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Captain Ryder Gawyn

Name Ryder *Scout* Gawyn

Position Squadron Leader

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 203lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue


Spouse Ensign Helena Wayne, married 20 March 2390
Children Joshua Wayne (adopted ward of Helena's *Her dead sisters son*
Son born 10 May 2391 Hunter Brandon
Father Deceased
Mother Decesed
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family adopted sort of?: mentor: Jacob Farrington Commander Starfleet Intelligence and Retired Commander Li Quan formerly of Starfleet Intelligence

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ryder is rather carefree and easy going except in two areas. He is totally dedicated to being a pilot and he enjoys martial arts. Ryder is a hard worker but he has almost no expectations of others. He is a live and let live kind of person. His one real love is Flying anything from a lighter then air craft to a starship, his favorite is the Defiant. His love of the Raptor class Fighter though goes deep.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is a Loner, friendly but does not make close ties. He has his own honor code and is honest. He also knows how to survive in the street.

Growing up alone he has few social graces. He tends to be blunt and straight forward. He is however honest and nearly fearless as he has faced the demons of death alone for most of his young life
Ambitions To survive, to be the best at whatever he does.
Hobbies & Interests He has two hobbies, painting and martial arts. He seldom spars with real people, he seldom does anything with real people outside of work. His artwork is quite good and he enjoys painting portraits the most, his best efforts are for the eyes though. He finds them exotic in many ways.

From classes he was talked into taking (By LiQuan) he found out he is a very good artist and he adorns his room with paintings of his Fighter and a few of the Ladies he found interesting since coming aboard. He arrived aboard late, just before the *RedCloud* departed and got a room to himself. So his artwork was never seen by anyone as he had no visitors. Then at the end of December he moved to the Asgard. Only one person has been in his room and she liked his paintings.

Gawyn while at the Academy was talked into joining the track and field team and participated for two years till his studies demanded too much of his time. He paricipated in three events, 110m hurdles, 400m hurdles, and the steeplechase. He showed world class speed never losing a race in eighty-six starts. There was a lot of pressure for him to postphone joining a squadron to train for the next Olympic cycle. When he did not even rejoin the team for his last year there was a lot of hostility towards him.

Personal History Ryder was born 19 April 2365 on earth, but when he was five his parents took a job with a courier service flying peregrines along the Cardassain border. His parents were hired by an agency contracted to several governments. During the war years 2372-2375 His parents became involved with the Marquis and his mother was killed in a Cardassain raid. He stuck with his dad and became his copilot at age ten. They flew behind enemy lines delivering orders and bringing out intel reports. The war was over when a Scarab caught them and destroyed the Peregrine. A starfleet ship rescued Ryder and his father. With the war over his father became bitter and mean. He went back to work for the same agency and began flying mostly for Corporations. What no one knew was Ryder did most of the flying and even the navigating as his father slept off whatever intoxicant he had been able to find.

Often they were in a civilian Peregrine and Ryder learned to dodge and shoot as he flew through the badlands. His lessons were real time and failure was a big problem. A few times he had been forced to rouse his father and go EVA to make repairs. Ryder over the next five years learned to be very self reliant. At age seventeen his Father overdosed and died in transit passing through the badlands. The corporate bosses were amazed at Ryder's skill and horrified that he had been the pilot for most of the last five years. He was not offered a job. Being seventeen with no formal education and skills no one could or would verify, Ryder had few prospects.

While his parents were working for the Marquis Ryder had met a Merc resistance fighter and began studying martial arts. He had bought programs over the years and rented time on holodecks whenever he could. He had developed two passions piloting and martial arts.

Then at the age of seventeen, he had found himself on a stabase with almost no money, no friends and no future prospects. As he wandered the shuttle bays looking for work he heard evil laughter from a darkened corridor. Being young he investigated, besides he had nothing better to do. He saw three humaniods kicking a person on the floor and yelled "Enough!" They turned on Ryder, one drew a knife as he closed to attack Ryder. Ryder used a crescent kick to knock the knife away and without putting his foot down kicked the attacker in the throat. That one flew backwards holding his throat and gasping for air.

The next one had a club-like pry bar and swung it as he charged forward. Ryder evaded the swing and caught the guys hands on the return swing. Ryder used his free hand to punch several times till the fellow caved in and slumped to the floor his face a bloody mess. The third guy ran off. As it turned out the man they had ambushed and were well on their way to beating to death was a Starfleet Intel Officer working undercover. Jacob Farrington, a few days later when Jacob had woke up in the hospital he learned from the security reports that he had been saved by a teenager. Who was now in the brig as a vagrant. Apparently he had stayed to see Jacob reach the hospital and when Security questioned him they confined him.

Jacob went down and talked to Ryder, heard his story. Ryder was released to his care and Jacob took him to a friend's place. Li Quan agreed to take Ryder in as an apprentice and youth Martial Arts Instructor. Ryder spent the next two years earning his keep teaching children martial arts classes. He trained under Senior apprentices till he surpassed each one. The last six months he was taught by just Li Quan himself. He also caught up on his education and took the entrance exam for the Academy just after his nineteenth birthday. He was accepted, mostly due to some called in favors from Farrington, He would need some remedial work but he was in the door!

Ryder was delighted to find out Li Quan was going to Earth as well. Ryder had a plan and he followed it. He enlisted in the marines and went through Basic training, his AIT was as a scout/sniper and he had the time so he took the zero-G course as he waited for his class to begin. Ryder was happily surprised to learn LiQuan would be at the Academy as well, as an instructor in martial arts. Ryder had a tough time with academics and class room work in general. He could plot a course between stars in record time and math came to him easily. Academics he had to work at hard and barely passed. But as a pilot and in gunnery no one was even close. He did well enough in making repairs but engineering theory classes he nearly flunked. He was not anti-social and was well liked but he never went to a party or social event because he felt he needed the time to study.

He had expected to not being very good at Academics so Ryder had decided on a Marine path, He was well on his way having completed Marine basic and the scout/Sniper course before entering the Academy. The first year he kept up with his grade and elected to take the close quarters battle drill course the summer between his first and second year. His class work in the aerospace field was advanced due to his prior experience so Between his second and third year he took and completed a shorten version of the Marine version of an assault shuttlepilot. Between his third and fourth years Ryder took and completed a military parachute training inclusive course that included space jumps. He was far enough along at the beginning of his fourth year to concentrate on the Marine officer course and graduated with his class.

Li Quan had him take ballet classes, dance and art classes as his influence over Ryder was strong. When he graduated in 2389 Jacob came for the Ceremony. Li Quan resigned and left with Jacob after the parties and celebrating was over. Due entirely to his superior skills in the cockpit Ryder was assigned to a Sovereign class, the *RedCloud* as a Marine Raptor fighter pilot. He had acquired the nickname 'Scout' since he was always the first one through a door or to volunteer during an exercise.

It was an honor, but he soon learned it was not as exciting as he had thought. He was low on the roster and was given CAP and other mundane assignments. In December though he saw an opportunity. They were in high Orbit around Azel IV and the marine detachment had been deployed the other experienced pilots were busy and had a short skirmish with a few Naussicaan Raiders. A bulletin on the ready list requested two pilots to transfer to the Asgard, a Norway class already there. They would be under a Fleeter pilot's command so most were not interested.

A little checking convinced Gawyn that this was not to be passed up and he volunteered. His orders to pack his bags came within the hour!
Service Record Service Record:

Jan-Jul 2385: Marine basic and Scout/Sniper AIT (recruit to LCPL)

Aug 2385-Jun 2389: Academy With/ Marine Officer course

June 2389-December 2389: Marine Raptor fighter pilot USS RedCloud, 2ndLieutenant

December 2389-2391 Marine Raptor pilot USS Asgard, VQ-3 shadows before a Squadron reorganization had the fighters reassigned as VCF-19 Gray-Wolves
December 2391: Squadron leader VMF-105 Gunslingers
Out of Character Notes Name plate/ call-sign on fighter: