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Base Infiltration part 6. (Luke /Colt)

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 3:14pm by Lieutenant Frank Luke & Lance Corporal Braden Colt

Mission: Mission 26: Let there be WAR!
Location: Deck 175 Starbase 214
Timeline: 23-24 January 2392


Luke and Colt stopped at a diner on deck-175. They ate a typical meal and Luke flirted a little with the waitress. He did find out a local dive rented rooms by the night at a rather steep rate but it was a place to stay so you were not caught out and about after curfew. Luke thanked her and left a large tip even if in Federation credits. The desk clerk was not happy to take Federation credits but for double the standard rate he broke down and did. Luke and Colt took turns sleeping and the night went by slowly.

Luke and Colt kept to the jefferey tubes mostly, changing decks and moving about as if working. Mostly they avoided work crews except at break times when they sat and listened in. Colt acted as if he was mentally challenged and Luke acted like his protector supervisor. So when they would reach an isolated computer terminal Luke would hack in and Colt would be the look-out cleaning or changing something simple.

Luke was delighted to find out the computer had not been overly tampered with. Seemed the Talarians were content to let the base operate under the hands of their captives. There were signs of forced entry and the soucrs of those attacks seemed to be the Orions who were helping the invaders. Luke strengthened the firewalls over sensitive material adding active defense systems.

Luke also learned of the switched gasses in the base defense systems! The Talarians had exchanged the sleep gas with a lethal gas. Luke and Colt decided that was a problem they should deal with. So they located the tanks tampered with and spent the biggest part of the day going tank to tank They vented the lethal gas out into space. Then refilled the tanks with normal air so it showed being full.

Moving about so much and over several decks they changed uniforms, names, and even appearance often. Luke mad a new travel pass each time they changed. one thing was obvious after they started going above deck-26 or below deck-385 was not possible with what they had access too. There were plenty or tanks to alter though in the main part of the base so Luke did not spend too much time even considering taking a chance of getting caught. Besides they had Kilara's message and knew the time and place of the meeting. The risk might not be needed depending on how much help they could get.

By the time night cycle was beginning Colt had a feeling they were only a step ahead of someone following them.

Come the night cycle they found another dive to sleep in. Tomorrow would be another day.

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