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Recovering Talarians TBD

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 3:10pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant JG Sol & Petty Officer 3rd Class Josie Harf & Lieutenant JG Mike Derringer

Mission: Mission 26: Let there be WAR!
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 23rd January 2392


Amar came out of her office and yawned behind her hand. Right now she was really missing coffee, but she didn't want to deal with the heart burn. She saw Sol. "Doctor Sol... I was on my way to check on the Talarians recovering in the isolation chamber. Please accompany me."

Sol nodded shortly as he moved neatly into step beside her. He ran his gaze carefully over her as they walked, but made sure not to draw attention to it. "I am able to assess the Talarians alone, should you need rest," he said it with a light tone of voice. He didn't want to insinuate she wasn't capable, as he knew she was, but he wanted to be sure she didn't strain herself.

"I'll go put my feet up after I check their readings. I've been feeling fatigued lately." Amar spoke as they walked past recovery rooms and a break room where she turned her head catching the scent of coffee. "Do you think if I went halfcaf I'd be able to have a cup of coffee without the heartburn?"

"It would still be a depends on whether you feel the risk is worth it.." he replied knowingly, glancing her way, light in his eyes at the comment.

"I think I'll risk it, the mourning sickness has calmed down. I simply feel so sluggish without having coffee." Amar shook her head. "I suppose I'm a caffeine addict."

"Usually I would suggest a morning run..." his arched eyebrow said that obviously that wasn't possible in this case. "Have you tried peppermint tea? Or ginger tea? Granted, it will not be the same, but both can be...arousing to the senses."

"I've been using both mainly for the nausea." Amar spoke as they came by the Isolation chamber. "I'll make rounds here. I'd like you to assist DocMike."

==Isolation Chamber==

Becca Chambers was checking the burns on the torso of a Talarian, he was in very bad condition. He refused grafts so had to be cleaned and treated with dermalin gel every four hours then covered again with none adhering gauze. "Stay still, my hands have gloves on. This is a sterile environment."

Too weak to do more than glare at her with hatred the Talarian frowned. "It would have been better had I died than be subjected to your alien care."

"Well you didn't and maybe your family will be happy that you survived." Becca carefully applied a scoop of the gloopy clear gel down lower on his abdomen near where his groin was draped by his sheet. She turned her head as she moved the sheet slightly in order to apply it to his hip and upper thigh. "At least this will help cool and keep your skin moist and flexible while you heal."

DocMike stopped by having heard the man's wish for death. DocMike stood over him locking his eyes to the Talarian "my, my, are you such a baby that you would die rather then be scarred? I thought you Talarians were a tough noble lot. Yet here you are refusing treatment that would have you back on your feet in a few days and for what. So you can pretend this vile alien woman's hands are not pleasurable on your ruined skin. You lay here complaining about her touch as you make it the only treatment you will accept."

DocMike frowned "well no more, I am going to take a tissue sample and then I am going to your other captured crewpeople. When I find a Talarian match for your skin I will perform the needed grafts and get you back to general population with your friends. This is your last guilty pleasure tormenting one of my staff." DocMike raised an eyebrow "do you have anything to comment on now?"

Becca looked from her task to the doctor with eyes rounded by surprise.

"As long as it is skin from my own kind..." He grunted. "None of you alien or artificial skins."

"I'll fetch you a sample kit sir." Becca spoke quickly dropping the sheet in place.

"That was what I said. That is what you can expect." DocMike looked to Becca "thank you nurse that would be nice of you. Nice and professional, you are to be commended for your dedication to taking care of those injured." he accepted the kit. "I will be back within the hour. The operation will take a while, the discomfort will be less but not gone for several days. It will increase the healing process." DocMike nodded his head toward Becca "carry on nurse I will be back shortly."

DocMike really hated being tough on patients, it was not his way. In this case the chance of infection versus the patient's stubbornness had left him little choice as he saw it. He went down to the brig and had Tallarian's beamed into the interrogation room one at a time. Each one he asked "One of your own is badly burned and needs some skin to stay alive. I need to take a graft of skin compatible with his own. If you agree and are a match you will receive better food and I will speak to the Captain about making sure you are one of the first people exchanged once that process begins."

It took two hours and twenty-three subjects to find a willing match. DocMike had the donor escorted to the medical bay. he had the donor stop at the recipients bedside so both knew who was who. "Nurse would you prep secure ward number 4 for this fellow."

"Yes sir." Becca said with a nod and went off to get the ward prepped.

Josie stopped by. "I'll get the equipment ready for meshing the skin grafts." That would allow a minimal amount to be spread out further over the expanse of burns on the patient without opening the donor to infection and giving both a quicker healing time.

DocMike nodded "thank you Josie. I am also ordering restrains or gloves for the burn victim so he can not injure himself. The donor i do not feel that is necessary." DocMike went to medical library file on burns to get some information on the procedure so he did not remove more skin then needed from the donor. He did not want to need to repeat the procedure but he also did not want to torture his donor.

Armed with the information DocMike went to the donor. He used his normal bedside manner voice and mannerisms to comfort the patient. "I want to thank you for doing this. I want you to rest assured everything will be as explained to you, and you see those cameras. This entire procedure will be recorded. I will place the skin on this tray which has measurements on the surface. In this manner you can explain to anyone who makes a problem that every bit of skin taken was used and nothing was done to you that was not part of the procedure."

"Becca begin recording and sedate the patient." DocMike turned to check the instruments he would need.

"Yes sir." Becca punched in the code to start recording a video log of the proceedings. She thought about how handy the recorders were during births. She then prepped a hypospray with kayolane and one with corophizine. Injecting it into his neck.

DocMike waited for the patient to go under and then began. He placed each piece of tissue on the measured table top so it was easy to see what was there. Once he had all He needed he looked to Becca "Disinfect, seal, and dermal spray. Stay with him till he wakes then have security move him to recovery please. Say Becca who is assisting with the burn victim?"

"I think Doctor Amar was sending Doctor Sol to assist?" Becca spoke as she carefully cleaned the areas skin had been removed and used a dermal regenerator to seal. "Josie is standing by to assist in prepping the grafts." She had picked up the dermal seal to apply. When it's mashed it reminds me of a fish net. She thought as she continued working on the Talarian.

=^=Doctor Sol I am prepping for a skin graft on a Talarain burn victim in bay 4. I was told you would be assisting? If you are busy please send someone else as soon as you can.=^= DocMike wason his way to scrub for the next part of this days operation.

=^=We are almost there,=^= Sol's voice was matter of fact as he assured DocMike that they were close by. A few moments later, Sol entered the bay, taking a glance around. Talarians were hardly his first choice in company. He found their singleminded xenophobia illogical to the point of distracting. "How is the patient?"

DocMike looked at Doctor Sol, "heavily sedated." He looked at Josie and saw she was done. "And we are ready. Lets get this done so we can have him ready to send back to his own. Slow and easy Doctor Sol. No complications for this fellow. He will get our best if just so our staff do not have to suffer his abusive language." DocMike held nothing against this Talarian for trying to kill him, destroy the Asgard, whatever part he had in taking SB214. None of that had any affect on him. The fact he was berating the nursing staff grated on him like sand in an open wound and he wanted this fellow healthy and out of sickbay as quickly as possible.

The Operation was not short and but when they were finished DocMike smiled "it was a pleasure working with you Doctor Sol, we should do this again sometime."

The Operation appeared successful, time would tell though.



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