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The Home coming

Posted on Fri Jan 12th, 2018 @ 12:36am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf & Lieutenant Roger Wilco & Lieutenant JG Dahlia Vine & Petty Officer 3rd Class Michael Cousino

Mission: Mission 25: When lives are at stake, how can you say no?
Location: Deck B: Intelligence Crypt
Timeline: 11 December 2391


Morga had arrived home with his family today was his first opening of an office for the first time ever. As he came around the last corner he almost ran into the new Chief Operations Officer. He missed Lieutenant Veral, oops Lieutenant Commander Veral and but we all have to do what is right for our career. He knew all about doing what is right for the Career being the son of an ambassador. “Oh excuse me Lieutenant Wilco, I shouldn’t watch where I am going.” He said.

Roger pulled the padd back he was studying, his distraction contributing to the near collision. Looking up a towering Klingon stood before him dwarfing Roger as he took a half step back, Roger’s familiarity with the crew still not perfect the collar caught his eye, clearly this had to be Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf. Roger extended his hand for a formal greeting before saying.

“Commander Harf, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, I’m Roger. We are just getting Intelligence up and running.”

“Welcome to the team Lieutenant Wilco, My name except when on official duties like I am today and any day I am near the Crypt, is Morga. That of course is why I am here my team should be here soon, which means it is almost time to turn to the Crypt over to us.”

“Absolutely, we will get out of your way as soon as we can, we are running our last set of diagnostics just to be sure. All your access has been enabled for you and your team, don’t let us stop you from settling in.”

“Very good don’t let my team get in your way either Lieutenant.” Morga said as he continued to his new office to wait on his team.

======Inside the Crypt.==========

Morga moved around the inner sanctum touching his desk, his desk, he joined the crew a few years ago but this was the first time he sat at a brand new desk on a brand new chair he used the replicator to make a Raktajino then went to sit and wait for his team to arrive.

"Why, good day to you, 'Commander," Dahlia said with a near singsong voice as she moved in, her step light and hands resting easily on her hips. Her long, dark hair was tied back in a simple ponytail, and she'd opted for the skirt uniform for a change.

Welcome to our new home. a little roomier that the last one, thought I guess most areas on this ship with be some what larger Lieutenant. Hopefully our stay here will be as successful as in our last home."

Dahlia let out a whistle as she turning in a circle to take it all in. "She's sure something. We better treat her right."

Morga smiled as Lt Vine turned in a tight circle. "That was the plan lieutenant." As he said it he noticed the door open again.

Cousino reported in to get familiar with the new crypts set up. "Lieutenant Commander Harf." He smiled. "Sirs" He acknowledged the other respectfully giving Dahlia warm smile.

“Welcome Home Petty Officer, did you have a good shoreleave?” Morga asked, Michael was very good, as were all the crewmen that served under him.

"I wouldn't say good, more like a complicated shoreleave but it all turned out at the end." Cousino responded. "I hope you and your family enjoyed yours."

Morga said “It was nice to have some time off with the family, now we all get to settle into our new home and workplace at the same time.

PO1st Patrick Wayne and William Trent stumbled into the room amidst an argument about which of the Nebulae they had worked had been harder to penetrate. Wayne looked up a bit startled to see others about. "Good day Commander Harf. Excellent set up Sir, I am hoping to add the Norway's upgrades to our sensor suite as soon as possible Sir." Trent nodded "hello to you as well LT Wilco it is a pleasure to be working with you Sir." They went to the area their old stations would have been and sat down entering access codes to call up their stations. Wayne mentioning "cool, all new surfaces." Trent elbowed him "of course they are all new you idiot, everything here is new!"

Morga rolled his eyes they were both interesting to watch, he knew from the tones being used that the argument was more just a friendly discussion between friends and colleagues. “Great idea they worked well on the Norway Asgard so it should here too.” He rolled his eyes again as Wayne mention the. New surfaces and simply said “Well it is a brand new ship Petty Officer Wayne. He said with a smile.

Cousino stood at what appeared to be his console and adjusted his glasses while he waited.

Morga watched as he felt official hand over of the brand new Crypt got closer and closer. As he waited for offical handover from Operations he said to no one in particular "I think this is going to be a fine enjoyable ship to sail on. certainly my first time on an Akira class. They're an interesting little battleship."

Roger approached Lieutenant Commander Morga, clicking a few buttons on his padd he officially opened the Crypt on the ship's registry.

“It’s all yours Commander Morga, I’ve opened up the Crypt for authorized personnel. Let me know if require any modifications or upgrades and I’ll get an Operations team on it right away.”

Morga was was in a playful mood and said “Thank you Lieutenant Roger. I know getting used to Klingon names is difficult when your also getting used to a new crew at the same time. I am Morga of the Klingon house Harf. We were a fairly inconsequential house before my father started working his way up in the Ambassadorial ranks and sending his children to help increase it’s power too. Thank you Lieutenant Wilco. I will forgive the accident this time.” He smiled and concentrated. =^=Computer accepting control of the Intelligence Crypt December 11 2391 10:00 Lieutenant Commander Harf, access code Harf Alpha tango two niner.=^=

"Apologies Commander." Roger shook his head in disbelief at the obvious mistake.

“It is okay Lieutenant Wilco, I know as Klingon in Starfleet after the Dominion War, I am much more unexpected than other crew members, how about we get this finished so my crew can finish the transfer of authorities and get logged in.”Morga said.

Cousino sat at his console and waited to put in his code and access the computer.

Trent looked at Cousino "You can login Mike, we are live."

"Thanks Trent." Cousino adjusted his glasses and logged in, he soon started watching strings of data scrolling across his screen.

Patrick nodded "LT Wilco once you leave here today you will not be able to re-enter without someone from Intel, the Captain, or the XO admitting you." He reminded the Chief, after all he was the guy who stated the obvious. Commander Harf the Crypt is live but we do not have the same processing power as on the Norway. Not that it is not adequate Sir, but it is about 75% of what we had before."

“Yes I expect most department are a little down on space, the Akira is a class of ship more aligned with battle, over the exploration science vessels. We have enough room to get around, a bit tight in here at the moment but shift wise at the moment we’re about double strength of once we get our first mission.” Morga said.

Patrick and Trent were busy transferring data from the Norway system to the new ship, checking firewalls and for any interference. They were lost to the world around them even to others in the room!



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