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Asgard: "Well what did Sammy do today?" (Mature content)

Posted on Sun May 13th, 2018 @ 11:09pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD

Mission: Mission 27: Reclaiming SB214, the work begins
Location: Quarters Bess OKeefe/John Carter
Timeline: 5 February 2392


John had a more or less easy day, thing had calmed down but since the base had no fighters anymore it was up to the Asgard Group to fly routine patrols. He walked in the door catching the beagle 'Sammy' as he tried to rush past and out. "No holodeck just yet you rascal!" John smiled as he heard movement inside "say is the lady of the house home? I hope she is wearing something skimpy?" John laughed as he petted the six month old puppy.

Bess came out wearing pink sweats, the shirt having an image of multicolored lollipop on it. "Well not quite skimpy but comfortable." She laughed as she came out carrying a large jar with licorice sticks in it. "I need to find a higher spot for these. Sammy got into them and before I could stop him he ate two."

John shifted the dog and kissed Bess. "At least it was not your stash of chocolate. You looked dressed for a run? You joining Sammy and me in the holodeck? I think Max, Mac's German Shepard is taking our Sammy under his protection. The gang will likely be there. The dog owners and the group of runners." He smiled as he put Sammy down "you might need a bra as much as I hate to say it. A lot of the new pilots are not married? I don't want to have to defend you from those horn-dogs unless I have too!" He said it in a fashion that was as much teasing her as anything else. John was not jealous, she knew he trusted her. He was her guy till the end of time.

"Oh I'll put on a sports bra then, I don't want to make them want someone they'll never have a chance with." Bess set the licorice in the cupboard with a chuckle not in the least believing she'd attract anyone. She was the luckiest girl alive to have gotten John after all she was at best average looking. "So a run before dinner then?"

"Before our dinner anyway. I will get this guy his dinner before we go so he can take care of business in the holodeck. You know for such a little guy he sure makes a lot of waste material?" Carter shook his head as he continued "and it is not like he gets a lot of extra food.. Well other then what he steals anyway." Carter got the dog food out and sat on the floor petting Sammy as he wolfed the meal down. "Take your time changing or doing whatever we are early yet."

Bess took her sweatshirt off and slipped on not one but two sports bras to hold her breasts down from bouncing as she ran. Not that she worried about attracting attention but she really didn't like that burning raw feelings if her nipples rubbed the fabric when she ran. As she was adjusting things she thought over how things had changed. John certainly had gotten her more active. Her tummy wasn't quite as rounded as it used to be.

John had changed quickly even as he played with Sammy "hey you ready?" When he saw her he tugged on her arm pulling her close. "Hmm, you are well armored! Tell you what tonight I will spend extra time massaging those to make it up to you." A quick peck on the end of her nose and John spun away grabbing the leash. With Sammy latched he opened the door "I figure a half hour? Sound good to you?"

"I think I can survive that long." Bess smiled as she looked down at the dancing beagle pup. "I think he'll need to make a pit stop at the first tree we come to in the holodeck."

The short trip to the holodeck was perilous as they ran into an unusually high number of people in the hall. Some wanted to pet Sammy and others were appalled to see an 'animal' on the ship. Most just smiled or waved and kept moving. They got to the holodeck and they could see in the distance a group of pilots, two in blue shorts would be Talon and Hawken. There must have been a dozen in green shorts, tan t-shirts. Those were all marines. Two marines were in the lead, then Talon and Hawken. The rest of the marines scattered among a dozen other runners of both sexes most well behind the front runners. Shadow greeted Sammy with a 'woof'. Max the German Shepard ran over to greet Sammy. About four other dogs were busy chasing holograph-rabbits or squirrels. John released Sammy to go play. "Looks like we got here late. Do you want to loosen up a bit?"

"I'd better at least do some leg stretches or I'll get a charlie horse. If you're loosened up go on, I don't mind bringing up the rear, I like watching yours anyway." Bess smirked at him as she stretched one leg behind her and bent at the knee with a couple bounces.

"I can wait for you. I will loosen up with the canine group over there. Carter trotted off and was soon jumping and evading the doggy lunges. He stretched a few times but he worked hard enough each day that a warm up was not much needed. He did like to do a cool down though after the run. Walking and a few stretches then saved him some tightness the next morning.

Bess finished her stretches then did some marching in place before she started her jog and waved at John.

When John saw Bess wave he ran to meet her on the track. Sammy was busy digging a hole so he did not interfere. He knew the drill by now. He came here with the pack they played, did their business, then played some more then the fur-less two legs collected them to take home. The two legs ran on paths for some reason, Shadow was the pack leader and he tried to explain it. Sammy really still did not understand anything more then that was how life was.

John moved alongside of Bess and kept pace with her. "After our run did you want dinner at home, where we can be frisky? The other options being the messhall where everything is quick or the lounge where we could dance while we waited for our meal?" John moved a little ahead of her before he spun in step running backwards so he could see her face. It was a fairly long straight stretch and level so he had no trouble keeping the pace.

"Home, I wont feel like dressing up to go and dance after this." Her face was flushed and her voice a bit breathy. John may have been working off her baby fat but she still wasn't marathon fit.

The run for John was over long before he was ready for it to end. He lead Bess off the track to where the dogs played just before the Pilots would have lapped them. He and Bess being on a quarter mile track while the pilots ran on a two mile oval. So two miles for the pilots being one lap, was about twelve to fifteen minutes for most of the pilots. John and Bess on the other hand made Four laps on their shorter track in that amount of time. So they had been on the back side of the short track the first time the pilots went by. John took Bess's hand as they walked over to the dogs. "I think we earned a chocolate silk pie after today's run?"

"As long as we eat our vegetables with dinner." Bess spoke with a giggle as she bent over to pet the dogs gathering around them. "Shadow certainly has grown to be a beauty, and goodness wasn't Max just a little puppy the last time I saw him?" She asked looking at the now much taller and leggy shepherd.

John played with the dogs and loosened up a bit before leashing Sammy and moving with Bess toward the exit. The other dogs knew the leash meant leaving so they just went back to playing as Sammy was lead away. The short walk home John kept slipping his fingers inside the rear waistband as they walked teasing Bess.

"Maybe I should get one of those one piece running suits." Bess chuckled, his touch tickled even as it aroused her. "Okay chocolate silk pie for dessert, what do you want for dinner?"

"Depends on what you want I guess?" As he said it he dropped his hand to cup the globe of her butt cheek. After a friendly squeeze he returned his hand to where it was explaining, "I would have to do that if you wore a one piece outfit?" John kissed her cheek, taking enough time to suck on her earlobe, his teeth holding it for just a step. "As to dinner I am good with a meatloaf potatoes, and some dinner rolls. I imagine you would say that was too many carbs though and want to tone it down a bit?"

"Meatloaf made with oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs. I suppose potatoes and gravy, rolls are alright what do you think of succotash?" Bess scooted close enough that her hip and thigh brushed against his with each step.

"You can have your succotash, I will stick with potatoes." He stopped at their door and he had that teasing expression "I am not into that alien stuff." He pulled her against him as the door opened and he backed into the room smashing his lips against hers in a passionate kiss. He turned feeling Sammy jumping up and down inside the room so he closed the door. He held her after the kiss ended. Sammy was all excited thinking it was a game!

Bess returned his passionate kisses and felt the leash going around the back of her knees as Sammy ran around the two of them jumping up at their legs and yipping excitedly. "John I think Sammy just tied us together."

"I always suspected you had a really kinky side." John unraveled the leash and unhooked Sammy's collar, not that he moved away from them. John straighten and looped the leash around Bess's wrists and tugged it tight, "you are in my power now!" He put the leash over his shoulder as he tugged her arms to follow him to the kitchen. "Hmmn my pretty, pretty just what should I do with you this fine evening?" John tossed Sammy a rawhide treat which he began wrestling with. Those were more fun then people and he could bite these! John began untying her hands with a wide smile on his face.

"I've been in your power since our first kiss prince Charming." Bess looked at him as he freed her hands. "Well I could get our dinner." Most of it would be replicated. "Potatoes, mashed or fried and did you want gravy for the meatloaf or catsup?"

"For me mashed and gravy with the meatloaf. I would suggest just a standard plain straight as it would be meal for myself." He tugged off her shirt then removed both sports bras taking ample time to massage and play with what was trapped beneath. "I mean I did promise you a full work over for these. He leaned in kissing her lips gently. So the sooner we eat the sooner I will lavish attention on you!" He picked up her discarded tops and started for the bedroom. "You want a robe, or a t-shirt, or anything?"

"A tee shirt." She spoke with her arms crossed over her chest and her now hard nipples. "Get the one with the big strawberry on the front." Bess went to the replicator and put in their orders. She smiled as she added succotash to both plates. Brown gravy was drizzled over slices of meatloaf, and mashed potatoes, the brown and white colors of their meal had a splash of green and yellow from the vegetables. She had biscuits with butter and honey on the table. "Did you find my shirt?" She called out feeling chilly.

Carter returned wearing nothing but a bow "here is your shirt my dear. You can unwrap your treat after I have paid my debt to your poor abused assets." He held her t-shirt out to her as he walked closer. "so dinner about ready he asked with an almost believable innocence.

Bess laughed then rolled her eyes. "If I were you I'd lose that bow before Sammy thinks it's a toy. Go get your shorts on." And grabbed her shirt pulling it on over her head. "Dinner if ready." She shook her head. "Sammy come see mamma, daddy can't play right now." With her shirt on she bent and scooped up the beagle pup into her arms. "I think we should get you a highchair sweetie." She gave the pup kisses on top his head.

Carter made a sad puppy expression as he turned around to walk away. Removing the ribbon as he sulked away. "I will talk to operations tomorrow about a puppy highchair." He put on a pair of clean sweat pants and returned to the kitchen. "Better?" He still had the pouty expression and sad eyes, he laid his cheek on her shoulder "I am hungry?"

She leaned her cheek against his head and rubbed his soft hair. "Then lets eat so we can cuddle with dessert." She paused and whispered. "We can play with your ribbon tonight." Then she giggled as the puppy still in her arms got in there and licked Carter's nose.

"Hey!" Carter played with Sammy's ears even as he playfully chastised him, "I only kiss the girls you beastie!" He glanced into Bess's eyes as he moved away "I am afraid mine was removed already as per someone's request. I can think of a few places i would enjoy removing bows from a certain beautiful ladies body though." He helped take the food to the table and tossed Sammy a toy that was filled with food. It was his regular food but having to chew the toy to get to it was a challenge Sammy enjoyed. "So Things slowing down on your area? Without local fighters we are as busy as a three-legged dog in a race for dinner!" The newer pilots though are sure racking up hours though." He fell into talking shop as he ate, it was an old habit. Then his foot touched her ankle and he smiled as he moved his other foot to place her ankle between his feet. He began walking his feet up her leg slowly, the smile on his face growing as they got closer to her knee.

"It's finally slowed down the past couple days, for awhile there it was like rushing to get no where. Oh and the children had passed some bug around themselves. The daycare brought in all the toys to sterilize, poor kids runny noses and coughs. And I tell you Durga when he sneezes, his Klingon temper shows." She giggled as she held a little nibble of meatloaf down for Sammy to eat. "Doctor Amar was giving the kids decongestants. She said a cold would just take time to get over. Nanny Brown took some disinfectant from sickbay to use in the nursery." Bess continued eating even as she watched John's face while he played footsie with her. "As I recall someone mentioned chocolate silk pie earlier."

"Only the best for the best." He dropped his feet and went to the kitchen. He took the pie from their fridge "Do we need plates for this, it is pretty cold?" He picked up two forks as he waited for her reply.

"It's small, no plates... Let's take it to bed with us." She gave Sammy another bite of meatloaf. Then gathered the placed and put them in the dish washer. She tossed Sammy a floppy doggy teddy bear that made crinkling sounds when he'd bite on it. "Bed time Sammy. She went to a jar and pulled out a mint smelling doggy biscuit. "Here you go."

Carter took the distraction to head for the bedroom with the pie and get into bed, minus the sweat pants. "Think he has enough bribes for the night?" Carter chuckled, "might want to close the door anyway?"

"I hate to shut him out, but he needs to learn that this is mommy and daddy's room at least part of the time." She closed the door then pulled her tee shirt off as she went to the bed, her panties followed and were left on the floor by the bed. Bess crawled in next to him and held her hand out for a fork. "Besides I wouldn't want him to get in the chocolate, he could get sick."

Handing over the fork Carter nodded "true. There are many things dogs can not eat. Chocolate if unfortunately one of the things they think smells good but can not eat. Seems odd they can smell so many toxins but chocolate fools them." He dropped some of the cold whipped topping on top of her breast "OOps!" He feigned an accident horribly as he bent down to suck it off her skin. "Silly me?" He made eye contact as he swallowed the bit from her skin.

Bess chuckled. "I hope these aren't the good sheets." She leaned closer to him and scooped up a bite of the pie closing her eyes as she savored the smooth silky chocolate, purposely dropping a dollop on her chest.

"Do we have any of those left? It almost seems wasteful to replicate them once we stain them as we are sure to do it again sooner rather then later." His words barely left his mouth as he sucked up the cream. This time he licked the area thoroughly and suckled her nipple till it was a standing straight out from her chest.



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