Mission 30: The recall, major transfers and new assignment

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Status Current Mission
Description Once back at SB-214 we reported on our mission and all accomplished. We reported the stockpile of equipment taken from the base. Our task though was to remain near SB-214 and maintain a defensive posture. While repairs are made and a sort of semi-shore leave as we stay near the base we send out a Science mission as requested by Fleet Science. There is a Sovereign yacht on the base and we send our crew out on the Yacht to observe the spacial anomaly. Regular reports were received until a Cardassian patrol squadron moved into the sector. So there is not a sense of peaceful exploration even from the onset. The Mission is barely underway however when recalled. A general recall of all Asgard personnel and a sense of urgency is felt. Within days a command staff meeting takes place with news of a command change. Captain Wulfe and Commander Amar are being transferred off the ship to a medical emergency on Veloz, a Marquis planet now inside Cardassian space. A chemical warfare weapon has been activated that is designed to kill only Cardassians. Several million reside on Veloz. The weapon designed and released back in 2374 during the Dominion War was recently found and inadvertently set off. Commander Amar's record of ending plague like diseases and Captain Wulfe's organizational skills have been requested by a Cardassian Diplomat Ambassador Granklin, an old friend of the Asgard. As the news is made known and several volunteers are allowed to join the team going to Veloz a new mission for the Asgard is revealed. Another long voyage across the Federation to the Alteran Expanse. There to recover the initial design of the weaponized chemical recently released on Veloz. Thing is there is a Rogue Romulan warlord with a fleet of her own blocking this sector of space. The Asgard as it has many times before must act independently to accomplish the mission and not start a war! Her new Captain, is an x-marine with a warrior's attitude, the new XO has a Science based career but is no stranger to combat. Thus the Asgard continues on as it has in the past. To save lives, operate independently to avert war, and take on overwhelming odds. Leg 1 = 20 das Leg 2 = 14 das Leg 3 = 10 das with resupply and receive local intelligence
Start Date Tue May 14th, 2019 @ 12:50pm

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Title Timeline Location
A problem on Veloz. Part 1.
by Captain Raymond Wulfe
13-16 April 2392 bridge of the Asgard

Mission Summary

Begin IC date 16 April 2392 -

To give you an idea of what I am thinking
the training exercise on rigel May16-18
Asgard stopped at Rigel 19-24 May

leg 2 May25-30/ June 1-8
Renedzvous with XO/small craft June 5 (so she has a few days at warp to meet and greet/plan this engineering thing) Will send start her meeting the others joining the Asgard on a docking bay Sol space station
Asgard at dock 9-14 June

Leg 3 was to be 10 das but will be 4 das 15-18 June
problems 18 June + once we arrive at dock