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Captain Raymond Wulfe

Name Raymond Wulfe

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 210lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description He is caucasian with a strong chin and hawkish features. More rugged then handsome. Has large hands and wears size eleven boots. He picked up a cowboy hat somewhere and often wears it off duty.


Spouse married 25 March 2390 XO/CMO Elisad Amar
Children adopted by Stev and Jem Amar (Elisad's teenage kids)
Just learned of Dec2389: Son age 16 Brayden Wulfe
Elisad announced a pregnancy 5 Nov 2391
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family nanny Ethel Brown (Elisad's live in nanny)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Wulfe is normally polite and friendly. Tries to get along with everyone as doesn't want problems with anyone. Sees no reason to fight for honor, as it is only in the mind. Is very hard to insult or provoke into a confrontation. Having said that He won't stand by and let someone be picked on because they are small or weak.
Strengths & Weaknesses His strengths are mostly physical abilities, but He has a way of getting out of problems without fighting.

His weaknesses: he has a really difficult time backing down once riled up. He also trusts very few, believes everyone is in it for something they want.
Ambitions Wulfe wanted to fly, Peregrines at first then Razors or Raptors later as they came into service. Though any and all small craft would do in a pinch. Now that he is older he has made the transition to the big boats as a Flight officer, then an XO and presently as a commander of his on ship.
Hobbies & Interests In the marines he learned he was really good at shooting and blowing stuff up. Wants to continue competitive shooting when time permits. In the orphanage he was pretty good at things like lock picking and computer hacking. Isn't sure yet how he can apply those skills to his new life in Starfleet. He has however found them all useful at one time or another.

Personal History History: Raymond was raised in an orphanage not knowing who his parents were. He was a bright lad and excelled at mathematics. His ability with numbers translated into a skill with computers. By age twelve He was helping to teach the younger children. He was big for his age and had a strong dislike for bullies. Raymond often found himself in trouble for smacking down an older kid for harassing a smaller one. The teachers felt Raymond was a good kid, he always worked hard and never gave them any trouble. His protectiveness was seen in a positive light. Raymond found that the more He was trusted the more access he gained to the orphanages files.

At age of fourteen He used that trust to check out his own file. What He learned changed his outlook forever. There had been a shuttle crash and He was the only survivor. He was not listed in the passenger manifest, and no one aboard was known to have children, let alonr a baby. No one had come forward to claim him either, even with a fairly widespread media blitz. He was determined to be about four months at that time so his birthday was listed as 9 May 2346.

Raymond left the orphanage that same night. He did not have much in the way of belongings so traveled light. He needed money, and He had a plan to get what he needed. He knew how the ATM’s worked from helping the teachers at the orphanage. So he walked downtown and waited by a busy ATM. Pretending to be in a hurry he made himself obnoxious. All the while memorizing access codes from several cards. Then when was close to his turn walked off in a huff. The other patrons were all to happy to see him leave.

Later at a less used ATM, He used the codes to download as much as he could. Then went directly to a bus station and bought a ticket for a nearby city. Where he got caught with a pocket full of cash. The Police took him back to the orphanage and by turning the money back over Raymond avoided being prosecuted. The police officer liked the kid and sponsored him into a martial arts school.

The next four years Wulfe trained hard seven days a week. The school was run by a retired marine force recon sergeant. He had taught marines for nearly twenty years to fight many styles. The X-Sergeant liked the hard working kid who never took advantage of his size against smaller kids. Wulfe on the other hand trained to forget He had no one in this world.

On His graduation from school Raymond walked in and enlisted in Starfleet marines before he could change his mind. Was only a few weeks later He was boarding a shuttle for Parris Island. Marine basic training was one of Raymond’s best experiences ever. It was tough but the building of friendships was like nothing he had ever experienced. The sixteen weeks flew by. He managed to win the President’s one hundred award for marksmanship.

For his advanced training He went to Artificer school at Camp Pendleton. He excelled during the six month course and was offered a chance to continue with the Sapper specialty program. He really enjoyed the six weeks of blowing things up. He liked the challenge of defusing explosives as well.

Once completed his training was in the transient barracks awaiting his first assignment. Some of the others prodded him into testing to be a pilot. When He was accepted to flight school a few days later everyone including Raymond was surprised.

He was on a shuttle the next day for Mimas to join the next class. Raymond learned that He not only had a knack for flying, He really loved it. He completed the six month course with honors. Since the SERE school was about to begin its next session of training, Raymond applied and was accepted. The four week survival training was a breeze, in fact Raymond set a course record for capturing his pursuers.

What happened next would change everything. One of his Instructors suggested he apply for the next Advanced flight school Class. Raymond not being an officer had explained he wished He was eligible. The Instructors got together and got Wulfe accepted into Starfleet Academy.

He spent the next four years at the Academy. He worked hard and did very well. His martial arts training got him a spot as a student instructor. He was a natural pilot and had a sixth sense for danger, often evading trouble before it happened.

Wulfe found He could pilot about anything and took flight ops as his secondary. He stayed with the Peregrine, as he liked being alone. His natural abilities, tactical awareness, and gunners eye made him an excellent fighter pilot. Upon graduation from the Academy He accepted a transfer from the Marines to be a Navy pilot as was his choice.

Wulfe left the Academy assigned as the Brevet Squadron Leader of his Unit. Assigned to the Akira class in Peregrine single seater fighters. In the next three years he won the job full time being promoted to full Lieutenant. The next five years as a Squadron Leader, he did very well in combat scoring more kills then any of the other pilots he served with. Mostly they fought Pirates but they had encounters with Breen Mercs, Romulan defectors, and many times with Cardassain Rebels. Which was not uncommon during those trouble times. He flew Peregrines at first but when the ship was upgraded he got to fly the new Razor interceptors. Those nimble small craft had less range but were more nimble, combat became more survivable in the new very capable design.

When he ran into trouble with the Executive officer It was decided he should transfer. He accepted a transfer to Mars to teach Advanced fighter combat tactics. He enjoyed the three years there but missed being in space. He hounded the assignment board to get back out to an active post and quickly accepted a chance to become the pilot and XO on a Defiant class ship. It turned out to be an active post and he found that combat aboard the larger vessel was a bit more daunting.

The next four years he was mostly on patrol or escort duty. He even turned down a chance as a Aerospace Group commander to stay there. On their last mission the ship took a really bad beating and they had many casualties. The ship limped back to a space dock but would be months till it was repaired. Wulfe accepted a month leave to Risa, his first leave since Mars. While there he got his new orders to be the new XO on the , a Galaxy just finishing refit.

Three years aboard the Galaxy were some of the toughest but most rewarding of his life. the experience he gained on the Galaxy prepared him well for his next step as a Captain of his own boat.
Service Record Service Record:
Marine basic, one of the President's one hundred.
Artificer school w/Sapper specialty training.
Marine shuttle school, graduated with honors.
SERE training.
Seven months as a Transport pilot w/VMT-559 *Tomahawks*
End Marine Service as a Warrant-01 Officer.
38 months in Marines, June 2364-July 2367
August 2367-May 2371: Four years Starfleet Academy; main field Fighter Pilot; secondary flight ops. Summer between third and fourth year a three month special course in strategic operations small mission planning. Graduated with honors and was the top fighter pilot cadet. Was awarded a level 4 rating, the highest can earn without actual battle experience.

June 2371-August 2379: Eight years as a Squadron Leader/ Group Commander aboard an Akira class starship. Promoted From Brevet LTJG to Full Commander, before being busted back to LtCommander August 2379 for punching the ship XO.

September 2379-August 2382: three years as a top gun style instructor on Mars. Despite two request by commander to be promoted both rejected.

October 2382 November 2386: four years as an XO/Flight department Chief on a Defiant class. All four request for promotion rejected by Command

May 2386-March 2389: Three years as XO on a Galaxy class. Before the Second mission promoted to Full Commander once again

March 2389- (present) Commander of the USS Asgard a Norway class. Due to insubordination demoted in April 2389 back to LtCommander. However was back to Full Commander before left SB204 on first mission with Asgard. Upon return from their first patrol in June 2389 was promoted to Captain.