First Officers Log - Not ready for prime time

Posted on Thu Oct 10th, 2019 @ 11:33am by Lieutenant Commander Kellyann Grayson

"Computer open First Officer's Log"

[Log is open]

Kellyann paused for a bit gathering thoughts then spoke leaning back in her chair in the office.

"The new device on the engines had been working from the reports I have received. It appears that the basic idea of affecting the probability of decay of certain isotopes is a success. The basic idea is that when certain types of isotopes decay there is a probability if they form a matter or anti-matter particle. This was observed from the B-bar meson. It was noted that probability would normally favour that the meson decay would form matter or anti-matter sub-particle in a 50 to 50 ratio, but actual observation is that it does not. Matter formation seems to be favoured. Why this is might be due to certain quantum fluctuations and it is thought that this is why in the known universe matter has prevailed. As the universe formed it should have formed matter and anti-matter equally and as such each should have canceled the other out but it is not the case obviously. The device utilizes these quantum fluctuations but in such a way to favour the formation of the anti-matter particle. This allows the use of both heavier particle to be used as well as not drawing down the reserves of anti-matter in the containment pods.

Having altered course to a particular region of space that allows the warp field bubble to be more effective. The best analogy as the chief engineer has put it, is instead of running on ground, think of it as gliding on ice. The increase in the efficiency of the engines along with this region has managed to bring the Asgard from being two days behind schedule to now two days ahead of schedule.

However, not all has gone as expected. Odd things began to appear on the ship, nothing major, but minor glitches, some things seemed to have gone out of whack and other systems seemed to have gotten better. The later sounds good but systems are designed for a certain parameter operating range and basically too efficient can be as dangerous as too inefficient or malfunctioning.

We combed the ship top to bottom to figure if someone or something was causing this but in the end it turned out to be the device itself. As mentioned it affects probability of the formation of anti-matter from decay. The probability field extended past the local area and began to affect the ship in general.

It was an interesting idea and the basic idea works but unfortunately trying to figure the shielding from the probability field is beyound what we are capable of right now.
I have provided the captain a copy of the report and written a detailed report for Star Fleet if they wish to pursue the work.

End of report. Close log."

[Log closed]