Mission 30: The recall, major transfers and new assignment

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Once back at SB-214 we reported on our mission and all accomplished. We reported the stockpile of equipment taken from the base. Our task though was to remain near SB-214 and maintain a defensive posture. While repairs are made and a sort of semi-shore leave as we stay near the base we send out a Science mission as requested by Fleet Science.

There is a Sovereign yacht on the base and we send our crew out on the Yacht to observe the spacial anomaly. Regular reports were received until a Cardassian patrol squadron moved into the sector. So there is not a sense of peaceful exploration even from the onset.

The Mission is barely underway however when recalled. A general recall of all Asgard personnel and a sense of urgency is felt.

Within days a command staff meeting takes place with news of a command change. Captain Wulfe and Commander Amar are being transferred off the ship to a medical emergency on Veloz, a Marquis planet now inside Cardassian space. A chemical warfare weapon has been activated that is designed to kill only Cardassians. Several million reside on Veloz. The weapon designed and released back in 2374 during the Dominion War was recently found and inadvertently set off.

Commander Amar's record of ending plague like diseases and Captain Wulfe's organizational skills have been requested by a Cardassian Diplomat Ambassador Granklin, an old friend of the Asgard.

As the news is made known and several volunteers are allowed to join the team going to Veloz a new mission for the Asgard is revealed. Another long voyage across the Federation to the Alteran Expanse. There to recover the initial design of the weaponized chemical recently released on Veloz.

Thing is there is a Rogue Romulan warlord with a fleet of her own blocking this sector of space. The Asgard as it has many times before must act independently to accomplish the mission and not start a war!

Her new Captain, is an x-marine with a warrior's attitude, the new XO has a Science based career but is no stranger to combat. Thus the Asgard continues on as it has in the past. To save lives, operate independently to avert war, and take on overwhelming odds.

Leg 1 = 20 das
Leg 2 = 14 das
Leg 3 = 10 das with resupply and receive local intelligence

Mission 31: To recover the composition of the weapon

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Having arrived at SB-241 Captain MacCloud and LtCommander Grayson receive an intelligence packet on the Alteran Expanse and the Romulan Warlord. Sketchy information on the location of her fleet and the Scientist team that created the weapon is at best limited. It is what they have though.

The Warlord is Admiral VILANA. She is known for her lack of compassion for captured enemies and a ruthless heart when it comes to acquisitions. She is normally found on her flagship IRW Zokoras commanded by Commander Corik, her consort and an able ship Captain.

She has in fact three other Warbirds:
Commander Norin / IRW Kormoran
Commander Thaldee / IRW Harax
SubCommander Puhausa (her daughter) / IRW T'seren

The Science team we need to recover or at least get their information on the weapon from. These people were all rather dishonored when their expensive weapon did not work:
Female leader Sub commander Kerrosa
Biologist: Centurion Celam and SubLieutenant Pilun
Xeno specialist : female SubLieutenant Setoka
Delivery systems and chemist: SubLieutenant Katais

1. Meet and Greet: Rising again as a Phoenix

Post Count: 20

Our first mission, all post so far are lost. we had 130 counts or an average of about 65 per month

The USS Asgard is being repaired, receiving a new Commander and Crew to set back out to complete her task. Like any new beginning things are unsettled and it is up to the new crew to make things ready, at least once they get aboard! The first meet and greet mission on the Asgard

2. Phendana Drifts: Just what is in there?

Post Count: 110

What was suppose to be a complicated Science mission turned into a even more complicated series of skirmishes with a Breen Frigate Raider Squadron!

Our first real mission. 527 counts for an average of about 81 per month

3. Shore leave

Post Count: 128

our first shore leave 277 counts for an average of about 107 a month. We did not recover any of these posts.

Shore leaves are suppose to be a time of res, relaxation, and recuperating from the tensions of the last mission. This was far from restful. An assissnation attempt on our Chief of Security landed one of our Operations officers in critical condition and several our Security crew were also wounded. Then a supply run for some medical equipment was attacked by naussicaan Raiders. Our Chief of flight was kidnapped and tortured. We did some damage rescuing her on our own, to the extent of running down a legitimite freighter and boarding it. That had a good result as a deadly toxin was found that would have decimated the human popualtion on Azel IV. We were also on hand to deal with another band of naussicaan raider/heavy fighters! The Asgard was requested to leave and continue her mission without any fanfare.

4. Mithradium: Finishing the job part1.

Post Count: 47

This was when rpgresources crashed and we lost all our posts, for May and June we had 384 counts for an average of 192 counts per month. We had a fantastic start on this mission and it is irreplaceable. May was our first monthly count over 200 w/a count of 209:

Now then after a rather fretful shoreleave the Asgard left Port with no fanfare. Short their Chief of Intelligence; Called away for a mission off ship, maybe not to return. Also the Chief of Security resigned for a personal quest and was also not replaced. The new Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Tuk, was a great addition as was the Chief Counselor, Lieutenant D'Tries, who was kept busy on the outbound trip. The Flight Chief's ordeal was over, but recovery for Lieutenant Tyrell was another matter. Promotions and a few new faces were all taken in stride as the Asgard returned to the Phendana Drifts once more.

5. Recovery by memory: Mithradium: Finishing the job part 2.

Post Count: 589

With the loss of our server we are in the midst of restoring what we have done and returning to where we are.

WE the Asgard have returned to Mithradium to determine the stability of their planet. We are to learn if they can survive here and if they have any desire to maintain contact with the rest of the Galaxy. Wulfe has mixed feelings, he has lost several key people, was not assigned a Diplomat, and knows the deviousness of the people. He did promise though to let them know if the Breen had been defeated. So we go back to help the people who tried to kill us just because we were aliens to them. To preserve their secrets. Before we can do any of that though.. We have to survive another entry into the tunnel!

6. But we just got back!

Post Count: 549

The Asgard has just returned to Starbase 204. After a long stay in a strange place known as Mithradium. The plans are for a real shoreleave since the last one was cut short. A lot has happened since we went into the bubble. The Wallace class *Kennan* that rendezvous with us on June 9th has not been heard from since. What few ships are here are out on patrol. It seems a Klingon pirate fleet has replaced the Breen Raider squadron while we were out of touch as well.

We will hope to get the full eighteen days here, but actually need less then a week to resupply and return to the Drifts. We also have some good news, we are adding some new crew. The medical department is getting five more triage nurses, and the few who requested transfer off the ship are replaced without much effort. We will also receive a new Chief in Security in one LTJG Lowe, a Chief in Intelligence in LTJG Harf and a replacement for LTJG Maynard in Ensign McKenzie.

7. Back again, Once more into the Breach!

Post Count: 602

Back again, Once more into the Breach!

Asgard is going back to the Phendana Drifts. After a short detour to Azel IV to deliver a few Marines to the planet garrison. A flight of four Marine Razors from VmF-309 *Warhawks* is being ferried out there to act as support and to train the local aerospace defense force. They will prove handy to have around on the way there as it is fraught with peril. The Breen are back and causing troubles, A Klingon pirate fleet is the main problem though. It will be another high stakes adventure for the crew of the Asgard. Will they avoid the raiders this time and manage to conclude their mapping of the exterior of the Drifts or will they once more get sucked into more of a normal patrol ship's duties?

8. Duty calls

Post Count: 489

The village of Curacao

The Asgard just pursued the Hunter ships from the Drifts to Azel IV. Upon arrival they rescued and recovered their kidnapped crew only to find out some real issues here. A small mountain hamlet of a few thousand people is sitting on a rich heavy metal deposit. BlueOchid mining wants the land and mineral rights. The people here refused now are stricken by a devastating illness. Our medical team is just getting involved when complications occur.

Starfleet command want the Asteroid gallicite find verified as they want to put a friendly outfit on the site before someone else locates it! So Asgard is divided, no one else is willing to stand up to the BlueOrchid and help the hamlet. The ship has orders to return to the Drifts. Torn but decisive Wulfe leaves an away team in the Hamlet of Curacao and makes a fast run out to the Drifts. All so Lieutenant Vala and his team can attempt to make a nearly suicidal attempt to collect samples.

Bad Apples:

No sooner had the Asgard left then a marine pilot shows up at the village. One 1stLT Braden Stryker declared dead. He was said to have been killed by pilot error, crashed into a cliff. Shortly after he showed up an outcry that he shot and killed the marine pilot Cheetah is rumored? While the Asgard is gone LtCommander Brannagh finds enough evidence to clear the marine Pilot Braden Stryker and prove the BlueOrchid mines security forces were the real culprits in the death of Marine pilots Cheetah.

9. So much for a relaxing shore leave

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The Asgard due to raider activity near Azel IV is ordered to just take shore leave while in orbit here. As if that is not bad enough no sooner are a third of the crew released to shore then an SOS is received! The USS Onyx supply ship has taken critical damage from an asteroid storm and the crew needs rescued right away!

That is of course the cover story, albeit true. Asgard is neck deep in the problems of Azel IV. The Onyx was just not a supply ship it was on its way here to relocate a few hundred Chameliod shape changers recently revealed to be on the planet. The local embassy leadership was found to be incompetent or actually criminal. The Planet was just over run by several thousand enslaved or forced miners from the BlueOrchid mining operation. Not all the miners were innocent victims either. More then a few were/are cutthroat criminals who crossed the Orion syndicate mistresses and were put to work in the mines as punishment.

As those problems are being dealt with a diplomat has been sent here to help negotiate a contract for the Gallacite found by the Asgard crew with the local Mining companies. It will be extremely difficult to make the operation work but the resource is of a quality and abundance seldom discovered. The Diplomat is also tasked to help safeguard the shapechanger population due to his unique understanding of the problem.

Thus the Asgard has friends and support but also a very dangerous enemy. The Orion Mistresses of the BlueOrchid syndicate still have ships, the clubs, and banking operations in this sector. They have been given a devastating blow but are nowhere near taken out of the fight.

10. People die without food you know!: ESCORT DUTY: Part 1. Busting through.

Post Count: 312

In the Arbazan system, a moon mining operation last two supply shipments have been waylaid and never arrived. Now the situation is critical and they need supplies immediately. The Asgard is assigned escort duty to the three freighters that carry the supplies needed. All three are Fortuna class, the FTS Gilman, USS Marina, and FTS Eliza Nichols.

However the route is not clear. The Breen are waiting in ambush with a vendetta against the Asgard. Then there are the pirates that have intercepted the previous supply shipments. Having a reputation as a scrapper is not always a good thing!

11. People die without food you know!: ESCORT DUTY: Part 2. New Discoveries

Post Count: 462

Upon arrival at Azaban we are told of relics of some civilization. The authorities here not feeling they had the skills to delve into the find resealed it and decided to wait for someone with the required skills. They are only to anxious to assist though as there might be something of value to be obtained.

While the Science team goes off exploring, engineering repairs the Asgard. The Asgard crew deals with the usual sort of problems? A shuttle crashed near an abandoned mine shaft, the caretakers there have gone silent. The deadly substance in the lab needs to be gotten rid of. A Klingon squadron of ships arrives demanding our Klingon prisoners. Seems they consider the Klingon raiders should be dealt with by a Klingon court? Then the death of a crewmen on Azaban has some unsettling undertones. The fighters once back online to begin patrolling as there is no surety that the trouble is over.

The trouble is not over, a raider attacks and seizes a BlueOrchid freighter. Does the Asgard care? It seems the BlueOrchid is making inroads here now but not very deeply as yet. Can the Asgard make it worse for them to get established. If so what are the legal ramifications of getting involved?

12. People die without food you know!: ESCORT DUTY: part 3. Shore leave interrupted

Post Count: 267

Trouble just follows us around! Captain Wulfe decides the crew needs a break after so much turmoil. Since they are once again in a not so hospitable location though he request a Federation planet. He does not want to return to Azel IV yet again. He wants a place the crew can have a drink in peace. Starfleet approves the R & R. Most times a few days at warp are no big deal so Captain Wulfe felt the trip SigmaRho would be worth the few days. We have to wait for a true science expedition team though before we can leave. As the Asgard waits they receive an SOS from a Sovereign class yacht? This is sort of odd because that yacht was declared destroyed along with the sovereign class ship it belonged to over fifteen years ago and not very near here? They are using an old code from a Saber class ship lost six years ago. Something is very wrong but what will take investigating.

We have to at least check out a fleet SOS so the fighters and the Danube launch to intercept and determine what is going on. The escort arrives to find the Sovereign yacht under attack by Ferengi shuttles? They not only refuse to back off they fire on our fighters! The game is on and the Ferengi pay for their folly.

The yacht does have starfleet personnel and others as well. Escaped slaves from a Ferengi K'Dora class. It is on its way here and is demanding their 'property' be returned and the people responsible for the destruction of their shuttles be turned over for legal prosecution. Seems we won't be taking a break anytime soon.

As is normally the case things are much more complicated then they would appear. Which considering the events is saying quite a lot!

We will start with the Refugees. The nineteen we rescued remained with us till the fifteenth when the Excelsior class *Yorktown* arrived and accepted their transfer over. Due to information given to us by an old friend of Captain Wulfe. Transported by the civilian Sid Graeme in his privates shuttle and carried by a newly added security officer Ensign Sadie Turner, to be used by fleet legal advocates. That information also lead to the release of an additional fifty-nine individuals on the Ferengi cruiser. The Asgard counseling staff, Operations and security department made great progress in making the first nineteen feel safe for the first time in years for many of them.

At the ruins work was discontinued in the ruins on the 6th February as by then we knew there were over thirty thousand still living natives in a deeper cavern thirty some miles below. LT Anlya D'Tries, Ensign Anna Buxton and Civilian reporter Mikaia Aleydis lead the way in paving the road to bringing the Native population back into the present. Mikaia found the means to re-terraforming the moon, Anlya with the help of her team negotiated and worked with the people convincing the vast majority to return to the ruins above. To bring that city back to life.

Meanwhile the Asgard set into motion the wheels to restore the moon of Azaban. Meeting with the Miners of HUBcity and ensuring the re-established oceans would not be a problem for them. Moderating a trade and supply agreement with the Ferengi Captain to support the soon to be thriving community on a living Azaban. Not to mention verifying the science and seeding the surface with water. Water from ice-crystal asteroids towed and planted by our small craft pilots.

The *Yorktown* had come here to study the ruins we had found, now by the time they arrived they had an entire living culture to bring up to speed! Needless to say they had mixed feelings. On one hand this was a tremendous experience with interesting challenges. On the other though they were pissed that we had so trampled the prime directive.

In between these main events there was dealing with an old nemesis the Punisher and her crew. The BlueOrchid syndicate was heavily trounced but not dead. The crew of the Asgard needed a break and the Captain was not sticking around to get them stuck in the long developing situation here. So as soon as they arrived and all data transferred the Asgard literally ran away at max warp!

13. Shore leave: Love is in the Air

Post Count: 515

With seven days left to SigmaRho and a real shore leave. The first real civilized Federation planet we have been on since taking over the Asgard. Almost a year to the day Wulfe took command. Big plans are in the making. LT Morga Harf's family will be there when we arrive for Morga's wedding to PO3rd Josie Jenkins. During the stop over the crew will rotate a skeleton crew as the ship is given a real re-conditioning. It is a bit soon since the last but considering all the Asgard has been through it is due.

14. TAXI service: Deceptions and Conspiracies

Post Count: 247

Morga's parents are summoned to intervene in a Cardassian / Klingon dispute in Cardassian territory. Since we are between missions Asgard is ordered to carry the Diplomats to Rakal (I/11).

15. Success, But what a mess

Post Count: 247

The rather involved space skirmish had seen the Klingons revealed as mere homeless pirates. The rescue of the Cardassian Diplomat and his ship had proven the Guls duplicity. So one would think our mission complete. Hardly!

The Cardassian Diplomat had new stipulations for the mining contracts, issues brought up by this last incident. Dorga was dragged into those negotiations. The Klingon survivors had made it down to Rakal and the local military was having great difficulty dealing with the raiders. The remaining elements from the 65th patrol Squadron declined to help as they claimed a need for repairs and replacement auxiliary craft as well as people. So the Asgard was requested to provide support hunting down the remaining Klingons.

Not as if that was enough the Government of Rakal placed the battle debris the fault of the Asgard and requested the Asgard destroy the hazard to the travel lanes and even the planet itself! With the continued goodwill of the local government to consider Captain Wulfe assigns his small craft to deal with the debris.

16. Mercy's Fate

Post Count: 228

The Asgard is once again licking their wounds and trying to catch their breath when a Freighter sends out a call. They have spotted the USS Mercy, a Federation Olympic class hospital ship adrift in space. As is normally the case the Asgard is the nearest ship to the Mercy so we once again volunteer to do what is our known duty.

17. Shore leave on Trill, for two senior officers a coming home!

Post Count: 380

For the XO/CMO Commander Elisad Amar and LT Nilani Veral taking a shore leave on Trill is even more special as it is a coming home visit for the two joined Trill among the crew!

This is another busy shoreleave! Nilani Veral is going to meet her other identities in the Zhian'tara cermony. A marriage is planned between Anlya D'Treis and Ryder Hawken with a twist in the plot. Anlya's mother's side is shapeshifting Allsmorphs! With a requirement that as part of the ceremony all present strip to show their true form. The Allsmorphs will show their true form as it is their tradition.

The Captain is slated to meet the XO's parents, his inlaws! Also no sooner arrived then a young preteen girl is caught trying to stowaway! Her story is tragic and the Asgard crew battles to rescue her. Speaking of things that change a new Security Chief joins the crew for better or worse to be seen!!

18. Birthing a Binary star

Post Count: 1312

Sent into the Plexion Nebula to learn why the energy readings have suddenly spiked. it is feared a blackhole might have formed in the center of the cloud. What the Asgard finds though is the high gravetic tug of a new binary star just beginning to take shape!

Once again we as we are enroute to fulfill our mission assignment when we run into something unexpected. Namely the Kormastar, a seeming derelict freighter lost far from here weeks ago. We investigate, setting off a violent series of events! The Kormastar is actually docked with the notorious Pirate ship, *SilverSlayer*. We have come upon them as they were transferring cargo and stripping the freighter. We defeat the pirates taking most of them prisoner!

Now we have a damaged freighter and a captured Orion built Brigand class ship. The latter holding some sixty captured pirates. Luckily the USS Balius is on patrol and is on their way to take over the return to Trill! Only the Tzenketh Raiders that have been terrorizing the local trade routes break with their normal tactics. Instead of fleeing from the warship they mass and attack! The Asgard has a bitter pill to take! leve the few cre aboard the SilverSlayer and race to save the Balius or hope the Balius can fight free of their ambush and remain where they are to escort the captured ships with their crew aboard?

The decision can not wait and Wulfe sends a Type-9 cargo shuttle to the SilverSlayer in case the Tzenketh are attacking the Balius as a just a diversion. The Asgard charges in and rapidly defeats the Raiders. Only to see four of their own crew snatched from the very decks as they were rescuing the Raider survivors! A small rescue team chases after, but the Asgard? If it leaves it would leave many Tzenketh here to die. Not only that it would be farther away from the SilverSlayer and the crew left there!

Something the Asgard can not do as reports of the pirates escaping and trying to retake their ship are just coming in! The Asgard has crew there they can not abandon as well! Wulfe has never hated being responsible more.. The Baius wil remain here and collect the Tzenketh survivors, but there are more TearDrop Raiders out there somewhere? It is not in any condition to fight. The responsible thing to do is stay here. He has kidnapped crew though and only a few fighters and a Danube out there searching to recoup them! He also has crew being attacked over twenty minutes away that he might or might not be able to return to in time to make a difference. And he had not even had a cup of coffee yet today!

The crew of the Asgard however is up to the tasks. The prisoners are all moved to the Bailus. Our people recovered but their condition is horrifying. Asgard continues on mission as counseling deals with the aftermath.

Meanwhile the Bailus returns to Trill with the captured pirate ship, the near dead freighter in tow and both pirate and Tzenketh prisoners. They get aggravating news just before reach Trill. Four of the prize prisoners are to be exchanged for hostages held by the Tzenketh. They brokered a deal high up the food chain with the help of the Cardassians. Another kicker is the Asgard has been demanded as the Federation exchange vessel!!

The Asgard is celebrating as they found good news in the Plexion! A birthing protostar is just forming, and in a few million years there will be a new binary star system there! They pulled away from the Plexion to report to Trill command only to learn about the hostage/prisoner exchange!! Wulfe decided to wait till the next morning after the party to tell his crew they have been shafted Bringing on the Tzenketh, the exchange, and taking the freed hostages back to the Bailus is a tense week.

15 October 2390 Back on mission when our CAP receives an SOS from a freighter. The ship's crew and passengers are sick and the ship's doctor is in over his head. Asgard sends a team to help, a Danube and 2 fighters as escort.

November to April passed without many events, the research project was completed and the probes placed and sending data. Commander D'Treis went the additional effort with her team to collect additional data for the final report.

So when the Asgard pulled away from the nebula to make their montly report on 4 April they were given the well cone/complete message and ordered to DS-9 for Rest/Refit/training.

leaving from where they were they arrived the evening of April 16th, 2391. As Lena docked the Asgard it would be her last day on full duty for three months or so.. She was about due for her baby to be born!

19. Chaos and Mayhem instead of Upgrades and changes on DS9

Post Count: 519

After over a year it was time to get some upgrades. Since we were in need of repairs anyway it seemed the best time to stop in for a bit of drydock. The USS Asgard heads for DeepSpace-9. Once there the crew is released for shore leave. Things will not be quiet for the Asgard crew as there are many problems where they have stopped and too few bodies to deal with them all. A hurtling asteroid is on its way to Bajor, and Deespace-9 is in its path!. No sooner is that resolved then our Intelligence reports a need for help resolving a planetary problem. A group of terrorist managed to steal military grade weapons. The destructive power would devastate much of Bajor. Among other problems nearby, word reaches Captain Wulfe an old friend, Moved on and promoted since she was a crew member, is in trouble. In order to save her Wulfe asks an old friend for a favor. Once again the Asgard will stick their nose into other peoples problems. No rest for the wicked!

20. back to Deepspace-9, Some peace but no quiet, Shore leave starts for many

Post Count: 461

After arriving at DeepSpace-9 and getting involved in one situation after another it loks like things have settled down some. Marlyna is to have a small wedding on the ship, but the reception is an affair of State as she is marrying an Anbassador from Cardassia! After that happy occurrence hopefullly the crew of the Asgard can enjoy a peaceful shore leave!

21. Across the Galaxy

Post Count: 567

The Asgard has been ordered to DS-9 for some upgrades and minor refit as well as a complete structural diagnostic. The stress of the last mission in the Plexion Nebula were considerable. The repairs are barely finished and being tested when our command staff and one LT Yukime Winters are summoned to the base command wardroom. Once there we are informed of a special need and a very critically important mission.


Three months ago a historical artifact was stolen from Gorn. This artifact has political, religious, and cultural value. The Gorn blame the Federation and have declared war will begin in less then two months if the artifact is not returned. Problem is no one seems to know what the thing looks like! And the Gorn are non-responsive. Now on DS-9 is a Zibalian art dealer named Pescara who knows what the artifact is but refuses to tell as he wants to go along 'for the ride'. The Artifact has been reported on Pacifica a hard warp9+ one hundred-ten days away from here! Then Gorn is another sixty days from Pacifica! The war would be well underway by then. Telling the Gorn where the artifact is would be a disaster as well as they are already preparing a war fleet to recover the artifact.

Now a solution seemed to present itself when a Galaxy class with a Medusan Navigator aboard was enroute. Contact confirmed the Medusan could navigate a ship in one/tenth the normal travel time but the trip would not be pleasant for the crew. Problem was though the Galaxy was limping in, battered by a storm and on top of that the telepath liason to the Medusan was in a coma! Not expected to be fit for duty for weeks and likely longer.

The Asgard though had a strong telepath, and the ship was recently refitted and declared sound. The Captain and crew had a reputation for getting the job done as well. So the Asgard was assigned for to a race to stop a war and they had twenty-six days to cross the Galaxy.


Gorn mythology states that the founders of their species consists of the Mistress of Fertility S'Yahazah and a figure known as the "Great Father". Emphasis would be placed on the Great Egg Bringer S'Yahazah for she saved the young Gorn eggs from being devoured by their father. The Great Father would be banished into space and never be worshiped again. The First Egg is the artifact, there is a visual check known only to a few. There are four other eggs that have been kept as well all supposedly saved by the Mistress S'Yahazah. The keeper of the eggs is believed to have the power to lead the Gorn safely. No government can prevail without ownership of the eggs. They can not be scanned or tested in anyway as that would be considered a sacrilege.


Due to the unsafe distortions caused by the swift passage the dependents, Civilians, and nonessential personnel of the Asgard are moved to the *STARGAZER*, a nebula class starship to follow behind and rejoin the Asgard in Gorn space. Unknown an agent of the Romulan Warlord Lena Gawyn was instrumental in exposing as a criminal has spotted her and come aboard the Nebula to deal with her, her young adopted son and her newborn baby. His fail sets Security in motion, and Intelligence and others are called upon to help find the assailant as well as protect mother and her children.

Not only Lena and her children are at risk as the Orion Syndicate *BloodRose* has joined with a terrorist cult *Chimera* to make the Federation pay for recent set backs.

22: Shore leave and family reunion time

Post Count: 245

The Asgard reached SB-82 first and many anxiously await the Stargazer and the families aboard that ship. As the Asgard waits repairs and supplies are added. Then there will be a happy reunion when the StarGazer reaches the starbase.

23: Something going on in the Muratas Cluster

Post Count: 207

After an extended Shore leave and some time to rejoin the families separated the Asgard and her science arrays are sent to the Mutara Nebula to investigate power surges detected by passing ships. A few of which have even disappeared much like what happened in 2154? Then it was known as the The Delphic Expanse. An area of space approximately fifty light years away from Earth. It had been nearly two thousand light years across according to the Vulcan Ambassador Soval. The Expanse had been riddled with a web of dangerous spatial anomalies, as well as surrounded by a dense layer of thermobaric clouds. Which made navigation extremely hazardous for starships. It had been Artificially created by transdimensional beings using a vast number of massive spheres. The Delphic Expanse ceased to exist in 2154, when the Earth starship Enterprise NX-01 destroyed the sphere. Now from the energy readings something similar was happening. The Stargazer was to remain in the turbulent sector to support the Asgard if necessary.

With several ships vanishing and a few crews found that had gone insane Starfleet has requested the Asgard to investigate as they have a excellent reputation for solving problems. CPT Wulfe uses the special situation to recover four marine fighter pilots who have served under his command in the past. He got two but he also got two others so he has a full compliment of small craft pilots. The transit to the nebula is the first step and presently pirate activity is at a low. It is suspected the Pirates have been hit by the anomaly in the nebula.

Due to the nature of the nebula at this point warp drive is not possible within the Nebula, so the Asgar will drop from warp near the last known position of a Centaur class patrol ship. It is suspected it fell afoul of the anomaly so it would seem the best place to begin.

24. Shore leave: another wildwest wilderness vacation!

Post Count: 182

Returning to SB82 having successfully ended the threat to transportation around the Muratas nebula was a relief. However this supply base was not the most exciting place to be and no planets were all that close to go visit. On top of that one of the nearest was Bellatrix and they were still settling a rebellion. The thing is we had to eject our warp core so we will be here a while till we get it replaced.

Mission 25: When lives are at stake, how can you say no?

Post Count: 84

The Asgard was in the midst of some major repairs and internal modifications when tragedy struck. A brand spanking new Akira class having come here straight from the shipyards with a skeleton crew and their newly assigned command staff. They were sent to SB82 to pick up fighters and small craft from the Starbase supply of auxiliary craft. The ship needed a shakedown cruise and the Starbase had inactive craft due to no pilots. It seemed a good use of materials to Operations command. The ship would need to fill out crew positions as well as it was needed on the Talarain border. The militaristic empire was rattling proverbial sabers and the Strike carrier was an excellent show of force. The Asgard was actually being refitted to join the Akira but it would take a few weeks yet for the Asgard to be finished.

Local politics however would come into play. The as yet unnamed Akira was celebrating arrival after their shakedown cruise and were about to christen the ship with its new name when a terrorist bombs killed fifty-six people including the entire command staff! The ship was not truly damaged as the fragmentation bombs did not have the power to hurt the ship, they tore people apart though! Now the ship had no leadership and only about half a crew of inexperienced personnel!

Not long after the terrorist attack against the Akira class the StarGazer was damaged as it patrolled the space around the Bellatrix system. A civilian shuttle made a suicide run at the starship to damage its warp drive capability! This is bad for the Asgard as well as much of their crew rode the Stargazer to Bellatrix for shore leave.

The Nebula class is the only other ship in the sector. Then word arrives our Embassy on Bellatrix has been taken over by Terrorist and loyal Federation citizens living in the Capital are being rounded up and put in concentration camps. Federation citizens are going to die if they are not already. Captain Wulfe is given his orders, He is to take the Akira class and his own crew and make best speed to Bellatrix and support the forces there already. Repairs to the Norway will continue but the name 'Asgard' will go with Captain Wulfe, his crew, and the Akira. The crew prepares the *Asgard* to leave port. Adding some marines and many small craft. They will make best possible speed to Bellatrix and once there the Captain is to use his best judgement to effect the rescue. Once that is accomplished to proceed to SB214 and take on the patrol duties there.

Mission 26: Let there be WAR!

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With the Talarian's on a war footing the Ship needs a commander who knows how to win a battle! The Talarians have updated their arsenal and already captured Starbase-214. Their ground forces are moving on the Capitol of Beloti and they have a blocking fleet challenging Caradassian control along their mutual border. This border skirmish could become a full scale war if not dealt with quickly and decisively.

CaptainWulfe of the Asgard has a reputation as a warrior. He gets the job done and he is on his way in a new Akira class bearing the Asgard name. The crew and ship are to proceed to Starbase-214. Once there Captain Wulfe is to do whatever it takes to bring peace to the sector. It is a thirty-three day trip at warp speed from Bellatrix and much can and does happen enroute

SB214 is captured by the Talarian's before we can reach it and to make things worse a Talarian squadron of three cruisers is blocking our approach. Seems like the crew of the Asgard will receive a baptism in fire sooner then expected!

Mission 27: Reclaiming SB214, the work begins

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Now we have retaken the base, many areas are damaged, we have way too many prisoners and people are still traumatized. The level of crime is on the rise and the BlusOrchid guild has raised its ugly head once more.

With a shortage of senior officers the Asgard begin a sort of sharing of staff to help provide the base with needed guidance. This leads to a sort of mutual sharing of the base facilities. With the Asgard in the process of yearly proficiency testing many crew find themselves assigned to ship duties. Medical services and Counseling are dhared and it becomes a sort of mutual appointment schedule with the first available Doctor or Counselor seeing patients form base or the Asgard.

The base is in need of supplies and the saber class *Sanders* is dispatched with the needed supplies. A Klingon raider employed by the Talarians returning from a successful win against a Cardassian squadron detects the *Sanders* and strikes within hours of the base. The Asgard races out to support but arrives too late to save the ship. The Asgard drives off the raiders and rescues those of the crew survived.

With all this going on the base is gradually beginning to shape up. With some normalcy being obtained the next dtepd are taken as a small team is sent on a Soverign class yacht to open negotiations for the exchange of prisoners. The BlueOrchid is once again being minimized as a criminal organization.

Our pair of Talon Scouts runabouts taking turns on deep space surveillance prove a useful tool as they detect a cloaked Klingon cruiser attempting to penetrate our area unseen. The Asgard cruises out to intercept the intruder. We get orders from Fleet command to if at all possible to capture the Klingon Captain for return to the Klingon Council! The battle is brief, and once again the Asgard outmaneuvers an adversary and defeats them. The Klingon cruiser is battered but captured as is the Klingon Captain and most of his crew.

By the time the Asgard returns to the base the Nebula class *StarGazer and old friend of ours arrives delivering a new fighter group for the base and a marine detachment as well as some much needed senior people to help take more of a leadership role on the Asgard.

It is beginning to appear the Asgard will be able to deal with the Talarians more directly soon as the base is taking over more and more of their own needs.

Mission 28: They do not play nice

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The Federation has a lot of Talarian POW's after the fighting for Starbase-214. A deal is made for us to take s ship with the Talarian people to Castal where we will exchange people with the Talarian's. Castal is inside their border but it is worth letting them save some face to maybe end hostilities. We load all the Talarian prisoners onto the Freighter we captured earlier. It is a short trip and amenities have been added to support the number of people aboard. A Federation skeleton crew and some marines to bolster security the Asgard escorts the prison ship for the transfer. On the other side three Talarian cruisers will be waiting in Castal with a Federation ship and our people to be exchanged.

They make the exchange and the Talarian fleet leaves the system as planned. During the time we spent in system we monitored the planet and heard of a medical problem. Commander Amar takes an away team down to investigate and determine if we can help. During this time it is discovered the ship with our people aboard is rigged. The warp core rigged to melt down in ten hours. The idea being the ship would explode at warp during the return. We detected the problem and move everyone to the Asgard as Engineering tries to fix the problem. The team fails, triggering a hidden device we beam the team out but the explosion damages the Asgard. Since we are stuck here, we openly send a team to help the planet as we make repairs to our ship.

Once all teams recovered or leaving the system The Asgard suspects a trap. Leaving three squadrons of fighters in the systems steroid belt the Asgard leaves Casal at low warp to wait for the fighters to rejoin her. Our intel has broken a coded transmission that the fleet plans to attack us as we return. Sure enough the Talarian fleet moved in as expected and we catch them. And we destroyed them.

Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214

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We return with our hostages from Talarian space. We still have both a ship and a base to maintain control of!