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Andy Ardvaroo Land

Posted on Sun Dec 3rd, 2017 @ 1:16am by Lieutenant Commander Brad Talon & Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf & Petty Officer 3rd Class Josie Harf

Mission: 24. Shore leave: another wildwest wilderness vacation!
Location: Theme Park
Timeline: 27th - 28th November 2391


There were people wandering around in character costumes that looked like over sized animals dressed in overalls, aprons, bonnets and even what looked like a platypus in a top hat. Josie was glad Durga's wagon had a harness to keep her little shuttle pilot in place since he kept lurching towards what would catch his attention from one side to another. "Oh Morga look a merry-go-round."

Morga thought *Let’s look around a while first* though as he was about to open his mouth to say it Durga noticed it. As he did the shuttle wagon bounced on the front end and he laughed. “I guess I know where Durga wants to go now.”

"Oh I want to get pictures of you holding Durga on one of those saddled armadillos." Josie unhooked the harness and handed Durga out to his daddy. "The big blue one looks like you can fit on it behind him."

"You would have to pick the blue one. You know it doesn't go with the color of our skin, though you are right if it is to be both of us that you want in the photo then it is likely the only one possible." Morga said taking Durga from Josie and waiting for the ride to stop so he could get on. As he did he said "Fairs fair I think you look good behind the rainbow maned horse with him sitting on it."

"Okay... On the next ride I don't think there will be time the first go around. When you take the picture don't cut off our heads." Josie grinned at him. "And I'll have you know that your skin tone is perfect with blue and every color there is. Except maybe chartreuse. Oh it's stopping."

“Okay Buggaluggs Let’s go, I guess that means we’re up.” Morga said with smile as he continued with “Yeah but you’re biased you’d say I looked good sitting in something that had brown and black stripes with white polkadots.” He thought about it and said “Good idea for a camouflage though.”

Josie giggled and with the camera hanging around her neck walked with Morga to the merry -go- round. "Here we are Durga." She smiled at her grinning toddler as he looked around with huge eyes. "Okay Daddy let Mommy take Durga while you mount the armadillo." She held her arms out for the boy.

Morga handed Durga over to Josie and got on the amardillo, as he placed the gentlest of pressure on the back of the seat it creaked and he held out his arms for Durga as he got settled sit standing behind the armillio. “Right I think I am settled now” he said.

"Here Durga time for a picture with Daddy." She handed him up to Morga then got the camera ready and stepped back so she could get them framed in the screen. "Okay say Gagh."

The operator laughed and said “Beats cheese in this case I suppose.”

Morga rolled his eyes but started laughing after the operator made his comment. “Right Let’s get this over with before we break his ride.”

Josie snapped several pictures so she'd be sure to get varying expressions. "Okay Daddy you can just stand next to Durga and make sure he doesn't fall off. I want to get a few action shots too."

Morga moved to lean against the unicorn behind Durga to be out of shot but close enough to stop a disaster by keeping a guiding hand on his shirt so Josie could get some action photos.

The ride started up and music began to play in the background, lights flashed in a display of colors. "Hold on to the handle Durga." Josie spoke as she snapped pictures while the colorful animal he was sitting on began to raise and lower as if jumping over unseen hurdles.

As the ride began Morga had been leaning against the unicorn beside Durga’s armadillo almost fell on his butt as the The unicorn moved in the opposite direction. He stood behind Durga and gently held him as the ride continued occasionally dropping down so he could get in the shot too.

Josie laughed then shouted as Durga let go to smack the armadillo's head and lurched to the side squealing. "Morga grab him."

Durga was excited and lunging when he saw a person dressed in a large cat costume. "Puffpuff!!! Mine!!"

Morga laughed and said “It does look like Puff but that is far as the similarities end Durga, you’ll get in trouble if you pull his tail and it won’t be just a quick scratch as payback like she would give you.”

"I guess you better win one of those giant stuffed cats. How's your throwing arm?" Josie asked as the merry go round turned around and she saw a game where you had to knock over bowling pins by throwing a ball into a ring and hitting the pin.

Hitting the bowling pins is probably better than glass bottles which I think they used to use on earth in the twentieth century.” Morga enjoyed reading ancient earth history especially of the twentieth century. “I think I am going to get plenty of practice in the next little while.”

"Yes I think you will." Josie spoke as they came across the view behind the merry-go-round. "Oh look a roller coaster. We'll have to watch that for awhile maybe during lunch. Durga is too small for that ride."

“I think Dadda might be to heavy for it!” Morga said. “Though watching it and listening to people scream. Maybe we can stand under it for a while and get rich.” He teased.

"Rich?" Josie quirked her brow at him. 'Oh we're slowing down. You wanted a picture of me on the unicorn still?"

“In old earth times people used ride rides like that roller coaster and money would fall out their pockets. Yes I want some photo’s of you too.” Morga said. “I still think the colour was what attracted me.”

"Would you like me to redo the rainbow look?" Josie asked as she got on the unicorn and scooted back on the saddle so Durga could sit in front of her. "Or I could get a wig for special occasions so it wont confuse the kids." She chuckled as Durga pulled on the reins trying to get the ride to move. "Durga look at daddy." She spoke as she tickled him getting him to laugh and his eyes to twinkle.

As the giggling began and the eyes twinkled Morga took the first picture. Both sets of eyes shined and twinkled in the photo. “I think the wig is a better idea as then when we have a girl we can she can play mummy dress ups by putting the wig on.” He moved off the ride to get some action photo’s from a distance so the ride could start.

The music began and the ride started up, the unicorn going up and down and the merry-go-round turning. Durga started to squirm trying to see where his daddy was. "Sit still and watch we'll see Daddy again soon." As they came around Josie pointed him out. "See there's Daddy wave."

It was a good thing Josie had her arm around her son as soon as he saw Morga he lurched towards him and started waving his arms. "Dadda!!!" He screamed excitedly.

Morga choose that exact moment to take another picture. He was a dadda’s boy, that’s not to mention, or suggest, that he didn’t love her just that he worried more when he couldn’t see his father as he had missed his father everyday when his Dadda was elsewhere on mission with the ship while they weren’t. “Looks like someone is still suffering separation anxiety!”

"Well we were away from you for a very long time Morga..." Then she laughed as they started around again and she had to get her son to sit still. "You have to wait Durga, when the ride stops you can go to daddy again." Josie held him tightly and kissed his ridged forehead. "Daddy should have just stayed on the ride with us sweetie. Next ride Daddy isn't allowed to leave."

“Peekaboo.” Morga said as the ride came back around “We better make it a bigger ride then.” He said to answer Josie’s statement.

After one more turn around the ride came to a stop and Josie dismounted holding Durga on her hip she hopped off the platform and walked around to find Morga.

One last Peekaboo and photo of happy Mumma carrying Durga as they came around to him. “Was that fun Durga?”

Durga reached out his arms to his daddy. "Dadda me."

"It looks like it's your turn. You can carry him for a little Morga, we're going to look in the at fishies Durga, we'll pass under the roller coaster on the way to the aquarium, then there's a ferry ride that looks nice." Josie spoke as she handed Durga to Morga and glanced around. "I think after the ferry ride we'll have lunch. By then mommy's big strong Klingon warrior should be hungry." She tickled Durga then took the handle of the wagon in one hand and Morga's free hand in the other.

Morga took Durga and Josie’s hand happily as they walked toward the roller coaster on their way to the aquarium for all intent and purposes looking a happy family, which they always were together. He was developing into being a very loving family man. “Sounds like quite a plan, I wonder how Puff is liking her peaceful sleep.”

"Puff will be happy enough, she's got that toy mouse that dispenses treats, and a nice soft bed to lay on." Josie looked down at Durga trying to keep up. "Let's put him in his wagon while we go through the aquarium."

“Sounds like a good idea, it helps keep him in a good way to get pictures of his reactions to the different fish swimming past.” Morga said with a smile.

"I heard they have something akin to a large purple porpoise here. It sounds pretty." Josie paused as they walked and looked up as the cars for the coaster were being raised up the high incline and the chains pulling the train of cars up made a chinking sound. "Looks like we're in time to see it run."

“Certainly sounds interesting about the purple porpoise.” Morga said then looked up and said “It seems we are as you say in time to watch a run. It should be fun.” Morga pointed out the roller coaster cars as it was pulled up to the top of the first hill the screams started once it went over the top and began speed down the other side.

Durga's face scrunched up when the roller coaster passengers started to scream and the loudest wail he'd ever let go of came out of his mouth.

"Morga he's terrified lets get him inside and see if we can calm him down." Josie spoke hurriedly rushing over to rub her son's back and scoop him into her arms. "Bring his wagon."

“I guess some isn’t ready for roller coasters then.” Morga said as he came running behind his family. “Personally from a passenger point of view I don’t see what was so scary I mean they know it won’t fall to pieces. Though if it does you don’t have much chance.”

"It's the rush of the ride, not everyone space jumps." As she spoke Josie wiped Durga's eyes and cooed to him talking softly and kissing his ridges tenderly. "Those people are all right Durga, I know the screaming scared you." Her face brightened as she attempted to distract him. "Look all of the pretty fishies."

Durga sniffled and with watery eyes looked at the fish swimming behind their glass tanks. "Fisshee." He spoke with a sniffle.

“There called orbital skydiving, I haven’t done them since before you told me we were going to be parents. I didn’t think you’d like the idea of becoming a single mum without my service pension.” He was happier being a father so he didn’t miss orbital diving that much.

"Don't get any ideas on starting up again. Not with your mother wanting more grandchildren." Josie gave him an impish grin as she strapped in Durga with his sippy cup. "I think our little warrior had a big day. We should probably skip the ferry ride and just go have lunch and return to the hotel. We have to catch that ride back to the base early in the morning. Durga and mommy need a nap." She winked at Morga. "We can take him to watch the outside movie tonight, I heard they have a huge screen set up and people take picnic dinners."

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Morga said as Durga yawned. “I wasn’t thinking of taking Orbital skydiving up again, I was just having a mental stroll down memory lane is all, I would much prefer providing my mother with the so wished for grandchildren if there yours.” He ended.

"They had better be mine although if something were ever to happen to me." She looked down at Durga. "I wouldn't want my children to go motherless. But for now you my big sexy Klingon are going to cleave only onto me." Giving Morga's hand a squeeze and wetting her lips before smiling up at him.

As she wet her lips Morga lowered her head and kiss his wife deeply and passionately.

Durga got a little tired of the chatter then the silence and lowered his sippy cup. "Dur hungee."

"Looks like it's lunch time, there's a little theme cafe over there, the wait staff are in costumes." Josie pointed towards a blue building with patio seating and people wearing a variety of animal costumes carrying trays in and out.

"Sounds like a nice place to eat, so long as Durga doesn’t find a cat to follow around for a few hours. Though that would help with the boredom, though a good rest could do that too."


0500 Josie was holding the giant stuffed cat Morga had one for Durga and looking around their hotel room. "Morga hurry Durga along we're due to beam up to that courier in thirty minutes. He can't play in the tub all morning."

“That is the problem for us out in space when we come to land and they have wet baths in the hotel room, some times parents come out wetter than the bather.” Morga said as he brought of an almost dry Durga while he was saturated.

"The movie last night was cute." Josie talked as she set out Durga's clothes for the day and packed away a few more items she found laying about. "Don't forget his toothbrush, he likes the one with the dragon on the handle. I need to pack it or I'll be testing new ones until he finds another one he likes, and some how he knows if it's a duplicate."

“Of course he does, he’s a boy. Their psychic!” Morga said as he went back to grab the favourite toothbrush and face washer before bringing them both out. He grabbed a shirt and changed into it quickly.

"Okay ten minutes to get to the transporter pads." Josie spoke hurriedly as they turned in the room key card. Luckily there's a station right across from the hotel.

“That was one of the things that make it so we could back here and up to our room quickly. We’ll be there with a few minutes to spare.” Morga said as he tapped his card to pay for the hotel room so they could get to the Pad on time to get there lift home.

They got to the transporter pads and after some adjusting of luggage and the giant stuffed cat in Durga's wagon they smiled as they shimmered away to the courier. Their belongings stowed away in cargo they took their seats. Durga started to wiggle around so Josie held him so he could look out the viewing port down at the planet they were orbiting. "We'll be home soon Durga, you get to sleep in a curtained off bunk with mommy tonight."

Knowing there isn’t much room in the bunks Morga said “It’s okay Durga daddy won’t be far away I’ll be in the bunk below you.” Morga had checked on the bunks and decided he would take the lower one as it had no viewing port. Durga like most children liked seeing what was happening around him. Morga could wait for a window for when they got home.



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