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The Making of a Scientist 1

Posted on Sat Oct 29th, 2016 @ 9:01pm by Lieutenant JG Lixor Nabohn

“…my name is Lixor Nabohn,” the nervous voice of a child said as he stood staring into the woman’s face, “I live in the Baldaron IV colony and we need help.”

The woman had been playing and replaying the old subspace message and pondering the image on her COM as if mesmerized by the pleading voice. Rear Admiral Luann Phelps’ eyes blinked as the computer system failed to reproduce a discernible image from the poor quality recording of a subspace message sent from a place she had only heard of a few weeks earlier. It was presented to her as evidence that had recently came to light regarding her predecessor who had been in command of the sector. For years the subspace message had remained a secret but had now surfaced presenting a troublesome glimpse into a shattered past.

The image flickered as the computer system struggle with the data stream then as if finding new courage the face appeared again. On the screen was an eight year old boy with dark penetrating eyes. He was wearing clean but tattered clothing in what appeared to be an abandoned building. His blue complexion and the elegant dark markings that speckled the side of his neck and base of his jawbone gave little doubt as to his mixed heritage and other than the name he gave were the only clues as to who he was.

It was obvious he was being coaxed into delivering the message by someone, a female from the tone of the whispered voice that from time to time was barely audible and the child’s glances to his right. The lighting from light that beamed though a broken window on his left gave him a bit more of an eerie appearance. Behind him on the otherwise white wall were dark streaks that investigator had determined were left by the fire from phasor and disruptor weapons then spatters with what appeared to be dried ruddy blood overlaying the apparent remnants of the carnage.

Luann had been informed the message had been recorded by an Orion freighter some nine years earlier ago and had only surface eleven months earlier when the starship had been seized by the federation and liberated from the syndicate’s possession. The authenticity of the transmission had been verified and the officer who had been in charge of the sectors security and the colony was recently removed from his position. He had admitted seeing the message and ignoring it. Then, as more and more evidence began to surface he began to clear his conscious of all the guilt he had bottled up for so many years.

The woman ordered the computer to restart the recording again and the world that were now familiar to her repeated, “My name is Lixor Nabohn. I live in the colony Baldaron IV and I need your help.” This time the computer had found a way to reveal a sliver more of the file but only the audio worked as the holo image flickered erratically, “Please tell Admiral Samuel Gregory Haskin that the government here is not feeding us.” The screen flickered again until the data path could be cleared enough for the image to stabilize and the boy’s face to appear again, “…no work. It has been four days since I or my mother have eaten anything. The replicators are not…”

Again the image vanished from the Admiral’s view causing her to sigh in frustration. “Computer pause recording,” she ordered as the door chime rang announcing a visitor. She looked towards the entrance and chose to stand and face it, “come,” she ordered letting her blue eyes brighten slightly.

The sliding door opened with an audible mechanical sound that had become all too familiar to the Admiral and she watched as the ship’s Commanding officer stepped through. The pips on his collar indicated his rank as a Commodore and his grey hairs told of his years of experience. The look on his face was anything but pleasant and his posture indicated things were not exactly normal.

“What’s on your mind Phillip,” Luann as the man she had known for many years.

The man’s eyes settled heavily on the Admiral and he nodded, “we have arrived at the planet the Baldaron IV colony resides.” He paused for a moment then continued, “we are receiving a message from within the colony.” He paused and continued, “the person wishes to speak to you and has asked for you by name.”

“No one was to be informed of our visit Commodore,” she said standing to her feet. Her hands rested on her desk as he pursued her lips, “how did the Governor find out about our visit?”

“It’s not Governor Jameson Admiral,” the Phillip replied, “not anyone associated with the government.”

Luann's eyes narrowed and a puzzled look came over her face, “than who is it.

“It’s a man,” the CO stated swallowing before continuing, ” he is referring to himself as the Omarr King,”



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