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Almost there Part 8: Medical, Inbound survivors

Posted on Fri Mar 9th, 2018 @ 11:48am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Commander Brad Talon & Lieutenant Frank Luke & 1st Lieutenant Kabar Brannigan & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Jenna Cair & Petty Officer 2nd Class Varidae & Lieutenant JG Rico Demic & Lieutenant JG Mike Derringer & Chief Petty Officer Darrell Murphy & Petty Officer 2nd Class Gild Demic

Mission: Mission 26: Let there be WAR!
Location: Various sickbays
Timeline: 18 January 2392


=^=Commander Amar. Frank Luke here Ma'am. We have the first of the enemy wounded ready to be sent to you. Our wyverns can send you four at a time each. As I know you are aware they have some customs that make physical contact a problem and they are in fact prisoners of war. Attempts at escape are likely for those able to try. How many do you want and where do you want them commander?=^=

=^=Red tags right to the surgical bays after those have filled send remaining to isolation chamber one, yellow tags to isolation chamber two, they've been set up and security is there. Green right to the brig, they'll be treated there. Black send to the morgue.=^= Amar responded from the scrub room.

=^=I have that and will convey to transporter control. Looks like a busy day Commander.=^= Frank relayed the information to the transporter operators and the medics aboard the small craft. Those first responders would need to tag the wounded correctly to make this work after all. Once the organization was set up it fell to Brannigan to organize the wyverns.

=^=Tiger-6 here we have nine Talarains, 2 are Red, 2 are yellow, the remaining five should be fine.=^=

Bosun Murphy assigned transporter operators to each color code so only one person would be transporting to one area. The two Reds went to surgical bay, Bosun Murphy handled those himself.

==Surgical bay one==

He appeared on the surgical table, a blue tinge to his skin. Over his face an oxygen mask, his chest wrapped. Blood stained the bandage that wrapped around his chest.

Amar glanced at the readout through her face shield as she approached the table. "His left lung has collapsed, we need to get it inflated."

Cair started to cut away the bandage leaving his chest bared. Showing a stint that had been placed in the chest cavity to try and drain pressure off the lung and heart. She then helped to position the surgical support frame.

Amar nodded. "I need the osteo tractor, we need to fix the broken ribs before I work on the lung. How's his vital signs." She asked as she maneuvered the implement over the biobed.

"BP and respiratory are low." Cair responded as she awaited orders.

"The stint is relieving pressure, have hyposprays of kayolane and dexalin ready." Amar used the osteo tractor to move and hold together the rib bones pulling the fragments from the lungs tissue. She turned and picked up an anabolic protoplaser from the cart and began knitting the bones together. Once that was done she began work on the punctured lung, sealing the holes and stopping the bleeding and air leak.

Cair had loaded the ampules and checked their patients oxygen levels as Amar worked.

"Give him the injections, then increase oxygen flow." Amar spoke as she concentrated on her task.

Cair gave the injections into his neck and noticed as his color seemed to improve in a matter of minutes.

Amar finished the surgery and removed the surgical support frame. "I want him strapped to a back board when he's moved. Keep oxygen flowing, his lung is still in the process of reinflating. Keep him monitored. I'll remove the stint once I know the repair is sufficient."

"Yes ma'am." Cair spoke taking notes and she talked the orderlies through instructions when they came in to move the patient.

==Surgical bay two==

Demic was scrubbed and masked as the prone figure of a Talarian shimmered into being on the biobed in front of him and Gild.

He checked scans and with a nod to Gild they started to cut away the bandages on the head injury, noting it was near the temple.

Gild glanced at the readings and noticed vital signs had began to plumment. "Rico... Something..."

"I see it." Demic took his tricorder and began scanning the Talarian's head. He sighed heavily and looked at the time. "Once he's gone mark it. There's nothing we can do, he had a brain aneurysm of the Circle of Willis."

Gild looked with sad eyes at her husband. "We didn't even have a chance to try and save him."

"I know sweetheart." He called the orderlies to take the body away. "The weakness was there prior to the head trauma, it was simply a matter of time." He consoled his wife, knowing she didn't like losing a patient even if they were antagonists.

==Isolation chamber two==

Varidae and two of the new nurses, Mary Adkinson and Becca Chambers were tending to patients as they came in tagged yellow. She was going back and forth between the nurses supervising. The staff in the chambers were in scrubs, all masked and gloved.

Two patients were beamed directly on the biobeds. One groaning with his hand clasped to his shoulder and blood seeping between his fingers. His leg appeared to be at an odd angle.

Varidae admistered kayolane to put the man under. "Okay he will be easier." She spoke as she moved his hand. "Becca clean the wound and use the dermal regenerator on his shoulder." She spoke as she looked up from the biobeds readings. "I'll get a soft cast on his leg to restrict movement until a doctor can see him."

"Yes ma'am." Becca nodded as she started swabbing the injury with antiseptic cleanser readying it for the dermal regenerator.

As she worked on that and before Varidae replicated the soft cast she stopped to see how Mary was doing.

The second Talarian had burns on his face and hands. Mary looked at him and started to check his vital signs when the man nearly climbed off the bio bed and was starting to hell obscenities.

Varidae quickly grabbed the hypospray that still contained the kayolane ampule and injected his neck. He slumped and the two nurses got him back into a supine position on the biobed. She smiled at the security guards that had started to rush to them. "Taken care of."

The guards nodded and stepped back out of the way.

"That was close, sorry I just wasn't expecting it." Mary spoke softly as she started cleaning the burns.

"In this situation you need to stay alert and make sure the patient is secured before starting treatment." Varidae checked the readings. "Use dermaline gel on the burns then cover until one of the doctors is free to look at him."

Mary nodded and finished cleaning the burns, she took the tube of gel and began layering it on.

Varidae went over to the replicator and got the soft cast she was after then rejoined Becca. "I'm going to carefully lift his leg, you slip the cast under."

Becca took the cast and as Varidae lifted his leg up from the biobed about five inches and she slid the cast under.

Once it was in place, Varidae fastened the straps and pushed a button that inflated it and the leg was held snug and secure.


DocMike and staff with him were at the brig with a first aide station set up. The five who were sent there were scanned for injuries then placed inside the cargo bay set up for detention. =^=Five for the holodeck Chief.=^= Docmike called as the last Talarian entered the cargo bay. Chief Stoltz used an internal transport to send them to the first holodeck set up as a detention center. Water and snacks were there for them as they arrived.

Three wyverns rotated close and sent their prisoners to the Asgard. A total of sixty between the three. Five were yellow, twenty had minor wounds treated by docMike and his staff before joining the uninjured. Fifty-five Talarian's were sent to holodeck detention-1 in those minutes.

Brannigan had collected the survivors of two more lifeboats. He had the stabilized bleeder still aboard from the first batch. He was code yellow.

Brannigan was the last of the Wyverns to recover to the Asgard, there were no other lifeboats in the area. The trpe-11's had already landed, even the Danube flown by Silk out to locate the last fighter crew was back aboard. =^=Paladin I am the last of the rescue boats looks like we are done.=^=

=^=Copy Brannigan, job well done.=^= Brad Talon was tired, the skirmish had been mere minutes but this rescue had been hours. He had one flight from each of three squadrons still out. His flight of GreyWolves was forward. Mac had a flight of GunSlingers on the port rear and there was a flight of Hornets on the starboard rear. The Razors had not been involved much in the battle but they had the least range so Talon sent then to the barn first. The GunSlingers went in right on their tails. =^=Paladin to Asgard we have destroyed all detected lifepods after they were empty. Only my flight is out here are we ready to move or do you need a CAP.=^=

=^=Bring your people all aboard paladin it is high time we vacated this location. All Departments have checked in your four are the last to return.=^= Wulfe took a deep breath. That had been a pretty big risk but it had paid off big. The Talarian's were not very up to date on modern tactics even if their ships were upgraded. Hopefully this problem would be over before they caught on. Once Talon reported his flight aboard and secure Wulfe looked to Flight "Take us to warp-6 and stay far away from the base, sending you a flight plan now." He looked at Nancy "time to sound general quarters the present threat is over." Wulfe opened the intercom himself. "This is the Captain. I wanted to congratulate all on a job well done. Those who can get some rest. Those on duty keep alert, this is now to be considered a war zone. Luck to us all."



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