet tonight. I suggest you think about what I have told you. A few thoughts you need to report to your surprising Asgard. One is the Talarians plan to use the civilians as meat shields if the base is invaded. Second is there are over six thousand crew jammed into confinement all over the base who are at high risk if the base is attacked. If the top ten decks are not seized and the three main engineering decks as well the Talarians might just self destruct rather then lose. A lot of Federation lives are on the line here." The Bajoran left the bottle on the table "if you do venture out don't return here tonight." With that closing statement he walked out the door, he had evening rounds to make.

Morga knew he had said something to set that off. Well in the same situation he would probably have reacted the same way. The best way to surprise the oppressive Tallarians was to bring everyone in by stealth that meant using words like surprise for the class of the new Asgard. It was a time to hold back information until the fleet and the base population were safe both fleet and civilian. No matter how upset that made his contact. He left the bottle where it was drinking with someone when they were there was good for moral but drinking their booze when they weren’t there was rude. That last information was important he needed his team to have it he coded it so his security team would decode it and pass it on. The first time he would have to get information to anyone would be somewhere close to forty hours from now. He decided the best way to get over how he still felt about the jump he decided to get his head down and rest. He expected he had been left here by himself that if he left he wouldn’t know whom was following him. He thought better after a rest so he headed to the other room to get some rest.

A few hours later Morga was up again, this time thanks to the donuts of JavaJo’s he still was hungry and thankfully didn’t feel too drunk from the alocohol before. He was a little perturbed by his contacts final words about if he left don’t return that night. It effectively locked him in place. He hoped the rest of the team were having a better time adjusting and getting information from their hosts. Not that he hadn’t gotten a good amount of information, he just had no ability to get more. At least he knew they could take and control this sections engineering department.

Not having a medical bay where he could change his face into a less conspicuous face Morga Hope the rest of the team were having a better time of getting information. He knew Kilara would be able too.

As it got closer to morning he thought to himself he hope the other three in his team was getting better help than he had. "Maybe I should have corrected him on the class inaccuracy to really show that I was on the Asgard. But it is going to be hard enough for the Asgard to get in undetected as it was. the alarm went of at two o'clock in the morning and he got up and got dressed. getting ready to maybe find some information the old way. The way he knew best detective work. Finally he left his hidden hole.

Morga had a dozen pair of eyes on him by the time the door locked behind him.

==Kilara at a family home (Mom age 27 Janice, son age 6 Glen junior, daughter age 3 Autumn, Dad age 26 Glen.) ==

Janice hustled caring for her children. "We have not been rationed as yet so we can offer you dinner with no hardship. My husband will be home anytime now."

"Thank you, I would enjoy spending some time with your family. There are children in and out of JavaJo's with their parents but they don't linger long and I never get to watch them play." Kilara put the donuts on the counter. "I needn't rush back. That was my last delivery of the day."

"Certainly they are mostly a delight." She raised her hands in the air "but there are days! Some days you could just tear your hair out." She laughed as she began preparing dinner. "So do you have a beau, a significant other? You have that look in your eye you have been thinking of babies?"

"I have a beau yes, but I hadn't seen him for awhile. I would like to have children in a couple years maybe I'll bring up the family conversation with him when I see him next. I'm not in too big a rush, my biological clock hasn't started that loud tick tock yet." Kilara chuckled as she watched the little girl playing with a doll and comb. "Can I give you a hand with dinner?"

She sort of scrunched her face as she shook her head "play with the kids, be young for a bit, they are like a fountain of youth for the soul." Janice glanced up from her work asking "so Kiki you been working at JavaJoe's long?" Janice sort of hoped up on her toes as if excited "Say did you hear about the big sale they are having day after tomorrow! Good news is rare these days."

"Only a short time, I worked in the back, now I do delivery." She giggled. "Yes I know all about the sale. One day only!" Kilara said in her excited voice. "Joe wants to give something back to people especially now."

"Joe is like that, I have known him a good while. JavaJoe's is a special kind of place."

As she said that her husband walked in and locked the door, activating some sort of security system. "Did you hear Janice?"

"Not much today dear, we have a guest. She just recently started working at JavaJoe's." The tone was different as she spoke now, more icy.

Glen's reaction was noticeable as he looked around the room till he saw Kilara. He swallowed hard "I work in Operations, I hear stuff sometimes." He tilted his head "is she from the outside?"

Janice smiled coming out of the kitchen with food in her hands. "Of course silly, do you think I would let one of them play with the kids?" She kissed his cheek in passing and he calmed considerably. "Come eat, Kiki bring Autumn with you if you would be so kind. She isn't really ours and she likes you. A lot of kids became orphans during the take over, We took in autumn as she was the right age for Junior's sissy.

Junior jumped up smiling now that he could talk "Mommy said we might be able to keep her for always!" He ran past and climbed into his chair. "Hi Daddy. We met someone new today and I kept real quiet just like mommy said!"

Janice ruffled his hair "you were a top spy today dear." Looking up at Kilara "If I am wrong about you I need you to not say anything about what you just heard. I figure you are intelligence like me though the way you just jumped in at JavaJoe's like you belonged there. Even now 'Joe' is entertaining the big Klingon you arrived with. So was I right to bring you here?" Janice's confidence waned slightly as she asked. Her and her entire family were in the pot after all. She had always been one to trust her instincts, this was the biggest risk she had ever taken though.

"Lieutenant Kilara Alajandra of the USS Asgard." She picked up Autumn. "But you can call me Kiki." And rubbed her nose against the childs getting a slight giggle. "Blending in is part of my job."

Janice looked like someone who just had a huge weight lifted from her back. "Asgard? You were over by the Gorn border.. A Norway class? Are you here as a scout to check things out?" The thought they were not saved dampened her mood a little.

Glen was strapping the belt around junior. "Well then you should know the Talarian fleet along the Cardassian border is on its way here. I am not sure but I think it is six of their new cruisers. Also a Talarian freighter had a mishap returning here, it is stranded about a full day from the base. I think it is odd there are no ships available to help it out? That was my big news tonight."

"Yes, we are aware. More will come out at the meeting on the 25th. More operatives than myself and the Klingon have come aboard the base." Kilara got the little girl secured in her chair and studied her sweet little face thoughtfully. "How many were orphaned during the take over?"

"No idea really?" Janice shook her head "we were friends with Autumn's family so we knew she was going to need friends. We just collected her like she was ours from the daycare. Some records were altered to avoid any problems. We tried to find some records on personnel but that information was tagged early on as the people now in charge were looking for something."

Glen sat down once the table was all set. "They were looking for skill sets. You know they took almost all our small craft pilots and Technicians? They are looking to steal our skills as much as our tech."

"Once we get the base back under Federation control we'll need to check into families for the little ones. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles." She smiled as she touched the child's sweet face. "Does the resistance have an estimate of how many Talarians are on the base? Do we know where they have their quarters? I had a threat of being turned over to the Orion's earlier today, any idea of their involvement, numbers?"

"The Talarians by our best guess are about 1500?" Glen looked to Janice and she agreed nodding her head. "The 'BlueOrchid' is the Orion syndicate here. They showed up about eight or nine months ago and just took over several casinos? Before you know it they had most of several decks under their thumb. Now they are the Talarian's right hand. I am guessing here as the casino's they operate have security as well. I would say another 1500 hired guns working for the Orions to deal with any unruly types." He frowned at Kilara "We fear they are selling people they take in to slavery. Nice looking men and women seem to disappear a lot more often then plain featured folks."

Janice looked at Kilara "if they noticed you, you might be on a list to be picked up already."

"Well then I may have to use my make up kit and a clothing change to tone my looks down if I go exploring." Kilara sat down and a stoic look came over her face as she began processing what she was told. "In total there are 3000, spread in various sections of the base. Can we still access medical?"

The base is pretty much accessible except decks above 25 and below, ahh, not sure? But like deck-383 or -385?. In fact they make it almost a demand that everyone is out roaming about. Rumor is they want bodies to make any resistance a massacre of innocents." I saw an order to replace the base tranq gas defenses with a lethal compound. They really do not care how many of us they murder as long as they maintain control." Glen was getting angry as he spoke, the lack of respect for life obviously bothered him more then a little.

"Disabling their controls has moved onto the priority list." Kilara spoke calmly. "We want to be certain civilians and crew are safe." She paused as she helped Autumn with her spoon. "The use of anethezine gas is still a possibility but it will need to be vented in through canisters placed in air vents via jeffries tubes. We could use timers for the release, I'll need access to medical and operations for supplies... I'll need a pass for my alternative persona."

Glen shrugged "sure, all I need is to take a picture and i can get you a pass between deck 25 and deck-383. Those other decks I can not access without sending up a great many red flags. Now come eat."

Kilara took a seat next to the little girl. She found both children adorable. Maybe once she was back on the Asgard she might visit the day care now and then. "I'm glad they hadn't started rationing, I'd hate to take from your family."

Janice shook her head "don't give it a second thought, we all have to eat. Also a pretty thing like you might draw a lot of attention. So I would like you to stay here with us. That way if you do not show up at least you know someone is looking for you." Janice smiled at Autumn "we can put the cot in your room and you can have a roomie for a while Autumn." Janice looked at Kilara "if you will stay that is?"

"Sure, I wouldn't mind being Autumn's room mate." Kilara smiled. "Even if it is just for a few days." She leaned in making a face that caused the child to giggle. "As far as my looks go, I can manage to change my shape so there will be less curves visible by binding, and with my make up kit add a few years too." It was hard to take her eyes off the child. She wondered what Colt would think if she adopted a little one.

After dinner Janice left Autumn with Kilara to get ready for bed as she prepared Glen JR. Glenn was at the home monitor checking the news and reporting to other resistance groups that contact was made. Glenn learned there was a big Klingon with the resistance leader. They were trying to locate two other people suspected of being operatives? They were moving discreetly though Operations but they had been noticed. Glenn stopped at Autumn's door and knocked softly "Ahh Kilara are you decent?"

Kilara wrapped a blanket around herself covering her skivvies that she was preparing to sleep in. "Yes... come in."

Glenn opened the door "I wanted to check with you "We have a big Klingon contacted and yourself. We detected two men moving through Operation areas trying to be discreet. We are presently trying to contact them but it would help if we knew they were.." He hated to ask as it meant requesting a large level of trust. "Ahh, are they with you? He described Luke and Colt although size and hair color were about all he had, other then the tall one moved too gracefully to be a janitor. He moved like a warrior?

"They sound like two of our operatives, approach and use the contact message." Kilara wouldn't put it past those two to camp out in a janitor's closet to get a few hours sleep instead of quarters. "and let the tall one know I'm looking forward to dinner and a movie."

Glenn had a curious expression then his mouth made an 'O' and he smiled "sure thing I will pass on the message." He started to walk away and stopped "I sure hope you can share the dinner and movie sooner rather then later." He turned back looking at her "You want to double date sometime I am sure Janice would like to meet your fella." He walked away with a lighter step. He was thinking of a brighter future once more.

TBC: too part 10.


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