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A frozen welcome back home Part 1.

Posted on Thu Jan 11th, 2018 @ 1:18pm by 1st Lieutenant Ryder Gawyn & Lieutenant Ryder Hawken & 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf Blackhawk & Vehno

Mission: Mission 25: When lives are at stake, how can you say no?
Location: Asgard exit ramp to the base
Timeline: 3 December to 11 December 2391


Vehno was scared, she realized she had been afraid most of her life but that did not make her feel any better at the moment. She had been brought to the Asgard only a few days ago but even that short amount of time she felt her 'edge' vanishing. These were trustworthy people,trying to help her. They were kind and generous with no thought of personal gain. The Marine Ranulf had spent a lot of time with her making sure she was settling in and even tried to discuss with her what she might want to do next in her life! Too many choices! They even asked her what she wanted to eat. She felt as if she was drowning in sugar-land.

So she was here now in disguise trying to leave the ship. Ranulf had told her after her disposition and testimony had been given she was free to leave if she so desired. He had said he thought it best if she did not leave as she was protected while aboard the ship. Deep down she knew she could believe him. He had been with her often for days by then and he was attracted to her of that she was positive. Still he had not so much as tried to kiss her. She knew they had given her a blocker when coming aboard but she knew she did not need tricks if she wanted Ranulf. Another reason she had to leave the ship. She liked the marine.

She tried to slip past security but they were alert. They made her sign out. A Vulcan she remembered as being named Servek even spoke to her. They were actually letting her leave?

Servek saw Vehno and knew she was trying to hide her identity. He reasoned she was likely thinking she needed to do this to get off the ship. He also felt once off the ship she needed the disguise to get where ever she planned on going. He wanted her to feel safe to return so he spoke letting her know he knew who she was. "Vehno had enough of ship food, need a break with some junk food from the base? Here even guest have to sign out. It helps to give the date and time you expect to return. That way Operations knows to keep your guest quarters ready for your return."

Vehno tried to control her expression but was sure she failed to hide the shock he was treating her as just anyone else leaving the ship! "Ahh, I am not sure when I am returning, is that a problem?"

"No, it just makes life simpler for Operations. The quarters will be left in your name till we depart port. If you have not returned by then we will shut them down till needed again. Still that might be quite a while we have much to do yet." He felt that was safe to say, it was a general statement and it was well known the Asgard was being modified.

Vehno had signed out with a return date that night. She suspected that would make it easier for her to leave the ship without an escort. After all she planned to just disappear. She left the ship behind and even though she had only a short stay it felt lonely leaving the ship behind. She made her way back toward her old haunts, before the guild had bought her services. She had no family here, her parents had sold her when she was twelve. The guild had trained her to be a thief and in electronics. He body was the come-on to get her inside. She had never been put into prostitution, but it had been a near thing a time or two.

Now she had come here for information. She knew it must have been bad for the guild. Someone was going to die for mistakes this big. She had not been told outright but she had a feeling it had been the kidnapping of the marine pilot Ranulf that had brought about the disaster. She ad never thought about it when she was assigned his caretaker. Now though it was all pretty clear, Fleet Marines never left anyone behind! Now she was sure that was not just a slogan.

Her present problem though was finding out who was being blamed and who was being punished. Then she would know what she had to do or at least she hoped she would. If her masters were clear then she would likely be mildly punished for being captured then sent to a new crew. Her life would return to normal. If her masters were being the fall guys though. Then she had to try and vanish from the verse because her life was over. She had thought about staying on the Asgard but she knew no where within the fleet was safe from the guilds. They wanted her they would get her and being with the Fleet just made her a bright dot in a computer.

She found an old friend, one who she expected would not remember her any more. Between the drugs she would be on and the hours she was working her mind would be sort of mushy. She would still know the state of affairs within the clan. Keeping up with clan business was the only way to remain alive in this world. She pick pocketed a few businessmen types on her way to the redlight district. She would need to cover her friends time while they talked. She found the women she was looking for later in the night, between clients and bought her for the rest of the night. They talked and ate junk food for a few hours.

When Vehno left she was truly scared about her fate. Her masters had been blamed, two of the three were gone. The third was trying to weasel his way out of his own situation by shifting blame to others below him and Vehno was one of those named. That meant her options were all bad, a quick painless death was her best out. A slow painful torturous death was the likely outcome. The third was slavery. She would be branded and pierced and sold to some thug to be abused as long as she lived. She was pretty so she expected that would be the most likely outcome. The true masters feeling a small profit from selling her would help lower the debt from the disaster.

So she hid, trying to find a ship departing soon where she could get off the base. She was not satisfied with any of the options she did find. She had a bad feeling about each of them and each contact made her fear discovery more.

==4-9 December==
So she hid, trying to find a ship departing soon where she could get off the base. She was not satisfied with any of the options she did find. She had a bad feeling about each of them and each contact made her fear discovery more. She was getting paranoid and every shadow was beginning to be filled with thugs come to seize her. She finally decided to contact Ranulf, maybe he would help her still? =^=LT Blackhawk of the Asgard this is a friend who has gotten lost, please reply.=^= She got no reply and decided to go to the Asgard. She was near the turbolift when she saw the snatch team. She fled and after a few hours tried to hide as she was exhausted. She made a last ditch effort to contact the marine. =^=Ranulf they are going to catch me. Please help me! I was so foolish to leave the Asgard. Her voice was in a panic and her scream as the link went dead was pretty clear evidence she had been found and captured.

Ranulf had gone to see Vehno the early evening on the 3rd and found her missing. After checking her usual haunts he checked with the ship computer to learn she had left the ship. She was supposed to return that night but Ranulf did not expect she would. He was worried about her and went back onto the base for the first time since his rescue. He went to the Orion sector of bars and brothels. Despite staying out till nearly 0700hrs the next morning he had no luck. He returned to sleep on the problem. The next evening he went back on the base and feeling it was a forlorn hope to just walk into her returned.

The next morning after his run and workout he spoke to Servek and tried to get help from security. However Servek had no access to the base and the base security still felt the sting of rumors the Asgard had thought them all on the take. They were mildly belligerent at best and not at all helpful. Ranulf had a CAP to fly the next day and training after that took all day. The next two days he searched the base after he got off duty. He had a evening patrol to fly on the 9th and he went out with his flight. After all he had friends monitoring the base security net, if any mention of a female Orion was in trouble he would be alerted.

When he came back from the flight, he helped with the post flight checks as usual. He felt it best to keep busy as he was losing hope he would see or hear from Vehno again. When he returned to his quarters he showered and changed. He did not tale his messages till he sat down to eat.. He heard her voice and his fork stopped in mid air. When he heard the panic in her voice he was off and running toward the turbolift on his way to security.

Boston was on duty and he quickly checked the back log for any indication of trouble but nothing had been reported. He requested admittance to track down a loose crew member on the base and after several minor delays he was granted access. When Ranulf pointed out Veho Boston followed her as she frantically ran from her pursuers. Once she was taken he folloed her abductors to the Orion Trade house. It was for all legal dealings about as close to an Embassy as there was as any non-Embassy could be. Boston shook his head "LT Ranulf no one is going in there anytime soon. it would be like an act of war against the Orions?"

Ranulf nodded "I owe you Boston, big time." He laughed "if I am around after this you can collect." He heard Boston's words ashe was leaving Security "don't do anything stupid.." Ranulf was not going to heed that advice. He did go to his Squadron leader though. He found the two Ryder's in the observation lounge going over pilot records and discussing the pro's and con's of each pilot. Ranulf excused himself into the meeting and explained quickly "The civilian Veho has been taken by the Orion Trade House thugs. I was told it was like an Embassy so no one can just raid the place legally. I am going in Sir, even if it is by the front door. I would rather do something smarter and was hoping you might have a few ideas? It is rumored you have some experience in these sort of missions?"

Hawken thought back to Mithradium and nodded "Let us see what we shall see." He began collecting his work as he spoke. Meet me in the classroom we normally use." Hawken was already thinking he might have an idea but he had to check on a few things first.

Ryder Gawyn was sort of stunned hawken was so easy to persuade but if the Fleeter was willing to help he was interested in what the idea might be. Even if just for future reference!

In the classroom Hawken called up the base schematics and then narrowed his search to the decks the Orion Trade house was on. Their building went from the main office up two decks which were gambling and clubs. It went down four levels though which were cargo bays, two of which had a direct access to a docking bay. Hawken whistled "it is bigger then I expected. It is shielded as well." He pointed out the symbol at each level "and that is not only expensive but it takes a high level of accessibility to be permitted. What we are doing will not be seen in a good light?"

Ryder Gawyn nodded "how many people would you say we need?"

Hawken thought a moment and took a deep breath. We need a cargo shuttle to have a problem about here. Then I can take out the hull sensor grid for that deck. Three of you in a workpod. Two to enter and the third to make the repair and leave. Someone in Security ot Intelligence to scan the decks and locate her once the inside team shuts down the shielding. Then the inside team has to affect the rescue and exit say here? I would have four armed people waiting here to ensure a proper evacuation? Five to ten minutes would be all you had to get in and back to the Asgard. Then we lay low and hope they don't recognize any of us."

Ryder Gawyn whistled "now that is a plan! I think I can get us in a workpod tomorrow to inspect a section of hull we reported as possibly damaged and just happen to pass this location when the 'accident' happens. We can volunteer to repair the damage. I will ask Mac to go with us. I can get a couple tech crews to be here as you suggest. A half dozen marines should back down any thug security team. If they have any sense and enjoy being alive?"

Hawken frowned "No lethal force or we will be cooked, understood?"

Ryder Gawyn smiled "gotcha. So Ranulf are you in? This is on you, so you need to be absolutely positive you want this to happen."

Ranulf had listened in a sort of amazement. They were not only helping him, they had planned an entire operation to make it work! He looked from face to face in awe. "I promised I would keep her safe Sirs. I am obligated by honor, we are not a couple. This is not about my relationship as she is just a friend. She helped me when I had no friends around. She gave helpful testimony when questioned. I owe her a debt."

Ryder Gawyn smiled "then it is settled. Ranulf go explain this to Mac and both of you make ready for EVA. Be ready when I get the workpod. Hawken I will let you know the second I get the workpod flight time. I will go talk to SSGT Blayne and get some techs in position for the time we need."

Hawken nodded "luck to us all."

==10-11 December==
Vehno woke up slowly and her awareness was slow to take in her predicament. As the fog cleared she realized she could not move as if she was wrapped up? Then she noticed the texture of what held her and it dawned on her she was also naked! She was bound and naked and not at all comfortable. Slowly she remembered two men in front of her then the smell of a man's before she felt a sting on her neck.. She was caught and this was not good. She had feared torture and now here she was trapped and exposed.

"Ahh, I see sleeping beauty is awake." A voice sounded from an opening door and now she saw she was no longer alone. Vehno wanted to cry as she knew the face, it was the guild slave dealer. She knew her fate as surely as she knew she was not going to escape from her current bind. The word was if this fellow sold you it was no place anyone wanted to go!

Tre slithered across the room walking around the room behind her. He took one of his favorite toys, a small handle with a sharp spikey wheel. He rolled it across the bottom of her foot lightly, then across her calf and up her thigh. Over and across her butt, then along the curve of her lower back. Up over her ribs before circling each breast. He completely enjoyed her squirming form as he pressed harder in the softer areas making extremely smell pin pricks in her perfect skin. "Someone was very bad or so I was told. There was a mistake made and as you are well aware someone has to pay for such mistakes." He added steel clamps to each breast with no warning. Tight cruel devices that would only dig in deeper if pulled on.

Vehno was in agony but she did not speak, he wanted her to beg, plead for mercy but she was not going to. She did scream when the clamps were attached, those hurt too much to ignore.

Tre walked around in front of her "what no questions? Are you not even curious as to why you were chosen? Most people wish to know why they were culled? Are you feeling your own guilt perchance. Do you feel the weight of your crimes against the house weighing you down? He added a weighted chain to a loop in each breast clamp. Her screams were loud and very satisfying to Tre. "That hurts I know. Not only that but the weight whenever it swings will pull the clamps ever tighter. So the agony will continue till I decide to remove the cause. Now then, do you wish to ask why you were chosen as the one to be culled?"

Vehno knew her torments would only get worse and faster if she was stubborn. She had no reason to think anyone would come for her, no hope anyone here would aide her. Vehno looked up at Tre "Master why was it me? Have I not been true to the Guild always."

Tre laughed and flicked the chains attached to the clamps so they swung, bouncing into each other and closing ever tighter! Vehno screamed at the pain. Tre made eye contact his eyes were cruel and his enjoyment of her plight so easy to see in those tiny dark orbs. "You do still know your place least ways. You are right to call me master." Now that our positions are defined I shall begin. You need to be prepared for your future life." Then the pain began and seemed to never end!



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