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Medical Convention: Intermission/Mix and Mingle

Posted on Mon Nov 27th, 2017 @ 6:18pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Anlya D'Tries & Lieutenant Commander Eve Coventina & Lieutenant JG Maud Barentsz & Lieutenant JG Anjohl Gaden MD & Lieutenant Jenna Cair & Lieutenant JG Sol & Lieutenant JG Rico Demic & Lieutenant JG Mike Derringer & Petty Officer 3rd Class Jason Thunderbird

Mission: 24. Shore leave: another wildwest wilderness vacation!
Location: Starbase
Timeline: 28 November 2391


Amar was glad when the intermission came, she was in desperate need of the ladies room. She was trying to go around the crowd to get to one of the side corridors that led to the bathrooms. Which meant, of course, she'd get stopped by a Telarite doctor. "Doctor Chiach, so nice to see you again. I enjoyed your speech on fundamentals of fungicides."

"Doctor Amar, oh yes, yes, I was wonderful wasn't I. Such a pity so many do not enunciate their words as perfectly as me. I swear most up there just mumbled under their breaths. Are you going to get something to eat? I hope they have decent food here. The last convention I was at the food was mediocre at best, barely palatable I could only eat four helpings." He snorted.

"Oh, I do hope the food meets your refined palate. If you'll excuse me... Nature calls." Amar said with a smile and a pat on his arm as she rushed off and down to the bathroom.

Anlya was hoping to get to see Ryder but she was waylaid along the way by a couple of others.

"A most interesting talk, however, doctor I wanted to inquire about an observation." The Vulcan scientist that had pretty much become a roadblock asked. Anlya knew it was common for this to happen. Why some could not further parse their questions at the question and answer but then sometimes things ran out of time.

"As I am sure you are aware of most pharmacokinetic programmes are based on classical and Michaels-Menton kinetics. As such they are incapable of handling power-law time dependent rate coefficients. How would you propose to change that?"

"Well, one could use a Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm."

"Interesting, but if I am not mistaken, such an algorithm will working well with the fractal modeling, tends to converge toward local minima when the initial estimates are poor."

"Indeed," Anlya was looking sort of around the doctor. "One can combine a simulated annealing algorithm to help explore other spaces or even a simulated genetic algorithm."

"That sounds most logical and useful," he replied.

Anlya nodded before he could get another word out. "Pardon me, sir, I see my husband waving at me."

"Oh, of course, thank you, doctor."

"...of course, skin slippage was known as gloving if it came from the hand," Maud Barentsz said as she sipped her tea. She had taken the chance of being out of uniform, instead opting for a dark brown skirt and jacket, a peach blouse underneath. She was speaking to the Betazoid doctor who looked more like he wished to run away than to continue the conversation. "For most humanoid species anyway. Although Cardassians are an exception. Skin slippage happens when the fat underneath the skin starts dissolving when the bacteria feasts upon it. Cardassians do not have that sort of fat underneath the skin, but it is part of the structure of it. So unlike, let's say a Vulcan's skin, where it can come off as a continuous stretch or, as has been seen on Earth in more...ancient times...a whole hand, ergo the name 'gloving', a Cardassian's skin can look like it is melting a-"

"Excuse me," the Betazoid said and rushed away, quickly.

"Oh dear," Maud smirked and sipped her tea, looking away. Now that would teach people asking her what she found so fascinating about her job.

DocMike was getting drinks for Eve and himself and he stopped beside Maud "That was rather rude." DocMike made eye contact "I meant the smirk Lt Barentsz. The Betazoid could have upchucked on you after all." He shook his head "I bet you made all the tough jocks hurl in biology classes." He shrugged his shoulders "I spent that time perfecting making home brew beer and wine myself." He walked on toward Eve holding her drink out to her.

Maud chuckled softly, watching him go before she shook her head. "Nah, I am pretty good at spotting when I am at risk," she said softly to herself.

Eve smiled gently as she took the glass, letting out a soft breath before sipping it. "Thank you," she gave his arm a squeeze. "Have you enjoyed it?" she asked with curiosity. She wouldn't use the word enjoy herself, as she wasn't a medical doctor and hadn't entirely kept up with some of the talks. but she knew this had to be a great opportunity for Mike.

"I would not say enjoy? I am here to support our team as we have several speakers from the crew. Commander Amar and D'Treis today Gaden tomorrow." DocMike smiled plus it was a reason to spend time with you. I feel like you are avoiding me, are my obvious charms getting past your guard perhaps?"

Eve laughed softly at that, her eyes shining with warmth as she pushed his arm gently with humour and fondness. "I would never avoid you...not even because of very detailed medical talks..." she teased.

Demic had his arm around Gild as they went over to the buffet to fix their plates. He saw the new Bajoran doctor. "Doctor Anjohl." He smiled at him. "Nice that you could make this conference. I was lucky enough to bring my spouse along with me." He gave Gild a light squeeze with his arm.

"Hello Doctor, they've had a nice turnout. Although some of the speakers seemed to drone on with a monotone voice as if they were even bored with their topic." Gild offered a smile hir eyes twinkling with humor.

Anjohl smiled back at his companion. "Well, " he said, "I will try to be more concise in my speech. I've rehearsed it a couple of times and right now it's between seventeen and twenty minutes, depending on how fast I talk. But, yes I noticed the same thing. Sometimes, I think we doctors are too full of ourseleves."

Ryder Hawken slipped through the crowd like a ghost till he reached Anlya's side. He slipped an arm around her "I got us a couple plates from the buffet over there. I got us a table near the buffet so you can watch everyone moving about. Ready for your speech after lunch?"

"Thank you, time to slip away for a bit," Anlya replied saying a few pleasantries to other attendees, and if a few cases introducing her husband. "I guess as ready as ever," she said taking a seat. "So what have you been up to while all of this has been going on, trying to keep your sanity?"

He looked around "Afraid I took a nap after the opening speech. I caught a little of Commander Amar's talk but it was comfortable seating and I was up in the back of the balcony section so I don't think anyone noticed. Pretty heady stuff your colleagues go on about though." Hawken leaned back to eat "I will stay for your talk after lunch then I am going to check out a base gym. I will be back for the close of the day's events. You want to pick out a place for dinner?"

"There is a reception afterward which I should probably attend. Free booze if you are interested?" Anlya knew Ryder did not drink much if any at all but still she was going to try to entice him. Typical of a lot of these functions is that there was always at the end of the day the 'wind down' and usually vendors and companies put on the 'dog' to feed and booze to help sway people to check their offerings out. Nothing, she noted, had probably changed in that regard in thousands of years. It just made a good business model. "Oh, there will also be various challenge games as well if that might entice you a bit more."

"Challenge games aimed at drunk doctors?" His expression answered her question. "I will wait for you in our room here, I think the jacuzzi will be calling me by then." Hawken was not social enough to want to be around adults acting as children. They were Anlya's colleagues and she never complained about his pilot friends so he would not worry about her friends.

"Alright, but if I win a couple of trips then do not be complaining about such behaviour."

"....and when someone inevitably falls, sprawls and injures themselves whilst attempting inebriated antics, we can apply some of the techniques we have learned here..." Sol said lightly with a deadpan tone of voice as he passed them, having caught what had been said on his way to get a drink, replying on his way back.

Hawken laughed as he turned to face Anlya "all the more reason for me to wait for you in our room!"

Amar went over to the buffet and helped herself to tea and soda crackers before she found a seat and simply watched the others milling around and talking. She saw her ACMO and motioned him over to have a seat next to her.

Gaden's plate was somehwat fuller than his bosse's. It had two large roast beef sandwichs, some horseraddish sauce, some hot potato salad, a fruit salad and a portion of spring vegetables. He saw her gesture in his direction and he changed his course and moved over to sit by her.

"It looks like you joined our crew just at conference time. I have to admit this isn't my favorite activity although it is good to stay up on new medical discoveries." Amar spoke as she nibbled on a cracker.

With the lunch break over the speakers began taking the podium again. There were those that remained and those that were leaving depending on the topics being discussed. Amar was growing weary and her ankles were beginning to swell. I'll simply have to watch some of the speakers recorded. She thought as she made her way out of the auditorium with the idea of getting her feet up on her mind. =^=Ray... I'm taking a break, be home soon.=^=

His voice was distracted at first after just speaking to Silk. =^=Okay was the event that boring.. Say did you speak already? Sorry My Lady I have been busy. Should I come by to pick you up?=^= Wulfe realized the morning was already over.

=^=I've given my speech, I'm just not feeling that well and need to lay down. You could come and walk me home.=^= She braced herself against the wall as a light headed sensation went through her. =^=Ray, come get me.=^= Her voice growing weaker.

Wulfe heard the need in her voice =^=on my way My Lady.=^= He ended the call and used a ship internal line "Dunbar ship to station transport send me the Commander Amar's location or nearest. It is on my call, cllear it with the base after you send me to her.=^=

Duunbar checked on the Commander's location at a medical convention and located her within a minute maybe a little less. =^=Yes Sir, I have her location at the convention center can beam you just outside the doors. Sending you now Captain.=^= Dunbar hoped everything was all right the Captain seldom took advantage of his rank like that. He contacted the base operations directly to confirm an internal transport ship to base.

Wulfe used a PADD to locate Elisad walking swiftly. He moved through the crowd like a fish in water evading entanglements and slipping past everyone with a polite "excuse me please." He saw her shortly closing to her side slipping an arm around her waist to support her "do we need a med station?"

"Dizzy..." She leaned heavily on him. "I just need to rest. Take me home." Amar's voice was still weak, she was fighting as well as she could to stay conscious and not cause a scene.

"Right?" Wulfe checked his PADD and there were transporter stations on this deck as it was a sort of upper-income sector. Despite what the Federation claimed the wealthy still had their privileges. He scooped Elisad into a cradle placing her head on his shoulder. "You rest and I will get you back to the ship." Wulfe worked out daily and he ran with the fighter pilots twice a week at least so he was still in good condition. Still he had not carried anyone a great distance in quite some time and he was trying not to jostle her so he was beginning to sweat and show some signs of exertion by the time he reached the transporter stations. He realized he needed to work his upper body harder as he stepped into the transporter.

"This is Captain Wulfe of the Asgard" He loaded in his clearance codes. When the green light appeared letting him know he was approved for use "Captain Wulfe and commander Amar to the *Asgard* sick bay. Inform the staff on duty the XO needs checked on, she is faint and weak." He felt her body stiffen in protest and he kissed her, stealing away her initial verbal protest. "You My Lady are too close to the situation to be considered an impartial judge. Besides if they check you out maybe you just need something to eat to raise your blood sugar? or maybe you are right your blood pressure dropped and you need a rest. Best to know for sure."

Amar sighed and conceded to his wishes this time. "I suppose I can sleep on a biobed." Her head felt like it was spinning and nausea churned again in her stomach.

Cair was surprised when they were notified Amar was being brought in. "Thunderbird get ready. Better get an IV set up I know she's been having problems morning sickness."

"I'll be ready." He dashed off to hang a bag of saline, glucose and electrolyte solution.

They appeared at the door of the Asgard medbay before Wulfe could reply. He carried her into the main area and laid her on a biobed "Jenna, she is nauseous and dizzy." He noticed the other nurse "Hello Jason, sorry i ruined your boring evening." He backed out of the way but held Elisad's hand. So he was not really all that far away. "I think we can get you released to sleep in our own bed Commander, but I think you will sleep better with some chemical balancing."

"It will be better once I get past the first trimester." Amar offered him a smile.

"Right." Cair spoke and gave the captain a little wink. "Commander we'll get this IV set up... Now have you eaten anything today?"

"A couple soda crackers and tea but it isn't sitting well." Amar confessed. "I couldn't handle even looking at food this morning."

"Have you used the anti nausea hypo?" She asked as she was making notes. Cair decided she'd leave a note for Doctor Sol to check on her.

"Yes. I don't think it's working that well." Amar spoke and winced in surprise as Thunderbird hooked her up to the IV.

"Sorry ma'am, I didn't want to interrupt." He smiled and taped the tube down.

Wulfe frowned he was so busy with Silk's problem he had not gone to meet her for lunch, missed her dissertation, and he felt like he was neglecting her. "I guess it was partly my fault, I did not meet her for lunch." He had not planned with her to attend but he had meant to anyway. Now he felt guilty because if she had eaten something for lunch she might not be so miserable now.

"Ray... it's just the pregnancy." Amar squeezed his hand. "Whether you were with me or not it wouldn't have mattered, I just don't feel up to eating much and if I do I get sick. This will pass, it isn't permanent."

Wulfe sat in a chair provided by Jason, his defeat in his eyes. He knew it was her pregnancy but it bothered him just the same. "I will be there all night once they release you Elisad. The next few days though I will not be able to promise how much time I will have. We have an incident and I need to stay on top of it. I have our people running the show so I am confident of the outcome." He had said more then he intended to and hoped she did not feel inclined to press for more right now.

"An incident, did someone get hurt?" She asked blinking to fight the fatigue that was lulling her to sleep. "It's alright my love, I don't need constant care. I'll just delegate more to my staff until the worse of this is over."

Shaking his head "no one is hurt, at least not yet. I am on top of the situation and it should be resolved in a few days. You rest and relax, I will make sure you see the full report before I log it in. It is nothing you need worry about although I will be borrowing your Doctor Derringer for a day or so. The one who calls himself DocMike."

"That will be fine, we are parked after all." She yawned still feeling tired but not as weak. "When the IV is finished I want to go home to bed."

Wulfe nodded "yes My Lady I will take you home as soon as Jenna clears you."



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