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A for fun story

Posted on Sat Jan 14th, 2017 @ 1:02pm by Ensign Ann Weathers

(This is a story I am working on in RL feel free to message me with critiques on it, though it isn't done yet)

Diane’s Point of View

I washed up on the shore of an overgrown island several days after my plane crashed; I struggled to climb up the rocks. Once on what I thought was just a cliff ledge and passed out; I woke hours later and struggled to my feet. Looking around I noticed what looked like a door behind the foliage; I stumble over and turn the handle. The door opened and I gasped when I saw that it was a nice house; I tried the lights and they came on.

Hanging on the wall was 5 pictures that I recognized; this was the Tracy house, and secret base for International Rescue. I walked over to a small picture on a table whose eyes were flashing; I tapped the top and a hologram appeared.

Penelope: To anyone who finds this; The Hood had managed to kill everyone associated with International Rescue. Please you must find a way to stop The Hood; the only Thunderbird still on base is Thunderbird Shadow. Take it and head to the Coordinates in the letter on the table; Lady Penelope out.

The message ended and I picked up the letter; then headed for the door that led to the hangar. I then rush to the pitch-black Thunderbird; then stop when I realize that most of the exits would be blocked by foliage. So, I went to look for some way to uncover the exits; I was suddenly knocked down by a robot. I looked at him and saw the letters MAX on his side; I blink then get an idea.

Diane: "Max can you go and clear debris and overgrowth from the launch exits for the Thunderbirds?"

Max got excited and nodded then hurried off to do as asked; which made me relax and then rush to find a IR uniform that would fit me.


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