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Base Infiltration part 7.

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 3:16pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Yukime Winters

Mission: Mission 26: Let there be WAR!
Location: Boarding house
Timeline: 23-24 January 2392


The private games were obviously run by the Orions and people drifted into those. Some of the rooms were not for games though as people were forced into those and the heavy doors effectively blocked any noise from inside. Those doors were guarded when the rooms were occupied and no one entering ever appeared to exit those rooms either.

Silk got cashed out and then got another shirley temple style drink. She then checked the time. It was getting toward the time for "Just Ask Andy" show and she needed to see if there was anything news. She could not make out what was going on behind the thick walls and doors but some sort of business. She let it go, it could be anything and it was right now on her radar. She also did not feel comfortable with the Orion woman around but nothing seemed to be going on there.

Finishing she headed back to her room without incident and was pretty sure she was not followed but one never knew. When she got in the room, she pushed the table up against the door just in case and then got undressed, showered and had a towel around her. She needed to do some clothes shopping soon. She sighed and turned on the show while she undid the heels to her shoes. A phaser or disruptor would be more comforting but the steel shanked heels were think and sharp enough to be deadly. She tucked the shoes under the mattress and then put the heels easy at hand beneath the pillow.

Since it was late she just played the back the recording to 1800hrs for the 'Just Ask Andy show.' It was easy to recognize Kilara's voice and the meeting was at 1800hrs on the 25th. Throughout the night the noise level was high despite the thick walls and secure doors to each room. Seems a lot of business was going on. The night passed though without any violent incidents.

Silk was normally an early riser but after the 'activity' of last night the early morning to later morning was actually quit enough to get some real sleep. She got up and took another shower and then got dressed again. She listened to the recording one more time noting time and place. She just had to get something new and some sort of brunch might be in order as well. She put the heels back on, checked her shoes to make sure the pass and two latinum strips were there and took her credit slip and stuffed that in her dress.

As she left she noted that in some respects she did not look terribly out of place considering the denizens that finally gotten up from their various rooms and evening 'exercises'. Stopping at the desk she got directions to same level clothing outlets which their were a surprising number of but then again considering the activities and people here maybe not.

Shopping was nothing much, just that it was harder than she expected to find just something plain. She went on a bit of shopping spree, not too much but got some nice middle of the road clothing, a pair of coveralls and one extra fancy dress. Some flats and she was good.

She thought about the sports bar but it was too far and she was hungry enough and now dressed again in coveralls with a bag with a few other items and her old dress in it she sought out the nearest place. There was several vendors with open air carts and she hit those.

Half the afternoon was shot and she was not sure to head back to the room or what to do next. She did not want to go to the gambling establishments again, that could be dangerous as she knew they had all sorts of surveillance there. She was ambling along and stopped as she caught a smell. It was not food, it was from a small salon.
If there was one thing Silk knew was that her platinum hair stood out. She went inside. "Got any appointments or can you do walk ins?" she asked the what looked like a cross between Bolian and Klingon lady that was in the place. She had the brow ridges of a Klingon but instead of dark mahogany skin, it was a blue and a bit of belly pushed out that no Klingon would have.

"Sure we take walk ins. In fact, right now as you can see, the shop is empty. Most of my clientele usually later. What you need honey?" she inquired.

"Hair colour, got tired of this look." Silk shook her head slightly.

"Really? Looks good on you! Three quarters of my customers would die to get that shiny platinum blonde look! "

"Well like to change out, something new, you know how it is."

The woman just laughed and got up. "Indeed, getting to change our looks is one nice thing being a woman. Alright what colour you have in mind? Red, not match your skin tone so well but it is one of our more requested black? I think black with your colouration would be good."

"Alright black sounds good. Might as well get nails and all done as well." Silk said.

"Full package then? Cut, colour and nails. You go take a seat, I will be there in a moment."

Silk did as requested and took a seat while the woman got together items. This was old fashioned, one could do a quick colour but it always looked just like that a quick colour, a good job still required the personal touch. She figured that this would kill most of the time until early evening, after that another twenty four hours and then the meeting and she had little information yet.

Several hours later she emerged from the salon with shoulder length black hair and cut with a bang. She had used the bathroom in the shop to change into a nice style nothing fancy but nice. It blended in. A coffee kiosk was near enough and she stopped there got a small drink of tea and wandered some more until the cup was empty. She had taken the pass out while changing and when the cup was empty it and the pass went in the disposal.

While not a big eater, finally her tummy complained a bit and she got something from a shop and sat at a table on the outside. All of the sudden a man almost fell across the railing as he was pushed by a couple of muscled types. Her tea spilled and she stood up as the liquid ran all over.

The two heavies grabbed another guy and all they said was, "You're under arrest." They hit the man a couple of time with pain sticks and then cuffed him and literally dragged him off.

The man that had almost fallen over from the shove shook his head, "Damn syndicate security," he said. "Sorry, about that, let me get you another." He headed in the shop and a few moments later came out with two cups and bunch of napkins.

He handed her one cup and mopped the remaining tea from the first one up. "Mind?" he said indicating the other seat. Silk just nodded that it was alright and took her seat.

He took a drink from his cup and breathed a deep breath. Silk waited and then asked, "Happen much?"

"All too often since the Talarians took over the base. You ask me the Blue Orchid guild knew about this a while ago." He lowered his voice "they brought in a lot of this muscle just before the attack. Then they just seemed to have a lot of say in day to day things like immediately? In fact.." He leaned back looking Silk over "I would buy a wedding ring if i were you. Someone who looks like you do might avoid some trouble if the passing thug saw a ring on your finger. They seem to avoid family issues so far. A good looking woman like you though might find herself 'recruited' by internment. I have heard of such occurrences."

Silk listened to what the man said. The Blue Orchid had been a problem in the past and it sounded more like the syndicate had cut a deal with the Talarians rather than the other way around. "Thanks for the advice," she said. She pondered for a moment and covered it by taking a sip from her cup. Things had died down and people were back to their more or less normal routine. "Still it seems like bad business plan though, people start getting upset...." She just shrugged her shoulders and left the rest unspoken.

He shrugged "all depends. The Federation has not done anything yet to retake this place. Word is the Talarians have a fleet blockading this base and another on the Cardassian border. There are even rumors of a Klingon Warlord backing this Talarian expansion? In any case as long as the Talarians control everything the Orions have a free hand. I would expect them to vanish at the first sign of change in the wind." He laughed finishing his drink and stood. "Luck to you pretty Lady." He moved on down the main thoroughfare away from her. He had a sort of awareness about him as he walked. A feeling he noticed more then he let on.

Silk nodded and waited for a bit before leaving. She finally had some information, not necessarily corroborated, but a fleet near the Cardassian border would certainly make trouble. A Klingon warlord, that would have to be someone independent, not beyound possibility but it did not seem to fit as well. So the heavy muscle to really take out on the inside of this base would be the syndicate. Oh she had no doubt that the Talarians would fight, but they were probably even more thinly spread out here.

She filed that away and headed off to go shopping. Before she hit the shops she pulled the latinum strips out and put them in her new purse. Then it was a bookstore, another clothing store, makeup, general things but she finally went into a jewelry shop. One lady came right over and asked what she was looking for. "Wedding rings," Silk replied.

"Oh? Very good, may I ask your price range?"

"Well I have up to two latinum strips, do you take those?"

The light behind her eyes lit at the sound of latium. She sought cash she could use to get off this base and Federation cedits just were not accepted at this time by the people she needed to get a ride from. Two bars of latium would get her off the base and enough left over to survive till her own people could pick her up. As those thoughts crossed her mind she got out a variety of rings from 3,000 valued up to 10,000 credits. There were ten sets per box and ten boxes spread across the counter "any of these pairs are within that price range." She smiled "considering the current situation you are in luck as I am willing to discount many of the 'upper end' items." She took out a silver abnd that seemed a woven design. "Such as this lovely design."

Silk looked them over but she could tell that she was being shown the really expensive stuff. "All very nice but my fiance would kill me if I spent that much. I am hoping to save a little for a little bit of well...honeymoon time." Silk did not want anything too fancy as showing too much off might just be as attractive as none at all.
She saw the lady's face fall a bit when she indicated she did not want to spend her entire amount. "You know with the way things are going, pretty soon not much business around here at all. Ships are staying away is what I hear."

"Maybe so, conflict tends to ward of normal business but other types come." She was disappointed all the same. "If you take that set we can size them for you and your significant other anytime we are open. I can only offer Federation credits as change though? So I would give you that set in your hand and five hundred credits in exchange for the one bar of latium." Her expression was still not really recovered but she was making a fair offer as the rings were worth more then three thousand. "Where are you having the ceremony? If you are using the Monroe club they will give you a discount if you mention you bought your rings here."

Silk pondered for a moment, she did feel bad for the woman. That was a lovely set and certainly worth as much as the final asking with just a modicum of profit. The comment that other types of business came would mean the syndicate and that meant that there was some sort of dealings with the Talarians. The syndicate possibly had bribed and perhaps, no most likely had something on someone some place. The rest of regular people here wanted out, or wanted a change of ownership, just most would not fight, but flee if they could.

"Alright, let me get mine sized up now though if you don't mind," Silk got the latinum out and paid for the rings. "I am not sure we are going to have the wedding here."

"I really do love this design, I know you will be pleased in the years to come wearing it." She put all the cases away carefully shcing each book, she did it skillfully but she did it just the same. She measured Silk's finger before going back to the rear of the store. "Be right back Miss."

Silk nodded and browsed the rest of the cases. The inventory looked a little thin but then again she imagined that not a whole lot was coming in.

She returned with a ring for Silk to try on. "Have a look while I prepare the paperwork. Will you want to take your ring with you? You can show your other person, might make them more anxious to come here for the matching ring." She handed the receipt book to Silk Just sign here and I will get your change."

Silk was not sure what to put down. She had used one alias and really did not want to use it again. Well, she thought, she would just scribble something and that is what she did. It was really unreadable. She put the ring on and nodded to the woman. "I'll will drag him in for sizing I promise." She took the credit slip and headed out.

She waited until a clump of people went past and disappeared into them working her way until she could peel off. So she had gotten some information, but nothing really other than the further up the levels the harder the Talarians defended them and in other places less patroled the syndicate handled most things. The rest of the people were either trying to make a go or trying to get out. Not one contact yet and she felt pretty much like a failure getting any real information.

She looked at the script in her hand and decided that she might as well gamble it away. Needed to kill time before shaking out and maybe a few loose lips. She did not want to use the same casino but there were others on this level and she got directions to a few and headed off.

A bit later she got to a place called 'Deuces Wild' and went in. It seemed nice, a bit of cut above the last one and almost as nice as the upper level place with the two Ferengi. The place had Dabo but not Tongo and she put a few bets in which she tended to loose, not big but enough. She wandered on to the card tables getting a soda along the way and finally took a seat at black jack table. The bets were mostly on the small side which was fine. The dealer almost acted as if he did not want to be there and one could almost just tell if he had something decent or not. The casino used automatic shuffling with shuffling taking place during the current shoe play so that card counters were disadvantaged. Still, it was easy enough to read the man even without his emotions leaking out. Silk did not make any sudden changes in bets but she held her own, loosing some, winning some and pretty much was even though the entire time.

Silk finished up and cashed out. She was surprised she had made a tiny bit of profit.
She headed down the row of shops and restaurants and more and a sign caught her eye. The sign was for another gambling place but underneath was one that said it featured Tongo. She made a bee line for the place and found the table in the back.
There were no Ferengi running this table which was good but the buy was in latinum only. She took a spot and put up her last latinum strip which got her a small amount of chips. It did not take long to realize that even without reading emotional give away that the players and dealer were not as expert as she was. She was about ready to make a confront to the rest when a commotion broke out behind her and then a body slammed into it. There were shouts and then the sound of agony as the distinct sound of pain sticks came into play. She turned just to see two big guys grab a prone form and drag him off. The guy next to her shook his head and looked at her, "They think he was card counting at Black Jack." He shook his head, "almost any excuse," he continued, "that is why I play this, too complicated to cheat. Your doing well though." Silk smiled and got settled and the game continued. The man that had spoken folded early enough and when the play was over Silk had gotten a good five strips even though she suspected the dice where a bit loaded in favour of the house.

The other player leaned over and congratulated her and asked, "Want a drink?" In a very quite voice he said, "Win too much and they get very suspecious." He got up and offered his arm. Silk got up as well and they found a nice booth in a corner.

She got another non-alchololic drink and settled in. "One of the few places here that gamble with latinum which has become even more valuable then credits."

Silk nodded, "I sort of got that, a lot of people are trying to get out and credits is not going over well." The emotional presence she got off the man though was not someone who seemed to be wanting to get away. He seemed to have a different more confident but guarded feel to him.

"I noticed you played well, and you took the hint it was time to move on. You did not shy away from me either. The feeling here is mixed if the Federation will or even if they could retake the base. Either way a few people do not approve of the Orion's taking over here. I am someone who could use a extra set of eyes and hands sometimes. I believe in free commerce you see and I am being paid nicely to make sure those Orions from the BlueOrchid don't get so powerful they can dictate to everyone else. What do you think? Interested in bucking the system?" He reached across the table taking her hand softly in his own "I would not mind having you spend the night in my bed if your into men either? name is Hondo, Hondo Lane."

Blue Orchid, that got Silk's attention. The Asgard and company had run into them before. The fact they were here was something that the captain would like to know. The Talarians she was now suspecting had the military part to take the base but she would bet the farm that the Blue Orchid was doing the financial backing as well. A paid off Klingon warlord was now not so far out of the stretch. "Yes I am interested especially if it can get me around," Silk replied. She knew she could not use the assumed pass name at this point and decided just to use her nickname. "You can call me Silk Mr. Lane."

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