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Medical convention: Amar Addresses the Conference

Posted on Mon Nov 27th, 2017 @ 6:16pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD

Mission: 24. Shore leave: another wildwest wilderness vacation!
Location: Starbase
Timeline: 28 November 2391


After the opening ceremonies and introductions of the first three speakers sitting on the stage beside the podium the applause was allowed to die down before the first speaker stood and approached. He was the base Chief medical officer and he spoke of logistics. He had seen the list of topics and had decided to not compete in the learned dissertations offered. Instead he spoke of the need to encourage young minds to join their profession. he spoke of the problems on Bellatrix and other hot spots in the sector. His speech got little applause but it did make most everyone think about the future. His was a short speech as he had intended.

The celebrity announcer came forward and thanked the Doctor for his insights into the need of more medical professionals. He then waved Elisad forward "Our next speaker needs no real introduction. Her, and her staff have done amazing things in the name of starfleet medicine so I present to you Doctor Elisad Amar of the USS Asgard. I will allow her to introduce her topic herself." The applause was greater then for the Base Chief who was as much a politician as a doctor. Elisad was one of their own and they appreciated that fact.

Amar stood and nodded to those present she walked up to the podium and using a step behind the stand to stand on she adjusted the microphone and smiled her eyes looking out at the audience. "Today I would like to speak about treating recurring pain, specifically the
Percutaneous Neurolysis with Continuous Radiofrequency Energy for the Treatment of Symptomatic Sacroiliac Joints: Study of Clinical Safety and Efficacy , I understand those that suffer recurring pain after degeneration or injury to L5 to S1 have had some success concerning pain reduction and mobility with this treatment."

Amar then looked at her notes."As you are aware the Sacroiliac joint is a diarthrosis between the sacral and the iliac bones which consists of two parts. An articular surface with synovial capsule located anterior and the sacral tuberosity located posterior in most humanoid races, although it can run lower on Caitians and other humanoid races with tails with ligaments in that region.."

The mic squealed so Amar paused again adjusted her microphone before continuing. "The sacroiliac joint accounts for approximately one third of chronic low back pain or upper buttock pain cases. Sacroiliac joint pain originates either from the joint itself or from extraarticular structures such as ligaments. The ligaments include the interosseous, short posterior and the long posterior sacroiliac ligaments. Innervation to the sacroiliac joint is provided by sensory fibers from the lateral branch nerves of S1, S2 and S3 posterior rami and the L5 posterior ramus. Patients complain of unilateral or bilateral low back or upper buttock pain that is exacerbated with manual tests which include compression, distraction and torsion of the joint while clinical diagnosis is based on exclusion of other low back pain causes. Now to treat it."

"When traditional therapeutic armamentarium which includes conservative therapy such as antiinflammatory and analgesic drugs, physiotherapy, intra-articular injections with a mixture of long acting corticosteroid and local anesthetic, are found to be ineffective then percutaneous neurolysis using cryoablation or RF ablation and minimally invasive or surgical fixation techniques are required." Amar paused and sipped from a glass of water that sat on the podium.

"The drawback to this treatment would be a lessening of mobility for the patient if the wrong nerve fibers are destroyed. To avoid this I use nanosurgeons equipped with electrodes to deliver the radio waves." She smiled and continued after glancing again at her notes. "The objectives are to eliminate pain, reduce recurrence by selectively destroying pain fibers without inducing excessive sensory loss, motor dysfunction, or other complications. The use of Cooled radiofrequency denervation allows for treatment of a larger area with less tissue damage. Procedures utilizing this alternative treatment include SI joint denervation and denervation of the facet joints." She glanced at the audience then the chronometer hoping she didn't put anyone to sleep.

"A significant pain reduction and mobility improvement effect are reported when a pulsed radiofrequency mode has been used in sacroiliac joint as well. This is an alternative for pain management offering control without significant damage to nervous tissue and without the risk of motor deficit. The technique uses pulses of RF energy aiming at localized voltage fluctuations without excessive heating. Using pulsed radiofrequency, neuromodulation rather than neurodestruction inhibits the evoked synaptic activity. The probe is attached by the nano surgeons and an implanted pulse emitter controls the radiofrequency." Amar glanced again her allotted time was nearly up.

"In closing Percutaneous neurolysis with continuous or pulsed radiofrequency energy seems a safe and efficient technique for the treatment of symptomatic, sacro-illiac joints resulting in significant pain reduction and mobility improvement. Proper patient selection is prerequisite for a higher success rate. Test results and documentation are available to upload under Amar sacroiliac results. Thank you for your time." She smiled and stepped down from the podium to allow the next speaker access.

The audience of doctors appreciated her findings, and the applause for the content of her Observations was loud and long. She had warmed the crowd for the next speaker on viral infections. The enthusiasm lasted through the next speaker and into the hall as the Doctors discussed Elisad's observations. The Base Chief medical officer was pleased the convention was looking like a success.

Demic sat with Gild next to him as his guest. He smiled as he watched Amar's finish. "I remember that repair job." He whispered in her ear.

"Rico." She admonished him for his choice of words. "Yes the surgery was remarkable, and you were part of the physical therapy team." Gild's held his hand, hir thumb circling his palm. "You and your magic fingers."

He grinned and whispered in hir ear. "When we get back to our room, I'll show you just how magical they can be." Demic wiggled his brows at hir forcing Gild to cover her mouth and cover up hir giggle with a cough.



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