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Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf

Name Morga Harf

Position Those who retired with Amar

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 280
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description 6'4" shoulders big and a face to fear. the same for all Klingons he has developed some rough cartilaginous structure and dark skin from the hot planet of the races birth


Spouse Josie Harf (nee Jenkins)
Children Wlw'boy'Sang Durag

Father Harf Dorga
Mother Harf Betor
Brother(s) Harf Kang
Harf Kor
Sister(s) Harf Luxor
Other Family Powder puff Harf (Kitten Owner of Morga and Josie Harf.)

Felis Russian Blue

Roughly a year old. Found just Prior to the Birth of my playmate.

Slightly higher than a humanoids ankle.

Roughly 3kg

Dark grey fur looking blue consequently why they call us Russian Blues.

Green eyes

Four legged, tail to help me to balance, padded feet making next to impossible for my subserviants and play mate to hear me coming on carpeted floors.

No spouse as we cats don't get married.

Only just old enough to be mated so have no kittens yet.

Subserviant Male, Morga Harf, He thinks he is owner so don't tell him he isn't

Subserviant Female, Josie Harf, She thinks he is owner so don't tell her she isn't

Play mate1: Durga

No other family members were found, dead or otherwise.

Family Ambition
To live long enough to find something worthy of having kitten's with.

Hobbies & interests
Sleeping, chasing my playmate, scratching the furniture, nibbling at my subserviants ankles when I can get away with it, warming laps and receiving pats from my toys.

Felis only, but I understand what your saying, I just don't care.

Personal History
Found on a planets and almost shot by my subserviant male.

Wlw'boy'Sang Durga Harf


Half Klingon Half Human

8 months old

Heavy for a developing teething baby but maybe not for a Klingon.

Black hair developing behind his brow ridge

Blue eyes (from his mother)

Starting to teeth, watch out Josie painful months ahead.

Father Morga Harf

Mother Josie Harf

Grandad Ambassedor Harf

Grandma Betor Harf (Really wants more grandchildren.)

Grandad Robert Jenkins

Grandma Marrion Jenkins (Really wants more grandchildren.)

Harf Kang
Harf Kor

Harf Luxor

Strengths & Weakenesses
Dribbling, teething Rusks, Tribbles
(Well mum doesn't like expressing so what else do you think I am strong at.)

To live, to love and find some interesting things together into

Hobbies & interests
Eating, sleeping, learning to walk, learning to talk, keeping mum and dad up late.

None yet, but probably Klingonese and Federation standard, maybe more later.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Always ready to fight but then again what Klingon is not ready to die on any given day. Though understanding enough after many years on both planets and ships with humans that he has learnt to curb his enthusiasm for the fight.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong and cunning learnt how to fight on the Klingon planets against Klingons Knowledge of Klingon weapons.
Ambitions "Well" said Morga Harf "I spent many years deciding on whether I would enter the Imperial Klingon Services or the Legal service of the Klingon High command." Morga's expression changes from pity to gladness and then he continues "But the only service that would allow me to move up the ranks was Starfleet. You see I am only a low caste family and would never been invited to sit on the high council so I thought I should join Starfleet and see the universe."
Hobbies & Interests Klingon weaponry
Human Antiques of the 20th Century
Writing bad Klingon verse
Master Klingon Blacksmith
Languages Klingon, Romulan, Federation standard

Personal History Born on a lonely small out of the way planet in Klingon space. Spend most of my early life growing up there. Just as I was about to enter school My father received a posting to a neutral zone planet and I schooled there. Eventually becoming part of federation space through the peace treaty I lived there until the federation academy testers started coming and on my third and final attempt was accepted into the academy.

Before entering the Academy Morga was shipped of to a master Klingon Blade Master to be trained in the production of all Klingon Blades. This was to improve his Families honour. He has made his own M'kleths and likely will produce all family blades.

As part of an away mission Morga found a kitten that he thought might be a good play mate for his soon to be son. He brought home with many scratches as he needed to smuggle it in, in his environmental suit. The kitten looked like a ladies make up powder puff so it got the name Puff for short.

As part of the below service records Morga met and liked a Medical Tech called Jenkins. They quickly fell in love and with live well they are married just before the birth of their first baby Durga.

Service Record Starfleet Academy Years 1 and 2 Morga Harf spent the first two years of his training trying as many discovering his interests. from Operations to Engineering and finally settling in an interest of Intelligence. In his spare time making a solar sailing vessel with a small engine to push it against the solar winds for a return journey.

Starfleet Academy Year 3 Morga's first trip out of the earth Solar system that he plotted as many students do it here it was a successful zeroG time for him of two weeks a week out and a week back, feeling the solar winds on the way out and after passing the sun Catching them back to Earth. This was something that not too many humans had ever done.

Starfleet Academy Year 4 just missing grades to be assigned to the red squadron Morga saw it as another of life's failures and he vowed never to suffer that defeat again.

USS Farragut Straight out of Starfleet with high passing grades Morga was posted to a field job of intelligence operative on the USS Farragut. He excelled in his new role now being able to do some actual work and earn the respect of other men and women.

IKS T'Gort'cha posted as the lowest officer rank Morga had to fight his way higher. He was seen as the lowest rank for two reasons he was from a low caste family and he was the lowest rank officer Starfleet Ensign. Morga was put on the T'Gort'cha as security however when he got there he saw there was little need for internal security as the crew was well established in their roles. Morga found he was doing more as Intelligence that security.

Between his Officer exchange program on the IKS T’Gor’cha and his next posting Morga was confused pulled by his need to be with his people and his loyalty to his training in Starfleet. After almost six months on Deep Space Nine loyalty ruled over his heart and he made husband way onto the USS Nautilus.

USS Nautilus after his successful Klingon officer exchange program Morga was promoted to Lt (jg) and posted to Intelligence Officer of the USS Nautilus. For the following two years he received praiseful reports from his Captain and Chief finally hearing about a Chief Intel role he requested transfer to the USS Asgard.

USS Asgard Morga Transferring over from the USS Nautilus sees him getting used to a new crew and the charge of the Intel services on the ship. Reporting directly to the Captain now as Chief.

Only months after arriving on the the Asgard Morga was promoted to full lieutenant with the privileges and responsiblities of that rank.
Out of Character Notes Got married to make a proper woman of his first love interest and because he found out she was pregnant with his first child.

Still nieve around other women a because above.

Betor Played by Anlya D'Tries

WIA: 8th June 2391.