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Almost there Part : Complications Part 1.

Posted on Fri Mar 9th, 2018 @ 11:50am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Commander Brad Talon & 1st Lieutenant Ryder Gawyn & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Petty Officer 3rd Class Nancy Luke

Mission: Mission 26: Let there be WAR!
Location: Wardroom Asgard
Timeline: 19 January 2392


Wulfe walked into sickbay with LT Luke, they had been talking about the holodecks being used as holding cells for the uninjured POW's. Wulfe saw Elisad and LT Lorix and waved for Luke to stop his report. "How goes the process here?" It had taken several hours to collect all the Talarians. Medical had seen two hundred and three of the three hundred and eighty Talarian's collected. Even so Security had a longer day yesterday then anyone else and their situation was ongoing. Wulfe made eye contact with Elisad, his feelings for her easy to read "How many wounded still in recovery?"

"We have six from our crew in recovery, and three of our Talarian POWs in intensive care. Once they've recovered sufficiently they'll join the twenty three in our secured ward..." Amar had to smile as her eyes met Wulfe's and they warmed her. "Lucky for us this ship had a rather large isolation chamber it doubles nicely."

Wulfe nodded "good I do not want any dying from their wounds now that we have them aboard." He did not even hesitate as he continued "I know they are getting the best treatment possibly but I can see an inquiry into every one of them that dies while in our care. This is going to be an ugly affair. The Talarian's will need some excuses for such an ignoble defeat." Wulfe looked to Lorix "So Lieutenant, how are you holding up, I bet you never thought victory would be such a problem?"

"It's huge Sir" Lorix replied. "But we have it covered. We've got three holodecks set up as holding bays. We needed the programming so we could use it to secure each cell in a way that can't be opened from the inside. One Holodeck can take 100 inmates and I've put 2 security on each door.

That leaves us with another 50 odd to house. We have our own Brig but that will really need to be available to segregate any problems. I've been looking at the possibilities and difficulties of maybe trying to sift some of the less problematic, or the newly healed candidates, in one of the Cargo bays behind force fields in small groups and hope that will be enough. I'll have to put a larger number of Security on to man those because they're going to be less secure and more liable to cause us problems that the more securely held 300 in the holodecks." She explained the plans as they had been forming so far.

"That all sounds about as good as possible under the circumstances. Still check with Operations about clearing a cargo bay to put all of them into, a place we do not have to depend on internal force fields. We still have at least two Talarian cruisers in this sector. They might return to SB214 or they might come hunting us?" Wulfe smiled "actually them being at SB214 would be problematic.. We might just go hunt them?"

"Unfortunately we may have to go after them. There may be a problem with using a cargo bay... No heads for the numbers. I suppose we could replicate portable heads but not the plumbing." Amar brought up thinking more along the lines of sanitation and health.

Wulfe nodded "have Operations and Engineering make whatever changes are necessary. We will close on the Talarians under our cloak. That way we can get in close. Just maybe they will take their people back and leave." Wulfe smiled his eyes cold, that is just wishful thinking of course. They have a warriors disposition and tradition. We are going to have to beat them down till they see the error of their ways." Wulfe shook his head "best we all prepare ourselves for the fight to come. Way too many people are going to die before this is resolved." Wulfe looked at the clock "I guess I will see you all back here in an hour for the planning meeting."

==A short hour later==

Wulfe was getting a cup of coffee when people began appearing for this mornings meeting. He had Nancy summon the Squadron leaders and his Security Chief Lorix for this meeting. He knew yesterday had been a long day and everyone had been working through most of the night. Still he had a problem to deal with and he wanted his shooters to offer some opinions.

Lorix reported in as soon as she was called for. Fortunately as fate would have it she had just stopped at the end of one project and was about to start on the next. It offered her an opportunity for a break but, well a meeting was a change and it was said that a change was as good as a rest. Frankly she wasn't convinced but she made her way anyway, bringing her newly poured coffee with her, hoping to get a chance to drink it at some point.

Talon, Hawken, Quinn, Gawyn and Hikomi all arrived more or less together. Talon and Hawken both got a danish and coffee from the replicator before sitting down. Quinn watched them with a bit of a confused expression but he got a coffee just the same. The marine Gawyn sat down beside Hawken bumping him almost enough to make the other Ryder spill his coffee, but not enough to make it spill. Hawken raised an eyebrow "seriously?" Gawyn just smiled.

"Everyone has arrived Captain." Nancy spoke as she took up a padd to take notes. She smiled slightly watching their antics.

Wulfe cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. "I know you all are aware that two more cruisers are not far off. They rescued the Admiral of the fleet we destroyed but they are not turning back to Starbase-214. Which means they are likely looking for us. We can not risk another deception like last time, not with their Admiral aboard to warn them of our abilities. So this is it, keeping in mind that our priority is recovering out Starbase and not destroying the Talarian fleet.. Suggestions?"

Brad spoke up "I have ten Raptors from VF-19 ready to fly, LT Quinn has eight Peregrines. LT Gawyn has all twelve of His Raptors and all twelve Razors." Brad shrugged "we could launch and give them a bloody nose, maybe make them turn back?" The four Squadron leaders all nodded in agreement.

Lorix looked troubled. "We know they have two cruisers out there, all fired up and angry from what just happened. Do we want to split up and send out our planes on their own in advance? If there are any surprises in their bag it might be us who gets a bloody nose. I would like us to be at full power and numbers to ensure we have enough in our armoury to finish the Admiral off once and for all. " she suggested.

Talon made eye contact briefly and spoke quietly "That is how a big ship person would look at the problem. We are a strike carrier though. Our strength as demonstrated in the last fight is in our ability to strike from any direction. If we stay huddle up in one spot we lose our greatest advantage."

Wulfe smiled "well what do you think LT Lorix? How many fighters would you consider enough to protect this ship?"

"I am, as accused, a big ship person" Lorix accepted and admitted freely. "I haven't served on board ships with fighters before so I don't have anything that would be helpful to offer on that. If I had to guess I would imagine about 25% of what we have, then let the remaining 75% do what they do best."

Wulfe nodded "that would indeed be enough, the Razor squadron could defend this ship from torpedo attacks and intercept bombers to ease the tactical response of out defensive batteries. The thing is though we have reason to believe their Admiral was on the shuttle that escaped. Which means he would be an idiot to not look for a tactic like we used last time. So we will use something from the Lieutenant's playbook."

Wulfe activated the holoscreen in the desk and added two Talarian cruisers facing the Asgard. He put their two squadrons of Vulture interceptors on the flanks of the cruisers. I would expect their fighters to be as I placed them or behind the cruisers. Since we hit them from behind before with a fighter strike I would think they are prepared for such an attack this time. This flanking protection is in a perfect position to reverse and counter a rear attack, it is what I would do." Wulfe looked at Talon "now how will we proceed. Since big ships can handle limited targets and I am thinking they will hold their own fighters for defense. I am thinking this way."

Wulfe let his fingers fly across the controls and his fighter squadrons appeared vastly spread out and layered in a spear-head formation. We will send the fighters ahead of us. Thirty fighters firing ninety-two full sized torpedoes then breaking away to port high, center low and starboard high. Thus limiting their time in the range of enemy weapons. Whatever is left The Asgard and the Razors will go in and finish off." He smiled at Lorix "keep in mind lieutenant our strike arm is our fighters."

"I will do that Sir" she replied, chastened.

Wulfe dismissed everyone from the meeting except Amar and Lorix, Commander Amar, LT Lorix please remain just a few moments longer. Brad, Ryder return with your tactical plans for the squadrons in two hours please." The Two pilots left with Nancy Luke talking about the things needed done. Wulfe smiled at Lorix "Lieutenant please do not feel upset, I was a fighter pilot back when the Federation decided to develop fighters. I have been around through that development and now they are an advantage. Many if not most people still feel fighters are nothing more then a throw away to buy time for the big ships. We have come a long way since the battle for DS9. I have full confidence you can handle this if you so desire. I hope you do not see this as a slight but as a challenge. This ship has decent firepower but the fighters deliver more firepower in a single area then this ship can. They are a formidable threat." Wulfe had seen other tactical minds argue this point since forever. Neither side was ever likely to convince the other. The argument would continue long after he was gone, but this was a carrier. That meant on this ship the fighters were a main strike arm of the ship. He liked his Security Chief and hoped she would come around to understand the value of the fighter group. "My door is always open LT Lorix if you wish to discuss this further."

Amar had listened as they spoke. "If you'd prefer a more feminine point of view, I'm available except when in surgery."



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