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I Suppose it's Time Part 1.

Posted on Sun Dec 3rd, 2017 @ 1:26am by Petty Officer 2nd Class Purrsephone & Petty Officer 3rd Class R'Sohl
Edited on on Sun Dec 3rd, 2017 @ 1:27am

Mission: 24. Shore leave: another wildwest wilderness vacation!
Location: Asgard/Starbase
Timeline: 29th, 30th November 2391


Purrsephone looked around at the chaos her now full grown rabbits had caused. They had found a way out of their pen and decided the sofa was the perfect place to gnaw and wear their incisors down scattering stuffing, fabric and bits of wood around the room. Sighing with her hands on her hips. "I think it's time I find anotherr home forrr at least thrree of you."

R'Sohl wasn't far behind her when they came out as he'd heard the suspicious silence and then gnawing sounds same as she had. "Guess it's time forr the youngsterrs to leave the nest?" he asked, nuzzling Purrsephone a little as he stepped up behind her, looking over her shoulder as he glanced around at the carnage the little things had wrought upon the room.

Purrsephone leaned back with a sigh. "Hopefully the base has a petting zoology lab that childrren can visit. I know little ones like holding them and the bunnies do like the attention." She stooped down and scooped one up that came to nibble at her toes. "I will miss them but they arre getting to be too much a handful."

Holding her from behind, he watched the bunnies with her. "I'm surre the Starrbase will have a place for them Purrsephone." He remarked gently, nuzzling her neck a little as he knew she liked the touch, and he'd learned most girls enjoyed the touch when they were feeling a bit down. He let her pick up the one and as Purrsephone held the bunny, he gently rubbed her shoulders. "We'll both miss them mate." he reassured her, "they were your babies and it's hard to let them go."

"It is... but they would like morre attention than I can give them all." As she spoke she nuzzled the rabbit in her arms. They were all quite large now and getting very heavy. "They arrre no longerrr babies." Purrsephone leaned into R'Sohl. "Let's get these bunnies back in theirr pen so we can go back to bed."

"They cerrtainly have grrown," R'Sohl remarked as he held Purr a bit more, before giving her a kiss, and going to grab one of the rabbits. As he picked up the rabbit he smiled at Purrsephone. "You know, sometimes I find it rratherr amusing that two apex prredatorrs arre rraising what is to my underrstanding a rratherr prrolific prrey species on earrth." He paused, "Just an amusing obserrvation Purr. I could neverr eat these cute little things ... too much furr." he said, making a bit of a joke.

"I would rratherrr eat fish or fowl than beast." Purrsephone said with a giggle. "They werre nearr death when I found them. The waterrrs had been contaminated so the animals werre dehydrrated. They arre verry cuddly though."

"They certainly are cuddly," R'Sohl remarked, gently petting the rabbit who seemed content to held. "My parents were ranchers so I grew up on red meat." He picked up a second rabbit who seemed a bit fussy. "What planet was that?"

"It was Rrakal in Carrrdassian space. We werre called in to help with the prroblem. I brrought them home with me and took carre of them." Purrsephone looked at their pen. "Ahh herre they chewed the wirrre. I will replicate a new panel."

"Haven't hearrd of it. But then again, I wasn't on away teams half the time," R'Sohl remarked jokingly. "Was the contamination caused by the Carrdassian's? Mining activities? Or just bad waste management prractices?"


After the pen was fixed and root vegetables and greens were put in the pen Purrsephone smiled her tail swaying slowly as she made her way back into R'Sohl's arms. "Have I told you yet today how much I love you?

R'Sohl purred as Purrsephone slinked towards him, that sexy little walk that only a Cait could manage. He kissed her on the forehead as she wrapped her arms around him, "I always enjoy being told mate," R'Sohl said, purring back. "I neverr tirre of yourr gentle voice." he remarked, nuzzling her cheek.

"murrrr" She moaned rubbing his cheek with hers. "I love you R'Sohl, now we still have a few hourrs beforre it's officially morrning. Let's rreturn to bed." As she spoke she rubbed her body against his. "I have a strrong empty ache forrr my mate to fill."

R'Sohl kissed his mate. "I think I can fill that empty ache loverr." Pulling her close, he held her there for a minute before slowly leading them back to their bed. He tenderly kissed her, "Purrsephone."

She opened her lips to his kisses, licking as she did. Stroking his head and ears as she sat on the side of their bed. There were no clothes to hinder them as they had been sleeping naked. Purrsephone loved to fall asleep stroking R'Sohl's fur.

R'Sohl wasn't about stop his mate if she was in the mood to get a little closer before the day started. Nuzzling her as she stroked his head and ears, R'Sohl caressed her sides and hips, enjoying the lithe figure of his mate. He loved everything about her, her smile, her sense of humor, her catlike grace, and her figure. He purred into her ear as he pulled her down with him, "How would my mate like herr ache filled.?"

Purrsephone's soft purr rumbled in her chest as she kissed and nibbled along his jaw. "I will need show you." She whispered and separated from him to kneel then lay her head down on the bed, her tail swaying in the air, with her bottom up. "Like this."

R'Sohl watched as Purrsephone pulled away, expecting she would find some position on her side or back to entice him to follow, but instead was a bit surprised when she knelt on the bed as she did, bum up in the air, head down, tail gently twitching. It was a position the two almost never used, the face to face contact of other positions felt more intimate, closer somehow when they made love. This by contrast felt more raw, more feral then the others, a position one assumed when one wished to procreate, to produce offspring, and R'Sohl knew that was a ways off, or so he had assumed. Had the impending loss of her bunnies, her babies, somehow changed that desire in her?

R'Sohl knew procreation would come in time when they were ready but if his mate felt in this sort of mood, he would oblige her wishes. Purring, he moved behind her, gently pushing her tail to the side so as not to pinch it as he prepared to mount her. "Purr," he gently whispered in her ear as he shifted into position, "You wish this? Not a morre intimate position? One wherre we can be close and nuzzle as we make love?"

"This now, we can cuddle and nuzzle afterrwarrrds." Purrsephone pushed her bottom back to him. The purring rumble in her chest deepened into a low growl of need. "R'Sohl..."

R'Sohl knew the low growl of his mate, the time for talk was past. "Yes Mate?" R'Sohl asked tho, gently rubbing her rump as she pushed back against him. He didn't make her wait though as he carefully mounted Purr, entering the love of his life, nuzzling her back. He knew that Purr would set the pace, especially in a mood like this, so paused for a moment.

With a soft moan of satisfaction when he entered her Purrsephone rocked a gentle motion with a sway to her hips. She felt the build up of need causing her to rock back into him with more force. Her hands fisting into the bedclothes with her claws piercing the fabrics to brace herself.

R'Sohl always enjoyed when Purr took an active roll in their lovemaking, but this morning, she seemed to be more amorous then usual, something he didn't mind and began to setup a good rhythm with Purr, enjoying the feeling of her moving beneath him, wrapped around him like this. "Mmm. Purrsephone." he purred as she moved with him. "Yourr feeling more amorrous then usual."

"I have a verrry strrong need." Purrsephone groaned and pushed back harder. She began rocking at a quicker pace, tightening her muscles on him each time she rocked forward. "Harrderr R'Sohl."

R'Sohl grunted a little as Purrsephone tightened around him. He'd not seen her need this great before and he wondered if she had in fact gone into heat, such seemed her need. He obliged her, moving harder and faster within her, his barbs raking along her inside, spurring his own arousal. "Purr," he grunted a little as she pushed hard against him, "Are you entering heat?"

"I... don't... know." Purrsephone responded and at the moment not interested in conversing. She pushed back even harder, banging her bottom against his pelvis and hips. A low growl emanated from deep in her chest as her body tensed and her muscles seized up on him. The bedclothes in her fists were now tattered cloth from the holes her claws had rent and torn.

R'Sohl merely nodded, responding in kind as Purrsephone ground against him. He met her urgent need, purring deeply as he pushed deep in his mate, feeling her silken core urging him onward. "Purr," he purred, feeling her peak come upon her. His own was close and he growled, pressing into her as he felt the tension build within his body. It didn't take long before he felt his peak, his release deep inside his mate coming in waves as he gave her his love, depositing his offering deep in her belly.

Purrsephone stayed tight against him until spent her legs weakened and slid down laying her flat on the bed and taking R'Sohl down with her. She was breathing hard gasping for breath, the vibrating rumble of her purr accompanying the sounds..

R'Sohl followed his mate down as she collapsed on the bed, pleasure evident in the purring and panting from him as well as his mate. R'Sohl made sure he collapsed beside Purrsephone, holding her as he lay at her side, still connected to her even as he held her. No words needed saying, the quiet moment between them was enough.



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