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(Blackhawk) Before the Asgard: page 3.

Posted on Tue Sep 6th, 2016 @ 11:38pm by 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf Blackhawk


Mindy just sat there looking at his face unsure what to say. Ranulf was upset because he had not killed someone? How do you answer that. "I don't think the adage applies to this situation. I mean you did not let him live out of generosity, it was a tactical decision. So actually you did not spare his life, you decided to escape rather then kill him."

Blackhawk thought a few moments and nodded "that does sort of make sense. I would have killed him if I had been in my Razor, then withdrew. I had a crew to consider." He turned to face Mindy "I was sort of thinking along those lines but it seemed a cop out when I let myself off the hook. I respect you, so what you said really does make me feel better about what happened."

Mindy smiled "you know they are having a farewell party for VQ-2? You could escort me over there and I know you like to dance. I have a feeling you like girls as well." She raised an eyebrow with a wide smile.

Ranulf shook his head "I would escort you anywhere Mindy." His hand drifted over hers and he squeezed her hand "anywhere, because you are right, I like women." He laughed seizing her hand and pulling it to his lips for a sweet gentle kiss. Then he laughed at her expression and the fact she was about to slug him.

"You do take too many risks Ranulf." She teased as she removed her hand. His strong grip had startled her and he was so seldom playful she was almost scared. She realized how silly that was. If there was anyone on the base she could trust it was Ranulf. She slipped an arm into his and pulled him to his feet "okay lover-boy you owe me a dance."

Blackhawk walked with her talking shop till they reached the lounge where everyone was well into the party. The two squadrons had grown pretty chummy over the few months they had worked together. As they entered to waves and shouts Blackhawk swung Mindy around into a dance position and they swept into the dance floor amidst catcalls and cheering teasing voices. Both were respected and liked among the vast majority there. Blackhawk danced well and Mindy Mendez was a dream come true. He kept her for two dances before WangXi cut in and took her off his hands.

Blackhawk went to the bar and got a cola, he also got a bag of pretzels and began munching.

Arnold stepped in beside him a little too tight. He knew it irritated most people, so when Ranulf shifted away he was not offended, not even surprised. "So gonna miss that wild rough and ready style of flying Frosty. Although have you considered a transfer to fleet squadrons? We are still short pilots you know." Arnold noticed the soda "What are you drinking?"

Ranulf liked Arnold but he had seen him drink. "I am drinking soda, and to answer your unasked question the answer is 'no'. I do not want anything stronger, intoxicating, or mind numbing."

Arnold pretended shocked dismay "Are you a weenie? What? How can someone as good a fighter pilot as you fly on zero-octane?" As usual he spoke loud and tried to gather an audience. However the marines had worked with Ranulf long enough to know his mannerisms and just shrugged Arnold off on this one. The Fleeters noticed the marines disinterest and mostly ignored the interaction. Arnold normally would have pushed harder but even though he thought Ranulf a friend. The fellows eyes made him a bit fearful.

Ranulf smiled "Better luck next time, with someone else. He was heading to the door to escape back to the library when Mendez was at his side with a fling of her dress "not so fast big fella, your the best dancer in the group and I am not done with you yet." They remained on the dance floor for nearly an hour after that. No one bothered them, most thought they were a couple!

WangXi had danced a couple dances but when he saw Ranulf trying to flee he mentioned it to Mendez and they rescued or captured him depending on the point of view. WangXi moved to the bar and soon had a group laughing at his off color jokes about everyone and anyone he ever met. He liked Mindy but she never noticed him really. She liked Ranulf but she never really acknowledged that either. Of course Ranulf was oblivious if it was not flying or fighting so he was clueless. WangXi was certain of one fact in life 'muscles were wasted on jocks!'

==26 January 2391==
The Mafdet was out on patrol, Starbase-54 was flying fighter patrols due to the number of raids and traffic passing through recently. Frosty and Jestor were on patrol on the twenty-sixth when an SOS came across the comm from a Freighter. A Klingon Bird of Prey was attacking them or so they claimed. =^=Razor-Nomad-3 we have your message and are inbound to your location.=^= Frosty wagged his wings and turned onto a course toward the freighter. =^=Looks like we are in the saddle again Jestor best call it in to base and get reinforcements.=^=

=^=Any thoughts over there in your head we should wait for said reinforcements?=^= Jestor heard nothing but silence in reply and shrugged =^=I thought not. I will not be happy if you get me killed Frosty.=^= Jestor growled as he switched channels =^=Starbase-54 this is Nomad Element-2 responding to an SOS from the FTS Sternack. We are requesting reinforcements.=^= Jestor sent the coordinates of the SOS and the expected rendezvous location for them. He listened for the bases reply as they went to warp to get into harm's way all the faster!

Bulldog, with Dazzler, Stinger, and Harpy were escort the Argo with a response team. They would be about fifteen minutes away when the pair of Razors on patrol arrived, a bloody eternity in space skirmishes.

Frosty dropped form warp and immediately saw visual of the pair of Bird of Prey Scouts they had seen on scanners during the approach. One broke away and flew out to meet the Razors. The other though stayed with the juicy target. The Sternack was adrift, one of the Bird of Prey was beaming over boarders! Frosty made the call =^=Shields and weapons Jestor we are being attacked. Even as he spoke he barrel rolled high to port as he saw the energy spike of the charging Klingon's pair of D-8 disruptors firing at him. Then full-sized photon torpedoes were leaping from the Klingon Scout and both Razors were on full evasive using counter-measures. The difference in pilot styles was evident here, As the dogfight grew intense Frosty was closer and closer while Jestor kept breathing room.

=^=Oh shit, oh shit we need help like yesterday!=^= Jestor was hollering into the comm as he jinked and rolled trying to stay alive, riding out the surges of energy from the exploding photon torpedoes. He saw Frosty and cursed, the reckless maniac was still trying to attack! He hoped his element leader was successful so he would live and at the same time hoped he was not because he would be a damn hero again! Mostly Jestor wanted to be back in the lounge right now with his hand on the knee of a lovely lady! He elevatored low to evade a disruptor blast.

Meanwhile Bulldog and Dazzler had left the Argo to approach faster. They knew the odds as well as anyone of a pair of Razors against even one Klingon Bird of Prey. Their friends had two of them! On one channel the crew of the Sternack were screaming for help as a band of Klingons was slaughtering them on their way to the ship's engineering deck. They needed a lot of help and the craft available were not looking fast enough to do this task.

Frosty knew this was a bit insane but he had managed to get inside the turning arc of the Klingon and now he opened fire with his phasers, short slicing bursts hoping for a lucky shot that would bypass the raider's shields and allow him a quick kill. The Klingon was wily though and it was spinning and lifting then dropping like a bronco mustang. All the while Frosty was rolling and twisting staying inside the curve he was winning to the Klingon's shields were weakening. They must have called for help because the other Klingon Bird of prey came away from the Sternack.

Just then a shuttle left the Sternack racing away from the action, the motion caught the attention of the Bird of Prey and they made a fatal error of turning to fire on the shuttle, giving chase after it!

Jestor had been free for maybe three seconds as Frosty dueled a Bird of prey and it was no longer concerned with him. Now he saw the shuttle and the other Bird of Prey going after it. =^=Damn civilians!=^= Jestor hit the throttle and raced in firing his micro-quantum torpedoes one after the other going to a distraction rather them a solid hit, he was locked on however. The Bird of Prey pursuing the shuttle did take notice and it did go evasive which did save the people in the shuttle! All Jestor could think of though was he was a tiny bear cub sticking his paw in a giant bee nest and about to get stung.

Frosty saw the other action on his screen but he had his own problems and no time to deal with that situation. Just as Jestor fired his last torpedo and ran for cover Frosty got the hole he needed! His phasers bypassed the shields atop the Bird of prey he was dueling and knocked out the shield generator. Frosty backed away firing four micro-quantum-torpedoes and a long burst of his phaser canons directly into the top of the Bird of Prey. It peeled open venting gases and then a plasma ball erupted out of the hole which did not do Frosty's razor any good but totally consumed the Klingon.

The Bird of Prey was just turning to go after Jestor when their wingman exploded! The Klingon was enraged at the absurdity the tiny fighter had killed his other ship! The Bird of Prey rolled into a spin turn to destroy the offender and was the last time they would be distracted. Bulldog and Dazzler came out of warp racing in behind the Bird of prey firing their phaser canons as soon as they were in range. The Klingon jinked and panicked. The Klingon tried to extend and escape but was too late. Bulldog and Dazzler were wasting no opportunity as they let loose everything they had. Sixteen mirco-torpedoes between them. The hits just piled up and the misses were exploding on proximity fuses. The Bird of Prey was rattled and bounced till the shields failed then it was consumed by the lethal energy striking to its core.

Bulldog and Dazzler pulled away in time to not be buffeted by the explosion. Bulldog opened the line to the Sternack =^=Raiders aboard the Sternack your transports are destroyed surrender now if you want any chance to survive.=^=

The Sternack Captain hollered back =^=they are going into a frenzy Fighter pilot! They plan to take us all with them!=^= The Captain calmed slightly =^=my sensors are fried did the shuttle with my passengers escape?=^=

=^=The shuttle escaped Captain, your passengers are alive.=^= Jestor chipped in proudly, after all he had won the day by his single act of courage. His entry to save the day had resulted in this lovely victory!

Frosty angled his Razor for the open shuttle bay door on the Sternack. he deftly took the tiny Razor into the bay and landed. His suit was good for a few hours of zero atmosphere and he left the fighter drawing his typeII marine phaser. He moved out of the bay and towards the screaming.

Dazzler saw Frosty's razor just as it disappeared into the Sternack and she caught her breath. She sent a silent coded message to Bulldog as the pair flew a tight CAP around the Sternack.

Jestor moved into the slanted line formation at the long end before he even noticed Frosty was no longer on his scope! =^=Frosty? Where did you go?=^= Fear touched his voice as he had detected no explosion but Razors just did not disappear!

=^=He landed inside the Sternack Jestor.=^= Bulldog's quiet stern voice sounded like a death knoll and he knew both pilots with him were considering the same foolhardy thoughts. =^=Stay with me, that is not our fight.=^=

Frosty moved through the Sternack like a ghost, hunting the halls as he had hunted the hills back home. He came across the four Klingons covered in the blood of their victims. Two were even then setting charges to blow open the shutter doors to the ships engineering section. Frosty fired at the nearest klingon on high stun, setting four should drop anything and leave a mark besides! The Klingon yelped and jumped before turning and firing his distruptor wildly in the general direction of Frosty. The miscalculation was easy to see in the Klingon's face.. They were on aggression stimulants, they could get their brains fryed and still not stop fighting! Frosty ran back down the hall the way he had come dodging and weaving.

As he suspected the brain fryed Klingons gave chase, all four of them. Two had the cognizance to shoot while the lead two just charged waving heavy blades. Frosty lead them into the cargo bay hoping to lead them away from any civilians and their bomb! He weaved and leaped about staying barely a few steps ahead of the rampaging Klingons. He had no time to aim and fire because that would give an axe swinging tower of rage a free swing or one of the shooters a clean shot. Frosty knew he could not last long just being defensive in this environment.

The team of marines and security beamed in just outside the area of the chase/fight. They moved in with precision and skill, firing only as they acquired targets. They dropped the Klingons one after the other like a clinic. The fight lasted less then five seconds once they arrived. The team Leader a Security LTJG smiled at Frosty. "LT. I do believe your squadron leader wants you back in the black for a private chat?" The smile on the security officers face was out of place, it had a friendly warmth that was at odds with the stern words.

Frosty returned to his Razor and rejoined the Flight in silence. The six razors and the Argo transport escorted the Sternack to starbase-54 without further incident.

Later Duncan in the locker room spoke to Blackhawk, no mention of his boarding the Sternack would be in the report. The response team all agreed it would look better for Ranulf if he did not appear like a berserker himself. Duncan also sent him to see the Counselor to explain the over the top courageous response. Duncan explained he needed to know Ranulf was not out to get himself killed.

It was a few days later Blackhawk saw the counselor and convinced the fellow marine it was just a spur of the moment need to do action. People were dying and he had to respond to that. The counselor made note that LT Blackhawk was not suicidal but his aggression caused him in moment of extreme conflict to not consider his on death a problem. He was likely a bit of a type of warrior known as berserkers in ancient times. He was not a danger though because despite the extreme actions taken he had fought with a clear head and never appeared to lose focus as to who was on which side.

After speaking to the Counselor Blackhawk felt better, he did not understand why though. The counselor had merely said he was not nuts?



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