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New ship, expanded roles to play

Posted on Wed Jan 10th, 2018 @ 12:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Brad Talon & Lieutenant Jenna Cair

Mission: Mission 25: When lives are at stake, how can you say no?
Location: New quarters on the Akira class
Timeline: 10 December 2391


Jack was almost three already and Brad carried him on his shoulders ducking through each door as they checked out their new place. Shadow dancing between and around his legs at each step. "Say Jack this will be your room and Shadow's!" His bed and toys as well as Shadow's bed and toys were already there. Sakura had said their stuff would be waiting for them. Once they had it situated they were to call Operations to have it secured.

Shadow jumped into his familiar spot on Jack's bed, he slept with Jack. He only used his blanket/bed when Jack was playing in the room. Shadow could smell the newness of the ship and the odd but familiar hum of the living ship. He laid his chin on his paws as the big human put his brother on the floor. The big human petted him as he always did when going away. Shadow knew he was left to protect his human brother, he loved having a purpose!

Brad put Jack down to play and shifted the bed carefully so as not to disturb Shadow. He petted the dog "watch your brother big fella." He left the room to find Jenna "Not as big as the old place but not bad." He found her and pulled her away from her task to hug her. "I love you." Brad kissed her soundly then touched his forehead to her. "With your bigger nursing staff and my increased role as CAG we will have less time to be here you know? We will need to make a bigger effort to have time for each other." A crash from the bedroom and a tiny voice claiming "everything is okay!" Brad chuckled "Time for all of us!"

"I'm going to need to get my plants organized." Cair was shuffling some of the crates that held her greenery, herbs, salad greens and so forth. "Hmm... oh yes that will take a lot of organizing at first then things do have a way of falling in place."

Brad laughed as he fiddled with Jenna's hair and her pointy ears. "You and your plants! Well have at it my Beauty because come bedtime once Jack is asleep I will whisk you away to the bedroom even if you are not as far along as you wanted." He put both hands lovingly on her face, a gentle caress of her cheeks and a light kiss to the forehead. "I have you my dear Jenna, I need nothing more to be content." His eyes held hers, his love for jenna pouring into his gaze "ever wish we had stayed back in the planet's time? You would be a queen there.." What he did not say was there would be no worrisome threat her enhanced powers with plants would be discovered here. He never mentioned it but he did worry. If they tried to take her or Jack he would kill many to keep them safe.

"I wonder if Swenson can put in a garden wall for me." She spoke as she sorted some out onto lighted shelving units snapping the pots into their holders to keep them steady. Cair's eyes glancing around their quarters automatically searching for the location for the vertical garden. "I'm happy to be home." She smiled at him. "Jack has more advantage's this way."

"Oh I don't know? I could have taught him to be a warrior, all the girls swooning over him. He would not have had the stars but s simple life surrounded by people who love you. Not such a bad life." As Brad spoke his hands started on her thighs and caressed up over her hips and around her waist to cup her breasts. He kissed her neck just below the ear. "Just remember wherever we are I am here for you." He stepped away looking at the room, "I bet Bill could fix something up right quick? He likes challenges like this. Maybe you could invite both him and Tarah over for dinner to talk about it. You have not had a dinner party in a while?"

"mmm Quite awhile. I'm afraid it might have to be smaller dinner parties here." Cair relaxed against him and listened as Jack was talking to Shadow in their room. "He's growing so quickly."

He is, and he does not seem as angry as I was as a child which is a good thing. I wonder if he will follow our footsteps or go his own route in life? He has a curiosity about the plants already, he may become a scientist. A couple years and he can start martial arts training and dance classes. I have seen him mimicking me in the mornings when he is awake. I think he will enjoy the physical activity. It would be nice to think he will inherit a peaceful existence, all the fighting we have done.. I just do not see that happening."

"If he's mimicking, you should start now. Form is important." Cair sighed and pulled away so she could look into his eyes. "It is hard to say what will be when he is an adult."

"Sorry Jenna, it sometimes hits me you know? I mean me going into a fight just feels normal sort of but knowing you and Jack are in harms way.. Well it is not the same. I worry about the two of you. I know you are tough and can take care of yourself and jack is strong and he can weather much. Still you were kidnapped right off the ship not that long ago and now we are going into an actual possible war zone." He closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against hers, "I need you. I never needed anyone before but I do you. It scares me like nothing else ever could." He pulled his head away and gave her that fierce smile of his. "Tonight you are going to wake the house." He kissed her softly, I guess all these feelings need channeled somewhere?"

"My darling, you know even on a peace filled world something could happen, a fall, a shuttle accident. We will stay as safe as possible." Cair smiled her hand reaching up to his hair as she returned his kiss. "I love you too Brad. I wonder should we have our bedroom sound proofed?"

Brad took her hand and sucked on a finger, letting his tongue swirl. "It won't save you tonight but I will speak to Murphy in the morning. Word is he has some experience in doing that." Brad heard Jack and Shadow coming and leaned back. "So what do we do before dinner?" Jack and Shadow rushed in leaping on the adult couple. Brad caught Jack and petted Shadow. "How about we guys go check out the ship while Mom gets her plants arranged and dinner started?" Brad looked at Jenna to see if that was a go?

"That's a wonderful idea." Cair spoke with a wide smile. "Any requests for dinner?" She asked as she scratched Shadow behind the ears. Tonight she wasn't going to be making a salad, her plants needed to adapt to the move.

Jack waved his hand "hotdogs, french fyes, and catsup!"

Shadow leaned in against Jenna to make sure he got his share of attention. "Yes Mom, scratch me there! Oh ya! Right there.. uhoh.. Tickle spot! Ohohoh!" His leg went crazy as she scratched one of his tickle spots.

Brad laughed and winked "well you asked?" He stood and moved away his hand caressing the back of Jenna's neck. He took Shadow's leash but did not connect it, he was well behaved in the corridors now. "Let's go you two give mom time to cook us some hotdogs." As shadow and Jack rushed toward Brad he smiled at Jenna. "Maybe some broccoli in chocolate pudding as well?"

Jack had some of his dad's quirky taste and looked back to his mom "Pleeasee?"

"Alright chocolate pudding with broccoli florets for you two, I'll have my broccoli in soup for dinner." She couldn't help the chuckle as she watched her boys.



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