Mission 31: To recover the composition of the weapon

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Description Having arrived at SB-241 Captain MacCloud and LtCommander Grayson receive an intelligence packet on the Alteran Expanse and the Romulan Warlord. Sketchy information on the location of her fleet and the Scientist team that created the weapon is at best limited. It is what they have though. The Warlord is Admiral VILANA. She is known for her lack of compassion for captured enemies and a ruthless heart when it comes to acquisitions. She is normally found on her flagship IRW Zokoras commanded by Commander Corik, her consort and an able ship Captain. She has in fact three other Warbirds: Commander Norin / IRW Kormoran Commander Thaldee / IRW Harax SubCommander Puhausa (her daughter) / IRW T'seren The Science team we need to recover or at least get their information on the weapon from. These people were all rather dishonored when their expensive weapon did not work: Female leader Sub commander Kerrosa Last seen on Kokri Biologist: Centurion Celam and SubLieutenant Pilun Last heard of as being on an asteroid in sector M-5 Xeno specialist : female SubLieutenant Setoka Last heard of on a warbird IRW Kormoran in Kilka sector Delivery systems and chemist: SubLieutenant Katais last heard of on an Asteroid near Kokri
Start Date Sat Oct 5th, 2019 @ 10:58pm

Mission Summary

29 June 2392-