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A frozen welcome back home Part 2.

Posted on Thu Jan 11th, 2018 @ 1:18pm by 1st Lieutenant Ryder Gawyn & 1st Lieutenant Raymond MacDyer & Lieutenant Ryder Hawken & 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf Blackhawk & 2nd Lieutenant Chang WangXi & Chief Petty Officer Darrell Murphy & Vehno
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Mission: Mission 25: When lives are at stake, how can you say no?
Location: base hangar small craft
Timeline: 10-11 December 2391


Ranulf was having a truly difficult time waiting. They had the plan but ran into several snags. Hawken had finally secured a T-11 cargo shuttle mission out to a passing through freighter. It had taken almost two days though. From security Servek and Boston had monitored to see if any shuttles left the Orion sector. Bosun Murphy had watched from operations checking manifest of freighters for a container that might hold a person. Ryder Gawyn had kept Ranulf busy with holodeck training scenarios. The time went by at a snail's pace but it was finally here!

LT Hawken, 2ndLT WangXi, and CPL John Carter took the shuttle out to the freighter and picked up the cargo. On the return Jestor took the flight controls and Carter, in an EVA uniform operated the side airlock. Hawken in his flight uniform sealed up located the target and spoke back and forth with Jestor giving instructions and hearing speed and course. Shooting in a vacuum was much different then in an atmosphere. Trajectories were harder to figure. Hawken saw the work pod moving into the area. he took aim and made a few final adjustments then breathed. He squeezed the trigger and waited. There was no noise. Only the sensor array splattering when it was struck by the heavy calibur bullet. Hawken's sniper training proved to be as solid as it ever had been!

Mac in the workpod with Ryder Gawyn and Ranulf called in the meteorite strike! =^=base ops, we just witnessed a strike guys. We are here and can repair the sensor? Do you approve the workorder?=^= As expected they were given permission. The plan was working at least. Mac took the workpod toward the hatch Ryder Gawyn and Ranulf departed through the airlock and moved to the maintenance airlock on the base hull. Mac moved on to repair the damaged sensor once they were away.

Ryder Gawyn had some minor skills with hacking locks and Bosun Murphy had given him some codes to use so It was not big stretch he could open the outer airlock. Ryder lead the way inside the space between doors. Within a few more minutes both marines were inside the cargo bay. Ryder Gawyn moved aside as Ranulf took point. Ryder used the codes Murphy gave him to enter and shut down the force field in this area. Once done he called =^=Murphy anything?=^=

Bosun Murphy had several of the base access codes from working with the base's crew. He was on the Asgard linked into the base Operations department. As soon as the shields went down Murphy scanned the area. =^=I have her but she is not alone. Three people with her in a room a hundred feet to your starboard. Two armed guards outside the door. Good luck.=^=

Both marines were out of their flight uniforms with everything worn to get in here stuffed into backpacks by the time they had directions.

Ranulf began moving as soon as he got the direction. He moved silently despite the speed he was traveling at. Gawyn moved along catching up swiftly and was just as quiet. Both marines were in civilian garb and masked. They carried needler tranq pistols and left the cargo bay almost at a run. They turned a corner and saw the two guards. Even as the guards turned at the moving shadows Ryder moved to Ranulf's left side. Ranulf timed his shot with his lead foot hitting the floor, he fired his weapon hitting the near Guard in the throat.

Ryder shot the other guard hitting him in the face. Both guards hit the floor without raising an alarm.

Ranulf moved to the door kicking the guards fallen weapons out of the way before checking the door. It was locked, as he dialed up his phaser to burn through the lock he felt a hand on his arm.

"No killing, no matter what we see. No lethal force." Ryder let go of his pilot's arm. He knew Ranulf's psyche report and felt the warning was necessary.

Ranuld nodded and burned off the lock mechanism then reset his phaser to heavy stun. ducking low he shoved through the doors rolling into the room. The guards alerted fired at the motion and aimed to high.

Ryder was off to the side till he saw the phaser shots fade from inside then he entered low taking a knee as he shot two armed guards inside the room.

Ranulf moved into the room that would be described as a dungeon by any standard! He saw a well dressed Orion with an angry expression and shot him center of mass before he could begin speaking. A female Orion in a doctors smock stood over the table Vehno was strapped to. Ranulf shot the female doctor in stride as he closed on the table. Vehno was crying as he began unstrapping her.

Vehno could not believe what she was seeing! Even with the disguise she knew the body language, she knew Ranulf had come for her? The welts from being beaten hurt less, the bruises from being mistreated ached less as her heart soared seeing her marine pilot once more. "You came for me?" Once she was free she hugged Ranulf to her just to reassure herself he was indeed real.

Ryder closed watching the room as he moved. He pulled off the doctors smock from the unconscious Doctor and wrapped it around Vehno's naked shoulders. "We need to move Ranulf." Ryder began moving back toward the door. He called up the map he now had on his PADD looking for the nearest exit from the shielded area. He snatched the well dressed Orion's name tag, snapping it off the retractable chain it was attached to.

Ranulf helped Vehno into the smock then lifted her in a cradle carry. Despite her disheveled state he felt a mild thrill as she laid her face on his shoulder, snuggling tighter against him. He followed Ryder at a trot as if she weighed nothing at all.

Vehno felt safe even knowing she was still in more danger now then before. He had promised to keep her safe and even though she had run away he had come for her. Not as his property, she had seen past the mask the pain and sympathy in his eyes. He had come to help her, to save her and no one had ever even attempted such a thing in her life before.

Ryder lead the way as the alarms were singing. Ryder used the ID badge to keep moving bypassing most of the security measures. Once they left the shielded cargo bay Ryder called saying a single word =^=Clear.=^=

Bosun Murphy had entered the Base transporter system and masked this transporter beam through a dozen places so tracking down the real ending point would take someone very skilled a long time to back track the beam. It meant The three people being transported took a couple minutes to appear aboard the Asgard, and they were disheveled by the experience. Murphy just hoped it would be worth the effort? "DocMike? How are they."

DocMike scanned them and smiled "a little disoriented obviously but everything appears to be where it belongs." He looked at Ranulf "the lady will feel better after her wounds are cared for."

Murphy told Ranulf the visitor quarters still assigned to Vehno and Ranulf carried her away. DocMike following.

Ryder stayed with Murphy till Mac returned to the ship safely.

Hawken, Jestor, and Carter all returned to the Asgard hours later after doing a few mundane tasks. All in an attempt to not draw attention to the ship or crew. Hawken simply went home to his wife for dinner.

There was nothing on the News broadcast and Base Security had made no inquiries so the Orion's did not know or were still searching perhaps. Ryder checked in with Ranulf before calling it done. Ranulf was sitting in the living area as Vehno slept in the main bedroom of the VIP quarters.

Ryder Gawyn was the responsible officer and he reported the finished operation to the Captain. Bosun Murphy tagged along to explain his part of the mission. They were with the Captain more then a little while.



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