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Almost there Part 7: Medical, aid to the injured of both sides

Posted on Mon Mar 5th, 2018 @ 12:10am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant JG Anjohl Gaden MD & Lieutenant Jenna Cair & Petty Officer 2nd Class Varidae & Petty Officer 2nd Class Purrsephone & Petty Officer 3rd Class Josie Harf & Lieutenant JG Rico Demic & Petty Officer 2nd Class Gild Demic & Crewman Recruit Nurses/orderlies/techs NPC list for medical

Mission: Mission 26: Let there be WAR!
Location: Medbay-main
Timeline: 18 January 2392


The Asgard had not been hit too hard by the Talarian cruisers thanks to the fighters strike. Still, the Asgard had received several glancing hits and people had been injured. They were drifting in being helped by shipmates in ones and twos. There was no flood just yet, the Asgard casualties seemed light. The Rescue operation was just beginning though and early reports leaned toward a lot of wounded prisoners soon to arrive.

As with the old ship, Medical worked somewhat similarly. Triage being performed in the receiving area and even in the corridor. Since Dr. Anjohl had Nurses Pursephone and Harf doing first aid. Nurse Dallas was in charge of sorting the injured and tagging for degree of injury.

Amar looked on for a moment as the medical team showed its skills once more. "It looks like we'd best scrub and report into our surgical bays Anjohl you'll have bay two, Sol bay three with Simmons. Thunderbird you and Barentsz take four, Demic you have bay five. Cair you're with me."

The Bajoran doctor began moving towards his assigned bay. He wasn't the most skilled surgeon, but today, he'd have to bring his A game lives depended on it. "Nurse Chambers, " he called out,"you're with me. Let's go."

PO3rd Becca Chambers rushed after him to scrub. "Yes, sir doctor." The nurse was excited, this was her first ship assignment. She went in to help gown and glove the doctor after he scrubbed.


Varidae was working with Nurse Dallas, who was directing her from her hoverchair.

One of the Thompson twins came in carrying Elenore Magnus, she was thrown against a workstation containing beakers and test tubes. Blood was trickling down her arms, there was heavy bleeding from her wrists and glass shards embedded in the flesh of her arms. "Need some help here."

One look at the bleeding and with a nod from Dallas Varidae called out. "Gabby, Day take her to bay two."

==Bay Two==

"Yes, ma'am." The girls took a gurney over and waited as Thompson laid her down on it then rushed into the bay. "First patient Doctor Anjohl," Dayenair spoke as they moved her onto the surgical bed.

The first case was, thankfully, a relatively minor one, Elenore Magnus a Science Officer had been too close to a console when the explosion happened and her left arm from her elbow down to her wrist were covered in glass. There had been some blood loss, but it didn't seem too severe.

Elenore was in tears. "My arms, oh the glass hurts. Where is Max... why isn't he here with me?"

"I don't know PO2nd Magnus, we'll get ahold of him for you after we have you taken care of," Becca spoke with a soothing tone.

"I need him." Elenore sniffled as tears and snot ran down her cheeks.

"shhh." She wiped the tears, and mucus from Elenore's face then Becca loaded an ampule of metorapan into the hypospray and handed it to the doctor. "You'll be feeling much better soon Elenore." She spoke with a calming voice.

The first order of business was to get the glass out of the arm. "Metzenbaum tweezers, " he requested.

Becca handed the doctor the tweezers, then she got a receptacle to put the fragments in.

Gaden, began pulling the fragments out. He knew time was of the essence, there were other patients that needed tending to, but he knew that haste wasn't an option. He was careful as he pulled out each fragment he didn't want any of them to shatter.

Becca had forceps ready if any of the fragments proved too difficult for tweezers, the basin, antiseptic and sponges for cleaning the wounds. Along with other tools, an autosuture and dermal regenerator among them. She would hold the basin for him to drop sponges, and fragments of glass in as he worked.

He breathed a sigh as he finished, "She's ready to go to recovery now, who is next?"

When Elenore was taken to recovery Becca sent a message to Max Feldman so he could come see her as soon as possible.

==Bay Four==

Thunderbird was assisting a marine into one of the off rooms that had minor burns. "Doctor Barentsz, he has burns from the knee down."

"Oh, it ain't nothin doc, honest just a little spilt water." He chuckled laughing it off even though his leg was full of seeping blisters and red as a lobster.

Thunderbird helped the man to get situated then aided in cutting away the leg on his pants, including cutting and removing his boot.

"We'll I reckon those things are replaceable, leastways twern't my good'ins." The marine watched as the male nurse started to hand the pretty doctor different tools and how as she worked some of the burns faded to pink and other areas looked more angry red where blisters had been cleaned away.

With a jar of dermaline gel in hand, Thunderbird began to smear it in thick layers on the area's Doctor Barnentzs had already worked on preparing to wrap the marine's legs with bandages.


Cm1st Rick Snyder leaned and more or less limped into sickbay on Adrian McPhee's shoulder.

Varidae motioned them through. "Go to recovery room two, Purrsephone is there."

McPhee nodded. "Come'on Rick, let's get you looked over hmm."

Persephone and Josie Harf were taking care of the milder injuries in recovery bay two.

"Crrewman Snyderrr let us get you on the biobed," Purrsephone spoke rushing forward to assist getting him up and on the bed.

"I was in a Jeffries tube and lost my footing on the ladder, my foot got caught. I think I pulled something up here and my knee really hurts." Ricks' cheeks turned red as he pointed towards his groin.

"Don't worry we'll help you out," Josie said with a smile. "So I'll get an ice pack ready, you can hold it on your groin over the area that hurts while we take a look at your knee," Josie spoke as she walked over and replicated the ice pack.

"Will this injury cause any problems... I mean my wife is wanting a baby someday." Rick looked with concerned eyes at Purrsephone as she was running scans.

"It should not cause trrrouble, but I believe you should rrrest forr two weeks beforre attempting the activity," Purrsephone responded just as Josie returned with the ice pack.

"Now?" Josie asked looking at Purrsephone.

"I need the anabolic protoplaserrr to treat his knee and then an elastic bandage to wrap it in," Purrsephone spoke as she cut away the leg of Snyder's uniform.

Josie brought back the needed items and handed Purrsephone the anabolic protoplaser.

She took it and began moving it over the injury to take down swelling. Then Purrsephone took the elastic bandage and wrapped the knee to give it added support. "He'll need an ice pack for his knee too."

Josie went to get it just as a few other minor injuries were passed through to them.

==Surgical bay one==

Amar and Cair were ready in surgical bay one as Crewman Tori Higgins was brought in with burns on her arms and torso. "Get her on the bed. Tori you're going to be just fine. Cair I need a hypospray of Kayolane."

Tori had tears in her eyes but didn't cry out in pain as she was moved or when the doctor looked her over

Cair loaded the ampule into the hypospray and handed it to Amar.

"This will put you to sleep for awhile Tori. You'll have far less pain when you wake up." Amar spoke with a gentle voice as she injected the drug into Tori's neck.

"O..." Her eyes closing before she could finish. Tori was now out and in a deep and dreamless state.

"Let's get to work cleaning off her uniform, you cut and I'll start flushing the fabric away from the burns," Amar spoke as she looked toward the door. "Gabby we'll need a few stacks of sterile towels brought in here."

Cair had gotten the scissors and began to snip at the larger sections on fabric peeling them back from her skin. The scorched fabric near the burns sticking to blisters.

Together they used towels to catch the sterile water and bits of fabric and skin as they flushed the burns clean. Once the debris that had remained of her uniform were cleaned away, and the towels were tossed into the bin to be cleaned and sterilized the two women went to work.

Amar used the anabolic protoplaser to treat the burned flesh, as she worked skin that was raw started to turn red, then a lighter pink color surrounding the deeper pink to red where the blisters were worse. "Alright, Jenna apply a layer of dermaline gel then bind with bandages. The rest is simply a matter of time and keeping her skin moisturized."

"Yes, ma'am," Cair spoke with a soft voice as she looked over the work. "I think she'll heal with barely a scar." She began applying the gel.

"She might have some discoloration for a while, but eventually that will fade." Amar went to go scrub for the next patient while Cair finished with Tori.

==Surgical bay five==

Demic glanced over at his wife when Gabby and Day brought in the normally bubbly and vivacious Cm1st Lee Ann Russle.

The burgundy red head's face had a pale pallor of pain as she laid on the gurney. "It hurts here." She hovered her hand over her left clavicle.

After scanning he looked at the young woman's face. "Lee Ann if you were Klingon you could claim that you had a good night." He smiled and gave her a hypospray of metorapan to take care of the pain. "Gild if you would remove her tunic," Demic spoke as he pulled the osteotractor over.

"Sorry, I'm going to cut it away looked to be some bruising." Gild spoke as she cut away the fabric and exposed Lee Ann's shoulder.

"Won't be the first time." Lee Ann smiled feeling much more relaxed.

Demic then maneuvered the osteotractor over the biobed. Then he used it to hold the bones of her collarbone in place as he used the osteo regenerator to knit the bones together watching as a layer of calcification began to form on the screen. "There you go. Now you're going to have to wear a sling for a few days to avoid using that shoulder."

"Okay." Lee Ann blinked feeling drowsy from the pain medication.

"Gild let's get her moved to recovery. She'll need to stay overnight." Demic spoke as he left to scrub for the next patient.

==Surgical bay one==

CM1st Glen Brown was wheeled into bay one. As he was transferred to the bed Amar looked at him, his head was wrapped with a pad over the right eye.

"Let's see how bad this is," Amar spoke as Cair came to assist.

Cair used scissors and started to cut away the gauze that wrapped around his head.

Amar scanned and sighed as she did. "We won't have time today. Crewman Brown." She rested her hand on his shoulder. "You've injured your eye. I'm going to sedate you and do surgery to remove the damage and save what I can. Then when things have calmed we'll do surgery to repair it with an artificial cornea and lens, you'll have sight there again." She nodded at Cair.

"Okay... I don't have too much choice." He groaned. "At least it'll stop hurting."

Cair handed her a hypospray loaded with kayolane, giving Brown an encouraging smile. "You'll be fine." She spoke as Amar injected the sedative and his functional eye closed.

The surgery began. The cornea and lens of the eye removed, a then plastic was sutured in place in place of the cornea to hold the rest of the vitreous humour inside the orb. Amar then worked on the eyelid, healing the puncture. "We'll rebandage the eye with a patch for now... Once we see what's happening we'll schedule his surgery in." She nodded to Cair. 'He's ready for recovery."

==Surgical bay three==

PO3rd Mary Adkinson was setting out the try of sterile equipment when a patient was shown in.

CM1st Tim Jones was able to get into the surgical bay on his own steam, he cradled his arm against his chest a grimace of pain on his face. "I was sent here."

"Yes, please let me help you onto the surgical bed. Doctor Sol will be here soon, he'd just gone to scrub." Mary spoke with a gentle voice as the nurse lowered the bed with a push of the toe of her foot on a button then she went over and with her arm around his back helped him to sit then lay back on the bed. She looked up as the doctor came in.

"Hi doc seems I hit my arm pretty bad against my console when I fell into it. Not the most graceful thing to do." Tim said with a sigh.

It didn't take long, dosed with metorapan, and having had the osteotractor and osteoregenerator used, then a cast set for the next couple days to protect the bone as the calcification hardened Tim was laying in recovery. He'd need to rest there for a few more hours before he'd be released to his quarters to recuperate.


Josie glanced up as CM1st Owen Stewart came in holding a blood-soaked pad of gauze against his brow.

"I hit my head on an open panel." He mumbled as the nurse led him to a bed.

Purrsephone came over and scanned him. "Doesn't look like it was harrd enough to cause a concussion."

"Nope, I just hit a sharp corner and kinda took out part of my eyebrow I guess," Owen spoke pulling the gauze away to show the gauge and tear of the skin on his brow, bruising around the bleeding opening.

"Lay back, we will get the bleeding stopped then clean you up," Purrsephone spoke as she took the dermal regenerator from Josie.

"You'll need to smooth out those edges at some point so these things can be avoided," Josie added as she got sponges for cleaning him off.

"Yeah looks like it." Owen winced when the sponge brushed over the injury cleaning away the blood.

Purrsephone continued to use the dermal regenerator as Josie cleaned him off, pulling back as each fresh area was cleaned. "Alright, Josie take him into rrecoverry for obserrvation. Just to be cerrrtain therre was no concussion."

"This way PO3rd Stewart," Josie spoke and guided him by his arm in and settled him into a bed.


(OOC post notes
injured crew 30
XCM1st Glen Brown, male human, 138 lbs, 21 eye injury.
XCM1st Tim Jones. male-Human, 5'8" 145lbs. age 20 Broken arm
XCM1st Tori Higgins, 5'5" 143lbs, Human hybrid, age 23 burns on arms and torso
XPO2nd Elenore Magnus, embedded glass in arms
X CM1st Rick Snyder, pulled groin and sprained knee from fall
XCM1st Owen Stewart, laceration on brow
XCM1st Lee Ann Russel, fractured clavicle


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