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Almost there Part : Complications Part 2/ Engaging again.

Posted on Fri Mar 9th, 2018 @ 12:25pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Commander Brad Talon & Lieutenant Ryder Hawken & 1st Lieutenant Ryder Gawyn & Master Warrant Officer John Sakura & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Petty Officer 3rd Class Nancy Luke
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Mission: Mission 26: Let there be WAR!
Location: space
Timeline: 20 January 2392


The Asgard was positioned between the Talarian cruisers and Starbase-214. "Okay team time to drop the cloak and launch all fighters. Send out both Danubes as well same as before." He nodded to Sakura at the operations station. With so many prisoners aboard LT Wilco was in main operations this time. He was overseeing the detention of the prisoners and the internal power needs. Sakura would only have the power left over, which should be more then sufficent. Damage and other circumstances though could disrupt the power flow and detaining the current prisoners safely was a priority.

John Sakura nodded his lopesided grin not as happy as it normally was. His countenance dod portray a grim confidence as he made the call, lowering the cloak as he spoke =^=Full fighter launch CPO Gavar. Send our pilots to work.=^= John was raising shields as the power peeked with the cloak down.

CPO Gavar in the deck=boss chair looked to Talon =^=Full launch by the numbers first flight VF-19 and first flight VMF-105 are green to go.=^=

Thus it began with eight Raptors fully loaded raced out of the bay, Paladin taking his flight to starboard and *Scout* taking his flight to port. Next out were four Peregrine lead by their Squadron leader Bulldog. Going out with them was second flight of VF-19. VMF-105 launched eight Raptors which moved to Port and began forming up in a widely dispersed spear head formation. They were above the BountyHunters. The third wave was two Raptors of VF-19 and four Peregrines of VF/A-219. Both Danubes of the SAR launched with them. As those numbers spread into the attack formation already pre-planned. As they moved ahead of the Asgard the twelve Razors launched and spread out well behind the Asgard. They were in formation as they approached the Talarian cruisers.

Being in a state of war all fighter were hot and ready for action, each pilot confirming his/her status with their Element lead. Each Element lead confirming status with the flight lead. Flight leaders verifying position of their boats then reporting to the Squadron leader. All four Squadron leaders confirming position and readiness to the CAG, Paladin in the lead most Raptor.

Once all checked in Paladin made a group-wide call. =^=Stay loose and keep your distance. When they open fire evade, that is why we are so spread out. When the word is delivered send your ordinance down range and get out of the way. Regroup by Squadrons as planned. Luck to us all.=^=

"LT Borsch hold a steady course, Shields up and double front Mr. Sakura."
Wulfe looked over to his yeoman "Nancy time to see if they will talk? Open a channel to the Talarian's please."

"Yes sir Captain." Nancy turned and her hands moved over the console. "Hailing channel open sir. Waiting for response."

==The Talarian's==
The Senior Captain of two looked to the Admiral, "It would appear your extensive information on our enemies tactics was as bogus as your leadership skills." Admiral Manfred Stern, under arrest and humiliated since his rescue looked grimly at the approaching mass of ships. "Captain I would send your fighters forward to buy you time to evade and escape." The Talarian Captain scowled "I thought we were to be prepared to be attacked from behind?" Admiral Stern had been over matched before, he had not realized the power of fighters in a battle. Now he saw thirty fighters approaching at speed and he did some quick math in his head. His face paled. "Captain if you want to save your ship break away now!" The Admiral knew that something like ninety torpedoes were going to streaking toward them very soon.

It was then the hail came through, the Senior Talarian Captain nodded for his Operations officer to open the link "Ahh Captain Wulfe, I am very happy to see your brought our people to us. You may surrender at any time. I am well prepared for you Sir. You have no chance."

==Asgard bridge==
"Captain I fear you are in an untenable position. I have over three hundred of your people aboard. Destroying the Asgard would be killing a great many of your own people. I hate to tell you this but you are currently in an inferior tactical position. I am willing to turn over your people on your promise to return to your own side of the border. End this senseless conflict before more people die."

==The Talarian's==
Admiral Stern took the sidearm from his guard and shot the Captain in the chest twice. As the echo of gunfire was fading he spoke up "Fire all secondary batteries as those fighters come into range and turn ship to Starboard. Maximize shields on the Port side and rear. Sound an alarm to brace for impact." Even in shock the military bearing and training held so the bridge came alive with activity. The forward phaser batteries fired at the fighters from both cruisers then the ship Stern was taking charge of began turning. The pulse of shields humming louder even inside the ship.

==The fighters==
Hawkeye was the first to notice the energy pulse of weapons firing. =^=We are being fired on full defensive maneuvers=^= Most of the fighters were moving into their preplanned defensive moves even before the flash revealed the enemy phaser fire. Those that did not react quickly enough paid the price. GreyWolf-5 the 2ndflight leader watched his pilots move before he did. His Raptor was a debris cloud before he even had a chance to realize his mistake.

Paladin saw the Flight Leade/GreyWolf-5's mistake but before he could send a warning it was too late. The pilot had been one of the best of the newcomers and was showing good leadership skills. Those skills had just gotten him killed as he did not act as he lead. IN a fighter you had to be moving as you gave orders or you justmight not catch a break. GreyWolf-5 was certainly proof of that.

Another GreyWolf, Tomcat was hit as he went into his auger move. His fighter tumbled out of control as he struggled to eject. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.." his litany was not his last words though as a fast thinking transporter tech on Silk's Danube locked on and snagged him before his Raptor tore itself apart. He arrived on the transporter pad finishing "shit!" as he realized where he was. "You guys sure saved my bacon from the fire." He moved to a bench and slumped down as the weight of his near death experience hit him. Luckily the raptor he had flown had missed the other fighters. It had tumbled clear of the formation before exploding, a small miracle in itself.

Two Peregrines were hit. glancing blows but Catfish's backseater was wounded. Catfish broke away from the formation to take her weapon's officer back for treatment. Catfish had heard her EWO scream and knew she was hurt "Slowpoke how bad are you hit?" "Hip, Catfish. It is bleeding a lot, trying to stop the flow, but It hurts and I feel a bit woozy?" Catfish frowned "keep talking Slowpoke, explain everything! What you are doing, how bad it hurts, all of it but keep talking." Slowpoke tried but she passed out as the Peregrine recovered to the Asgard. Tech crew for her boat were there and Slowpoke was beamed to medical as soon as she was unbuckled.

Tiny and his backseater were shaken but stayed on course. "you okay back there." His EWO joked "I may never use this arm again but other then a really serious bruise I am fine. What happened up there, I thought you were a good pilot. The kind who brings his crew back in one piece." Tiny jinked "you have a good pilot, a better one then a thankless pain in the ass like you deserves by the way." Tiny was back in position with his flight and hoping they got away before the next salvo was fired.

On the forward Port flank the marine Raptors also took a few hits. They were more experienced but that did not save them all. Gunslinger-10 simply exploded. A few others felt their shields impacted and Rhino lost his shields completely. =^=I am out of here till I can recover shields!=^= Kraden growled as he went into a tight 'J'-turn and raced back the way he had come. He was punching his controls and getting nowhere. He was almost back to the Asgard before he calmed enough to press his restart devices. By then though it was too late for him to get involved. He regrouped with the Hornets behind the Asgard.

Talon and the rest bore in closer ending their auger and other defensive measures to lock on and fire. =^=Fire all heavy ordinance and break away.=^= Even as Paladin spoke he released both his full sized torpedoes. Seven other Raptors released theirs as well. Sixteen full sized torpedoes in on salvo. The Vultures raced in firing at the ordinance. Torpedoes vanished as they were hit. Six Talarian Vultures were destroyed in the counter attack but none of the torpedoes got through their thin line.

Bulldog and his full flight launched twenty-four torpedoes and of those only nine were intercepted by the defensive fire. Fifteen struck or exploded in close proximity to the Port Cruiser and it went silent. Lights flickering and fires lighting up throughout the ship.

On the other side Scout and his Gunslingers sent twenty full sized torpedoes at the Cruiser as it began turning away. The sixteen Vultures from that ship racing in to defend. Only two of those twenty hit the Cruiser but nine Vultures were lost in the defense. =^=All GunSlingers fire and evade as we planned. We will regroup at the collection point and await orders. Shoot straight and we have nothing to worry about.=^= Scout fired off his two big torpedoes and then broke away. They would hit or not but he was not sticking around to find out. He would skin the hide off any of his pilots that did as well, if they lived long enough to be punished anyway.

The three Bountyhunters of Stryker's flight sent eighteen torpedoes right on the back of the marine strike. The remaining seven Vultures all died trying to defend their carrier ship. The cruiser also fired defensive weapons and was fully defensive. Still six torpedoes struck or exploded in close proximity and the Talarian cruiser showed the effects of the pounding it had taken. The Cruiser was still under power and accelerating away.

The ten vultures remaining formed a screen around their stricken cruiser. They did not surrender though. They tried in vain to continue firing but their targeting was off line and their fire was wild.

==The Asgard==
Wulfe had watched and the losses were lighter then he had expected. =^=All fighters pull back out of range and form a screen for the Asgard.=^= He then looked to Borsch take us into weapons range LT Borsch. We will deal with the stricken cruiser. If the other continues to flee it can leave." As the ship moved forward to bring their weapons to bear Wulfe looked to Lorix. "Lieutenant use secondary batteries to target their Vultures. If they do not surrender fire on the cruiser to destroy it. We are not going to play around, they want a fight, fine. We will teach the the error of their ways."

Security locked on using the advanced capabilities of the Akira class targeting four Vultures each tracking by one of the type-10 phaser arrays. She fired and two were vaporized, one took a glancing hit and the fourth was a clear miss. Relocking on the two still there and locking onto two new targets she fired a second volley again destroying two of her targets. A shot from the cruisers heavy S-1 Disruptor glanced off the Asgard's shields and shook the Asgard.

"Enough Lieutenant they are not taking the hint. Take the cruiser out!" Wulfe gave the order as he was not willing to risk his ship to return fire or his marines to the Talarian interceptors.

Security locked on all eight type-12 phasers, firing a concentrated beam at the center of the Talarian ship. With almost no shields and low power the ship simply ceased to be. The resulting explosion took out three of the escorting Vultures as well which just happened to be too close. Even as the cloud of debris scattered the last three Vultures made a suicide run at the Asgard.

The Hornets reported in =^=We have this Captain, moving forward!=^= Each flight of Four Razors jumped forward and fired as one craft. They vaporized all three Vultures before they were ever a true threat.

Wulfe nodded "Let the other Cruiser go as long as it continues away from SB214. Commander Harf send someone to the shuttle bay I want to send a Talon after that cruiser to follow for a while. Just so we are sure it does not return." Wulfe looked around the bridge "that is war people, have the boats already out look for survivors. We won't launch the wyverns unless we need to." Wulfe had watched the debris cloud and saw no life boats. There had not been much time for them to escape. "Well done everyone, maintain alert for twenty minutes. If we have no detected alert situations drop to Yellow alert. have engineering report to me in the wardroom on the state of repairs."

Wulfe left the bridge with a stony countenance. He was proud of his crew and the fact they were making this look easy but on the other hand. Destroying four of the Talarian's newest and best ships was not advancing the agenda of making peace! He would hammer anyone who came at him and worry about it after. That was how he had always been. Now was time to reflect and think about how he should be doing this. He could not keep going like a bull in a china shop or he was going to get his people in over their heads. His voice was like iron as he looked at Nancy "have Amar report on pour casualties when she has the time."

After twenty minutes the fighters began recovering to the ship. The damaged fighters first regardless of squadron. Then the BountyHunters, GunSlingers, Hornets, and last the the GreyWolves. Paladin was the last aboard landing side by side with Hawkeye. =^=All fighters aboard or accounted for. Secure form recovery Operations.=^=

Rather far away Jake Zempke was following the Talarian cruiser. He was cloaked and down to warp-4. The cruiser was in bad shape and the readings jake and his crew were getting he was surprised they were maintaining the speed they were. He followed for six hours before he was recalled to the Asgard. Everyone was pretty well convinced no one was insane enough to attack with a ship leaking as much as that one was. Ghost dropped his own cloak when he reached the rendezvous. Asgard dropped from warp only a few minutes away, the ship dropped it's own cloak to recover. Then was back to warp with their cloak back up.



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