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Meandering Thoughts

Posted on Sun Nov 13th, 2016 @ 12:58pm by

Wow! Definitely wow! Who would think of losing out on a priceless artifact and not carry a grudge? I went and bought an expensive painting of an old Master. My sister better appreciate it.

He was even so thoughtful to provide a person who could provide me a translation program for the Gorn Language. Imagine Fleet being without one. It was shocking to hear. Any-who, All I need to do is talk to the Captain in making a slight detour to meet up with another ship. Wish me luck!

-sounds of glass tinkling-

Anyway. I don't know what the future holds between us. Pescara. Handsome and a smooth talker. Intelligent and well traveled. Even if we go our different ways. I'll keep in touch with him. At least for an outside contact that most would never take the time to develop.

- thunk - impack of something hard against another surface -

I must be off to see the big bad Wulfe.... -giggles- Cyas

End log


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