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Just for bragging rights/ Marine training

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 3:27pm by 1st Lieutenant Kabar Brannigan

Mission: Mission 26: Let there be WAR!
Location: holodeck martial art rings/Marine Country
Timeline: 20 December 2391 to 25 January 2392


Lieutenant's Brannigan and Ryder Gawyn got together shortly after the Asgard left Bellatrix and came up with a martial arts tournament for the marines. It would be voluntary but with rewards to make it seem worth while. Each victory would mean a day off training and an extra day of shore leave when it was feasible. They got one hundred and seventy two enlisted volunteers. They got twenty-eight officers. Officers and Enlisted would not fight each other during the tournament. The winner of both tournaments though could fight if they both agreed. Betting was allowable but only with available money. Gawyn and Brannigan set up the Enlisted tournament to for nine to eleven rounds. The top six would be double elimination rounds.

Round 1 would be eighty-six matchs over five days, 20-24 December. Those eighty-six winners would advance to the second round. They would fight inside the holodeck rings so no more then bruises would result but all techniques were a allowed. A medic was assigned to be overseeing each match just in case. Gunny Garret from the Techs and Gunny P'Rorash from the Infantry would referee the matches or an officer. A good number of the Marine techs from all three squadrons participated. PLTSGT Marcus Blayne was talked into it, he won his match easily. Both Barnes and Dutton advanced as well. Unfortunately few of the Techs advanced but they cheered well! Three friends from 3rd Platoon all advanced, Colt, Nolan, and Snow. Colt had one of the first matches.

20 Dec: RD 1 / Match 1 / morning:
Colt faced off against a PlaneCapt-Tech from VMF-36. The Sergeant had been around for a while and had quite a reputation as a street savvy guy. They came into the ring Colt bowed and the Sergeant tried to punch him. Colt caught the wrist and twisted then broke the arm and elbowed the Sergeant in the face for a knock out. Of course the Sergeant did not receive a broken arm but the speed of Colt's victory was noteworthy!

Round 2 was only forty-three matches. Everyone was paired but only forty three would advance. the second round began on 27 December and went to 30 December. As Expected Marcus Blayne, Dutton, and barnes advanced. Nolan, Smow, and Colt did as well. This time Colt's match was near the end and he got a Squad leader from 2ndPlatoon. This time the match took longer as the Squad leader knew how quick Colt was.

29 December: RD 2 / match 39 / Mid day:
This time Colt's opponent bowed but as he straighten he launched a combination of kicks and punches trying to drive Colt into the wall. Colt knew better and circled, evading and/or blocking the attacks. He conserved his energy letting the Sergeant wear himself out. Near the end of the first time period Colt slipped inside a kick and threw the Sergeant on his back. Colt moved into a grapple/arm lock and forced a submission before time ran out.

Round 3 was only twenty-one matches and one bye. By then though the entire ship was betting on favorites and Security was talking about their own tournament. This round want on for four days 2 January to 5 January. Colt went early in the round and he faced off with Dutton the Tech from VMF-105.

3 January: RD 3/ Match 5/ morning:
Dutton was huge and sort of like a tank. The match went almost to the end of the three one minute segments as Colt was too quick to be trapped and Dutton was to much to be harmed! Dutton let himself get frustrated though and he lunged off balance. Colt stepped on his knee and jumped on his back gaining a choke hold. Colt swung both feet in behind Dutton's knees knocking him onto his face. Dutton fought to the end to break the hold never surrendering. he blanked out only a few seconds left in the match.

Round 4 had only twenty-two participants and eleven matches. It was not down to those who were really good. PLSGT Blayne, SGT Barnes, Colt and Snow were still in the running. This round was three days, 6 January to 8 January. At this point Marcus Blayne and Braden Colt were the favorites. IN fact they were already being matched for the final championship match. Colt drew another opponent from the Tech side a female Klingon aircrew, SGT Kopati. She had won all her previous matches in savage fashion.

8 January: RD4/ Match eleven/ evening:
Kopati came across the floor as soon as Colt entered trying to tackle him. Colt knee kicked her in the face, even so they ended up tumbled together. It was a rolling tooth and nail sort of fight just as Kopati had fought in her other matches. The segment ended and they parted for a minute to catch their breath. Kopati charged again but this time Colt side stepped evading her successfully. Colt landed a series of kicks and punches that should have dropped any normal person. Kopati rolled with his onslaught and the segment ended. The final segment Kopati charged again but this time Colt spun a wheel kick to her head. She flew sideways into the wall and was ruled the blow would have killed her. Thus Kopati was eliminated and Colt advanced

Round 5 was only eleven left. the last round of single elimination. PLTSGT Blayne drew the bye the others were paired into five matches. 9 to 13 January, only one evening match per day. The competition and bragging rights was getting intense with only eleven left since three were with the aviation section. Two were among the top four predicted. Colt did not get a opponent from aviation this round though. This round also so the beginning of the marine officers tournament as they started the 9th. Their tournament though the competition was not between aviation and grunts as only one of the officers was not a pilot, even the grunt's unit commander had begun as a pilot. There were only twenty-eight officers so their rounds went a but faster. The delay being mostly though for the officers to referee the more numerous enlisted matches. The combination of factors made this round a little underwhelming. Three of the top four advanced, Blayne who had a bye, Barnes and Colt who won their matches.

Round 6 was only six and now it was double elimination. Barnes was beaten in an upset but Blayne and Colt each won their own respective matches. 14 January was also when the Officer tournament completed the second.
That had dropped the count to just seven officers. The enlisted tournament almost beat out the officer tournament for attention, especially when Barnes lost. Now there were three with a victory and three with a defeat.

Round 7 was also three matches for the enlisted Blayne and Colt advanced to two victories each. Barnes and another marine went to a record of one win and one loss. Two were dropped out. The 15th January was an exciting round-3 for the officer tournament as it dropped to the final four. Even with so few matches the interest now was keen! The final four Officers were Ryder Gawyn, Kabar Brannigan, Ranulf Blackhawk, and one not expected Duffy MacBain.

Round 8 for the enlisted had one of the biggest matches thus far as Marcus Blayne took on Barnes from his own unit. It went into overtime but Blayne won in the overtime. Colt was matched with an Andorian noted for his speed but Colt proved quicker. It had been determined since the beginning if the two finalist each had no losses it would still be a single championship match. The 16th for the officers was also two tough matches. Gawyn took on Brannigan in the first double elimination match for the officer tournament. Gawyn's finesse proved harder to handle then Brannigan's harder style. The other match went into overtime twice before Blackhawk finally beat MacBain. Setting up a winners fight winners and losers fight losers match.

However the news of the 16th put a halt to the tournament! The Talarians had captured Starbase 214 and now the time for fun and games was on hold as war was all but declared! The excitement and build up for the last few fights came crashing down as real training took precedence. With a battle in the near future the tournament finals were put on hold. The 18th was a major skirmish. Repairs and work was all anyone had time for for the next couple days then the 20th another fight with the fighters taking the brunt of the damage. With the ship passing the base on the 22nd and repairs to the fighters nothing was scheduled other then extra long duty shifts. Not only that but PFC Colt and 1stLT Ryder Gawyn were off the ship on an away mission. Then the 23rd there was the boarding and capture of the Talarian freighter. The 26th Brannigan declared SSGT Marcus Blayne the winner of the enlisted tournament. He declared 1stLT Ryder Gawyn the champion of the officer challenge. All bets were cancelled on the final matches as they were not going to take place any time soon.

Brannigan felt bad for the way the tournament ended but ti had helped break the monotony for much of the trip across space at warp. Right now there was just too much on the line to have the arguements created by the open ended tournie. His promise they would have another tournament when time allowed appeased most anyway.



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