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Almost there Part 6: The Search for a lost fighter

Posted on Fri Feb 23rd, 2018 @ 2:04am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Yukime Winters

Mission: Mission 26: Let there be WAR!
Location: deep space
Timeline: 18 January 2392

Danube crew:
Pilot: Silk
Sensor operator/co-pilot: Ensign Gavin Wade
Crew Chief/transporter tech: PO3rd Brian Dunbar
Medic 1: PO3rd Ralph Henderson
Medic:2 PO3rd Bess O'Keef
Security 1:
Security 2:

3 Perregirnes of 1st flight VF/A-219
Squadron leader Quinn 'Bulldog'
BountyHunter-3, and BountyHunter-4


When Silk announced she was going on the search for the lost fighter The Squadron Leader 'Bulldog' checked in =^=SAR Danube-1 this is Bulldog, Squadron leader for the BountyHunters. I have two of my flight with me to aide in the search. We are already in position to begin the search, do you have any orders? We have detected no warp ionization trail as yet.=^=

=^=Alright Bulldog, let me contact Asgard, maybe they can pick something up. Trail back and too the sides please with the escort. We are going to be concentrating on finding the Peregrine and need eyes and sensors on our rear and flanks just in case.=^=

Bulldog replied =^=Are you sure? You just want us to fly escort?=^= That made no sense but she was the senior officer. She also had a good reputation for SAR missions.

=^=Asgard this is Silk, got ionization trail but near last reported known location of our missing bird.=^=

==From Science station on Asgard==
Anlya worked the science sensors and they were right, no obvious direction, the craft had not been under power but then if it had been hit there would be debries or some sort of indication. It took a bit but finally she got what looked like a promising trail leading off out of the main battle area.

=^=Think I have something, sending coordinates and downloading to your computer now=^= Anlya called.

==Back aboard the Danube==
=^=Got it,=^= Silk replied. She switched back to the fighter escort.
=^=Alright we have a trail, moving out now, watch for any enemy movement=^=

Bulldog followed but he had no idea what enemies she was talking about there was nothing behind them except the rescue mission going on. Then up ahead at warp-2 they pinged! =^=Silk. We are seeing one Talarian Vulture interceptor ahead and one Federation Type-8 shuttle? It is registered to... Starbase-214.. I am betting the shuttle was stolen by the Talarian's. Guessing they are trying to escape.=^= His voice was dejected as he wanted to see his pilot not more Talarians!

=^=Got it,=^= Silk repiled. She focused on the ships but they were definitely headed away from the battle and for their section of space which would be coming up. =^=Think they are fleeing for home, mark the direction just in case. I will report it to the Asgard.=^=

=^= Direction of the shuttle marked. They are heading toward the Talarian border? No visible destination? I think we have my crew though.. They are closer to the Talarian's then to us though!=^= Bulldog was concerned and it was in his voice. To be so close to recovering his crew and the threat the Talarian's posed was obviously eating at him.

Silk tapped her fingers, the trail that she got was away from that and she turned in that direction.

=^=Asgard, this is Silk. Still tracking the direction of the Peregrin. We picked up a stolen base shuttle and a Talarian fighter heading away. Sending their path now just in case there is something over that way.=^=

Even as she was reporting in Gavin fed over to her display what he was hearing, the Talarian language being translated by the Danube computer in real time. Talarian pilot: I have the Admiral with me but he is wounded and unconscious. The Federation ship destroyed all three of our ships and we are being pursued! We need someone to come get us. Reply: We only have one ship remaining here. Do not allow the Admiral to be captured. Not under any circumstances. I will see what we can do here. I will get back to you. Gavin pointed to the screen "the shuttle is going toward the Starbase but the fighter is splitting away?"

=^=This is Bountyhunter-11, My transponder is broken, my warp drive is offline, and I have structural damage. Any Federation vessel that hears my voice I need assistance. I hope you can home in on this transmission as my navigation system is also offline, I don't know where I am or where I am going? I am at 1/4 impulse power but I dare go no faster. Honestly I am not sure what is working? My computer sort of fried when we went into a warp turn maneuver? Then the boat I am flying went into a spin. It was hell but I got us out of warp and dropped us here? I have been trying to reboot without much success. I have life support and impulse power. I have not tried to power up the weapons though? I am afraid that might drain too much power?" He started repeating his message, that lost brave but forlorn tone in his voice.

Gavar responded from the Asgard. =^=LT Winters. Captain says to use your own judgement, he has faith in you to make the right call.=^=

=^=Bulldog here. I think that Vulture class interceptor is going after my guy? Permission to move ahead and intercept.=^= messages were coming in on top of each other, Gavin was trying his best to keep them in order but it was like everyone in the room was talking at the same time!

=^=Go ahead Bulldog, keep them off. =^= While a high value target such as perhaps a fleeing admiral would be nice, getting and rescuing the Peregrine was her first priority. =^=Bountyhunter, we have you, headed your way, hang tight and be there shortly.=^=

Silk got the mark from the transmission and sped up to go to the aid of the damaged ship. Her escorts would go after any attempt to interfere.

BountyHunter-11 obviously was not receiving any input as he continued his ramblings, speaking of his training friends and home. He was staying on the channel in hopes of someone finding him. He spoke of his crewmen often and was worried about the unresponsive rear seater. They had been a team over a year already.

Bulldog and the two Peregrines from 1stflight moved to create a barrier between the Vulture and the location of the comm message origin. The barrier became a bowl shape forcing the Vulture to the center. It was a typical pirate maneuver to catch a freighter. The Vulture never tried to evade the trap and soon was forced from warp speed. The Peregrines also dropped from warp speed. =^=BountyHunters wait here, if he gets past me you take him down=^=. Bulldog took the lead as the other two held back. Bulldog closed in firing his phasers. The Vulture came in head to head without fear. As at the end of the skirmish just finished, the Vulture charged with no hope of survival.
The Talarian fought with a sort of suicidal courage. Bulldog never hesitated and never varied his head on rush. At point blank range he sent a pair of micro-quantum torpedoes. They both hit as the vulture had no real time to jink away even if he intended too. The Vulture exploded instantly upon impact. Bulldog dropped his nose and dove away accelerating as fast as the Peregriine could handle in an attempt to out distance the debris.

Silk continued on but hurried the pace. Finally she got the Peregrine on her sensors and began to flash landing lights. She figured that the continued chatter without a respond meant that BountyHunter-11 was not receiving. That did not stop her from trying to contact. As she got closer she slowed and got sensor feed on the condition of the craft. It was barely functioning. She cycled the landing lights using the computer in a coded manner hoping that BountyHunter-11 would get the idea.

He did not notice the approaching Danube right away as he rambled on still trying to reset his systems. He caught a bright flash out of the corner of his eye and looked up, that was odd? he was wondering what made that bright flash when he spotted the approaching Danube! It was trying to signal him.. =^=Danube I see you!=^= He choked back tears as he saw the lights blinking in sequence. =^=I am so glad to see you. MY back seater is not responsive and I can not see him. Please beam him out first. My boat is cracked and i advise you to scuttle it here rather then risk towing it. I do think my baby here could handle the stress of a tractor beam anyway.=^= His voice was growing firmer and steadier as he began to accept he was not going to die this day.

Silk responded both in lights and on the radio even though BountyHunter was obviously not hearing her. She noted the relief in the voice and indicated that she got his message.
"We have two to beam out, possible casualty on the second seat in the Peregrine," she called to the med bay setup in the Danube's back end. "Let me know when we have everyone."

PO3rd Dunbar spoke up "I have them locked on. I can bring them both in at once? The pilot looks decent shape but the other has low life signals, so who wants who?"

"Ralph the pilot, I'll take the other." Bess O'Keef spoke quickly.

PO3rd dunbar nodded "Transporter activated and will arrive in 3-2-1.." Two men arrived aboard the Danube. The pilot was sitting up on a biobed but the other air crew was laid out, he had a nasty slash across his forehead and a concussion, his left arm was a compound fracture and he had bled a lot.

Mean while PO3rd Bess O'Keef got to work. She visually assessed before she began scanning. Prepping an IV first thing. After insertion she started the drip. "He'll need a transfusion once we get to the Asgard." She then began to clean his head injury. "I don't want to splint his arm, the doctors will need to set it with an osteotractor. I'll have to stabilize it."

There was a soft groan from the unconscious man.

Bess worked quickly using the dermal regenerator to seal the gash on his forehead, she then used the anabolic protoplaser to treat the swelling. Once she'd finished with his head injury she gingerly positioned his arm, then using bandages taped it down to his chest to keep him from moving it until they could get to the doctors. Making certain he was securely strapped down on the biobed she now watched his vital signs. Normally with a head trauma she'd have the patient transported but right now they were some distance from the Asgard.

Bounty Hunter-11, Ensign Percy Sanders, stumbled as he tried to rise, he had some very deep bruises and had sat in his cockpit for a good while. The bruises made him start to stumble though as both thighs and his ribs were deep purple.

PO3rd Ralph Henderson began taking scans of the pilot. "I'll have you fixed up soon enough. Here stay put on the biobed."

Percy nodded, winced and then spoke softly "that might be best." he wondered how his backseater was but he just did not have the energy to speak again just then. The world was spinning.

After scans Ralph took care of the pilots minor injuries, "You're ribs are badly bruised, so are your thighs." Using the anabolic protoplaser he began slowly moving the device over the injured areas of the man's chest first mainly to make breathing easier. After a few minutes. "Can you take a deep breath now?"

Percy did his best but it hurt, whatever the medic was doing seemed to help but it still hurt. "Do my best Doc."

Now he moved down to the purple green bruising on the mans thighs, using the anabolic protoplaser again to relieve the inflammation and bruising of the skin and muscle tissue. After a few more minutes Ralph did another scan and pleased with the results. "Let's see if you can stand now."

Percy was not all that sure he wanted to try just yet but he did as he was requested and was surprised his feet legs solid under him. Percy smiled "you did a right good job Doc."

Ensign Wade was keeping track and once the wounded were secured he turned to Silk "lets get us out of here."

After she got confirmation she did a slow sweep around the Peregrine and made a face. BountyHunter was correct, the poor thing was barely together but it was worth the try to tow. The best is they would get the bird home, worse is it would break up.

She called Bulldog =^=How is it looking out there? We got a pretty broken Pererine here and going to attempt to tow but it may give up or if there are enemy still in the area going to blow the craft and leave=^=

Bulldog and his two wingmen were drawing near. He scanned the peregrine. =^=Just destroy it in place or we can. I don't think the risk is worth the effort LT Winters.=^=

Silk hated to leave the thing but the injured were higher priority and towing would be slow and dangerous considering the condition. She made her decision and called Bulldog. =^=Giving her a salute and then taking off, got injured aboard. You two put paid to her=^=. Silk fired off a phaser in front of the bow in salute and turned the Danube toward last known of Asgard. It was time to get these brave pilots home.

=^=BountyHunter-3 stay with the Danube make sure she gets our people home. We will be right behind you.=^= After his port wingman responded and moved away to join on the Danube's wing Bulldog switched channels. =^=Silk sending you an escort, thanks for getting my people home. We will deal with the dead boat.=^=

On the heels of Bulldog's reply and as the Peregrine formed a loose deuce formation with the Danube Ensign Wade shook his head and flicked on the speaker so Silk could hear as well.
--"From Someone at Starbase-214 Ma'am. The stern voice was already speaking "We will be able to reach you within eleven hours if all goes well. Plus or minus an hour depending on circumstances. Lieutenant, this is an order. Keep the Admiral sedated. Do not let him commit suicide. He must be alive to face a tribunal. It is on your head if he is not alive when we reach you."---

Gavin Wade frowned "sounds like somebody is not going to get a warm reception."

"We will deal with all that later, last I saw it appeared brave admiral was hightailing it for the border. We got a bead on the path and take it from there. Let's get our people back first."

Bulldog moved out to max range from the stricken peregrine, it was still fully loaded with six full sized photon torpedoes as well as a full magazine of micro-quantum torpedoes. They should not detonate with the Perrigrine's destruction but there was no sense in taking chances. He locked on and sent to micro-quantum torpedoes at the drifting fighter. It exploded as expected, the ordinance being destroyed but not exploding as it should be. Somethings still work it seemed. =^=Done is done, lets go home Voiceman.=^=

Ensign Scott Barby could see Bulldog grimace as he began singing in a rather good voice..
=^=Don't know the reason,
Stayed here all season
With nothing to show but this brand new tattoo.
But it's a real beauty,
A Mexican cutie, how it got here
I haven't a clue.
Wasted away again in Margaritaville,
Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt.
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame,
Now I think, - hell it could be my fault.

All is well that ends well Bulldog. Take me home sir.=^=

Bulldog sent navigation numbers and speeds with a time to go to warp, he did not want Voiceman to hear him laughing, it would just encourage the guy!

Silk went to warp as well. She itched to go after the fleeing ships but it would be stupid to do so. She would give what she had and let the higher ups figure it out.
The next thing would more likely be taking back the base and then they could go from there.



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