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Moving Day, Bigger ship but smaller quarters?

Posted on Wed Jan 10th, 2018 @ 12:55pm by Lieutenant Ryder Hawken & Lieutenant Commander Anlya D'Tries

Mission: Mission 25: When lives are at stake, how can you say no?
Location: Quarters on the Akira Class
Timeline: 10 December 2391


Ryder set down the bag he had carried with him on the table in their dining area. "I saw Science was not getting a big increase in personnel. Lucky you." The bag on the table was filled with PADDs holding the records of nearly a hundred fighter pilots they had to pick from to fill their Aero-group on this Strike Carrier. "I am helping Brad so I will be busy the next few days, I will work from home evenings though if you will be here?" He knew she had a lot of data to transfer even if she did not have to add a lot of new people.

Anlya looked up and smiled and then frowned at the set of PaDDs. "Indeed, so much has been shut down for the move, there is little other than to ensure ops gets things installed. It looks like you have the bigger task."

Hawken shrugged "so it sounds like you will be needed at the office most of the time. Well I will be away a good bit as well. We need to recruit almost thirty pilots from the base and no one is happy about that. Since we got back from leave I have been flying with some of them on patrols. We will not be getting the quality we are used to here. There are some young newer pilots but most are the cast offs from other units. Some are good enough i think but I fear many will die if we can not train there skills up. A lot of the pilots stationed here are upgraded shuttle pilots I think? So you want to have something delivered from the base for dinner? We can at least be comfy tonight while we eat."

"Indeed, move to a new ship makes everything harder. At least I do not have to handle getting people. Your plan for dinner sounds good, go ahead and order and then if you can tell me more about the new flight structure. As you might suspect, it did not take me long to figure the new ship is going to be an almost mini-fleet carrier."

"True it is considered a strike carrier, enough fighters to be a carrier but still enough weapons to be a light cruiser. It makes for a truly excellent border patrol ship. Which is what we will be taking on." Hawken smirked as he looked up a Chinese place on the base they had gone to before. "I have no doubt you will find more then enough trouble to get into wherever we go." he pointed to the comm "Chinese? The usual?"

"Moi? Ha, not anymore than you." Anlya gave a mock gesture and look of surprise. "Chinese sounds good," she added.

Hawken ordered the food and paid. It was sent through Operations to their dining room table a few minutes later. Ryder walked barefooted over to the food and then got plates, utensils, and glasses for them. "If I had thought of it we could have gone to a holodeck?" He shrugged his shoulders as he began filling his plate "still it is kind of cozy just being here at home with my beautiful wife."

"Could have but don't need no holodeck nor forgotten ruins or gateways to another time and place to just enjoy being with you." Anlya winked as she waited for him to get his plate full before tucking in herself.

"Lets go sit on the floor by the couch? We can pull the cushions down if you feel the need? Time to behave like kids in our new apartment. You know I am looking forward to some straight forward tasks for a change." He walked over and sank slowly down to the floor. He worked out hard to be able to have the leg strength to make that look so effortless. "I have heard the Talarian's have recently modernized their ships and weapon systems. They are tired of being second class. They have a warrior culture mindset, something like the Klingons I have read. Hopefully we can dissuade them before too much blood is spilled?" Ryder smiled at Anlya "so movie? Feel like a chick flick or an action flick?" Ryder would never consider on his own his on warlike nature, he saw himself as a defender of people.

Anlya came on over and plopped down next to him. "Oh action sounds more interesting. I may not be a Silk but I cannot help sometimes thinking that I sure would like to be more action orientated. Trust me sitting at a science station and around a lab can be pretty bad for keeping the weight off. Now then, I wonder where did the Talarians get their weapons from and more importantly how they are financing it all. Sounds like a story there."

Hawken nodded and spoke between bites. "Sounds like you will be working with intelligence as usual. Hawken had never really liked Morga, but the big Klingon was not really a bad sort. Even he had noticed the sultry moving LTJG Vine, and he never really noticed women since he met Anlya. There were more new faces in intelligence as well but like security, intelligence seemed to be a place where transfers were swift. "Thing is even our 'allies' are hurting for money and resources. Cardassians and Romulans are trying to rebuild and both have large stockpiles of older weapons. They are just as deadly and many if not most are still in service on their own ships. Klingons are almost always willing to sell or haul weapons about anywhere if the money is right. On top of that no one knows what the Breen, Ferengi, or Orions might be up to under the roses?" Hawken shook his head "I can see how that might keep you occupied a bit." He smiled making eye contact "and when you decide to check on one of your theories I expect to be your pilot."

"And do not forget the Ferengi. The snaggle toothed bastards will sell their own mother, brother, sister, father if there is a profit to be made. Anyway, forget that stuff and let's enjoy our time and a movie and of course you know that you are my number one request for any adventure." Anlya gave him a kiss.

Hawken kissed her back, it was true. His best memories were his private times with Anlya. "We should have stole that Bajoran spaceship ya'know. Anybody ever suggests being married is boring I could point to it and say two weeks naked among the stars." He laughed "I guess it is just as well I didn't steal it, I would never say that and the temptation to kidnap you away would be too great to resist." There was that planet we made love in the pool of a Goddess. Anlya we have set a high mark for our children. I almost feel sorry for them? How will they live a more adventurous life then their parents?" He seldom spoke of children, he was not sure if he was even mature enough to father any. He did believe in Anlya though and when she felt they were ready he would know they were. She was the brains.. He wondered if he should mention the hair-brained stunt he had done that day? He decided to just enjoy the evening, when it was known he would explain.

"And you would have been tracked down and put into a Bajoran monastery cleaning the toilets and chanting to the Prophets for quite a bit. Nope, best just take our time as it comes and besides who knows what might lie ahead? Some hard times, some fun times but always exciting times if the new ship is anything like the old. Now on with the movie and if it gets too boring....well I can think of something else."

"In that case after we finish eating we should get more comfortable." Hawken removed his shirt before taking a bite. He smiled at Anlya scooting tight against her hip to hip, "whatever comes our way we will face it together." He had an easy confidence and his complete lack of doubt was just how he was. He had no doubts about Anlya or their ability to face and conquer whatever they faced.

"Well...." Anlya smiled appreciatively at Ryder's bare chest. "If we are going to get comfortable then it is only fair...." She stripped off her top but left the bra on. "Tell you what, every time we miss guess in the movie who is going to get shot, it is an article of clothing, game?"

Hawken nodded "sure, but I am not so sure we will reach the end of the movie. My bet is the first one to lose their pants will end the movie watching." Hawken laughed, reaching over to tweak a nipple through her bra. "I am pretty sure I will win that bet as I know my limitations. You lose your pants and I won't be thinking of anything else. I lose my pants and well, I won't be thinking of anything else." Hawken took another bite his eyes hungry on Anlya's breast over his plate. He swallowed and smirked "I might not even make it that long?"

"Well....," Anlya said a bit coyly. "It is called intermission, a break from the movie for a bit. We can then start all over again."

Ryder faced the dilemma he now had with the same honest determination he handled every problem with. His Lady was not only beautiful but she was also very intelligent. She was a trained counselor as well, in fact she had come aboard as the chief counselor. This challenge though was not about healing people but about deciding who would do what to whom and when. This was right down Ryder's because that was what made him such an excellent fighter. The ability to read body language and intent. So despite his true desire to be naked with his wife he guessed right time after time. His own skills working against him in a very frustrating way. Hawken understood the tone of the movie in the first few minutes and he had the characters down from nearly their first appearance on the screen. With each correct guess he became more anxious to be wrong but less willing to cheat!

Anlya was not quite so good as her husband, though she did give it a good try without cheating. Still she finally had him down to his pants when some character got taken out that she would never would have guessed. She turned to him and said, "Well, socks and boots are gone, guess that just leaves the off they go!"

She barely had them around her knees when Hawken pounced sort of trapping her hands as he growled into her belly. He continued his diving tackle rolling to the floor with Anlya on top of him. He spoke with his lips against her stomach "win-win is what I call this." He began kissing his way up her body as he squirmed side to side under her. His hands on her hips he pressed her body down across his and kissed her lips soundly. After he gasped "that game took way too long!"

"Ah but the anticipation was worth it was it not?" She said before she pulled him down just remembering to pause the movie.



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