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Lieutenant JG Mike Derringer

Name Mike Derringer

Position Doctor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 171lbs
Hair Color brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description his eyes stand out, he has a hawkish sort of nose, a slim to medium build. He works out sporadically and eats well on and off.


Spouse N/A
Children n/a
Father David Derringer (deceased @ age 56)
Mother Michele Derringer age 64
Brother(s) David Jr. age 36 (civilian surgeon)
Sister(s) Linda (Stevens) age 32 (civilian research bio-chem)
Her Husband Leonard Stevens age 36 (also civilian research bio-chemist)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mike is easy going and has a fairly good bedside manner. He enjoys life having had everything h ever needed, and even most of the things he ever wanted. He enjoys creature comforts but can live without them when necessary.

(see Captain Wulfe to use this character)
Strengths & Weaknesses Mike believes there is always hope as long as you do not quit. He has suffered enough failures in his life to know he will not always win, but quitting is never an option till it is over.

He has seen many horrible things and often wakes from a deep sleep sweating from a nightmare revisited.
Ambitions To make living for all more enjoyable
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys the arts, plays, paintings, sculptures, fine wine, and a robust throat burning scotch. He is seldom far from his lazy-boy recliner when off duty.

Personal History Born on Earth in June of 2349 to a pair of Surgeons. He was in medical school when the Dominion War began. When Earth was attacked it brought the horrors home as his Father was mortally wounded. His Father died four years later never recovering from his wounds. Mike was a surgeon by then and worked in a hospital near the convalescent home his Father was in. Horror stories from the Marquis/Cardassian border area were in the news often. Mike decided to help but his knowledge of alien medicine was limited.

In 2378 he went to the Starfleet Academy medical school to learn about treating the various alien races in and around the Federation. His playboy and party animal youth left behind when his Father was injured. He went to the Academy with a fervor for learning all he could. He took a near double schedule soaking in information to the denial of everything else.
Service Record Mike graduated from the Academy in 2382 and went as an Ensign to DS9 where he took assignment in the worst hit areas for the next six years. He would sign on for whatever new problem broke out in his efforts to avenge his father's death by saving lives.

In 2389 He took an assignment on Azel IV a mining town had some gastronomical problem so he volunteered to go check it out. In September of that year he heard about a mountain village named Curacao. They had a serious medical problem but he was ordered to stay out of the mountains. he was told it was too dangerous and no one went near that area.

Near the end of October the Asgard requested a field hospital! Rumor was they left a medical team out there where he had been forbidden to go. He immediately went to see the base commander. It took him several days to run down the elusive officer but when he finally did he received permission to join the medical team in Curacao... If he could get a ride out there!

31 October 2389 He met a pilot from the Asgard!