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Lieutenant Commander Ciara Brannagh

Name Ciara Brannagh

Position Chief of Forensic Investigations

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 120
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Ciara has long thick straight red hair and green eyes. She has done ballet and Irish dancing all her life and translate into the way she carries herself, graceful and controlled.


Spouse Idan Meker (Deceased)
Children (Late) Loan, Liam, Mirran (deceased)
Father Colonel Liam Brannagh
Mother Gunnery Sargeant Vivian Brannagh
Brother(s) Aodhan, Quinn, Jonathan

Personality & Traits

General Overview At first glance, Ciara seems quiet, even aloof, but once you get to know her, she can be warm and friendly. Even though circumstances had forced her into command, she is a reluctant leader. It pushes her boundaries, but the result is that she is a very understanding and compassionate person, always seeing both sides of the issue, but her feelings doesn't influence her decisions or recommendations. She had studied Law through the years and took part in many forensic investigations and was called as an expert witness in many cases throughout the quadrant.

She is used to give her opinion and doesn't hold back if she doesn't agree
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Analytical, problem solving, strategic in her thinking, objective, fair, compassionate and a better leader than she thinks.
Stubborn, over analytical, and has strong opinions. She doesn't talk about her feelings easily, and can blow up if pushed. The Irish temper is distinctly present.
Ambitions To become an expert in her field of forensic medicine and pathology, and eventually teach at the Starfleet School of Medicine. Now that she is in Command and with no family, everything has changed. At the moment she is still going with the flow.
Hobbies & Interests Ciara plays piano and paints in oil on canvass. She also loves the outdoors, camping, hiking and she does some running, pilates and ballet and Irish dancing to keep herself in shape.

Personal History Both her parents came from very long, deep routed Marine traditions. During the last trimester of her pregnancy, Gunnery sergeant Vivian Brannagh, a sniper, returned to her home town of Cork, Ireland, where, Ciara was born on 15 May 2345. With her three older brothers, they remained there for three years, seeing their father only on shoreleave. They then joined him again, although her mother took a less dangerous assignment.

Ciara lived on Starships for the rest of her childhood and joined Starfleet and studied medicine at the age of seventeen, much to the disgust of her family. Relations with her family were strained for many years. Then she married a Scientist from Betazed, which made relationships worse. It was only after the birth of her second child that she saw her parents again.

Ciara had always been interested in pathology, but more specifically forensic medicine. She studied medicine, specialized in pathology and then studied law while serving as Medical Officer. She stayed on earth, practicing as a ME, and because crime, especially murder was rare, she was used in several different countries. giving her a broad experience. Soon her professionalism and expertise caused her to be used off world and not long after that she was asked to join Starfleet. Her husband applied as science officer and together they served on several ships, a colony and then Starbase 249. There she served as a MO, and served as ME when needed, while her husband was a Science Officer. Neither wanted too much responsibility as raising their children were very important to them.

But then the Kzinti attacked, at first just attacking them and then leaving again, as if they were called away. This happened over a period of six months. In that time many people were killed, including the XO and 2XO. Being the highest ranking officer, Ciara was promoted two months into the war to Commander and Executive Officer, which she remained, until the last series of attacks in which the station was left for destroyed. With the help of a man, known to them as Danvers, the survived for a few weeks on the ship until the IKS D'ama rescued them. In the last attack, her husband and children was killed in an explosion as well moments before help came.

She was going to resign her commission and return to earth, but before she could even mention her intentions, she had to do an autopsy on a murdered XO on board the Achilles, which was in the same vicinity as the IKS D'ama, and shortly after reassigned to the Executive Officer. Again by default.

This time she had no family to think of, so she would give it all she got. She had nothing to loose. And with a Klingon Captain, she had no real choice.

After serving on the USS Achilles, right after the devastating Kzinti war, she decided this time to go home, and she resigned her commission.

However, Ciara returned to nothing. With her family gone, she did not find the rest in Ireland she had hoped for and made herself available to serve in Starfleet again.

She was assigned to the USS Asgard as Chief of Forensic investigations.