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Lieutenant Shawn Harper

Name Shawn Harper

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 230
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Standing at 5 foot 10 inches it may seem like his weight in a lot but it fits his frame and prevents him from looking too small. He keeps his brown hair short with enough bangs in the front to cover somewhat of his large forehead. His skin is of pale complexion. His eyes are dopey looking and his eye brows fit his face. His lips and his nose also the size appropriate to his face.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Shane Harper
Mother Rebecca Harper
Brother(s) Ryan Harper-Deceased, science lab accident
Sister(s) Jordann Harper- Consular at Starfleet Academy
Other Family Nicole Harper- Sister-in-Law

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mr. Harper's personality is excitable. He stresses out under deadlines easily but oddly enough is when he seems to perform at his best. He knows his is good in the engineering room and sometimes tends to get onto his 'high horse', in which cases a reminder of his station is in order. For the most part Shawn is easy to get along with and can be found trying to make light of any and all situations, even inappropriate ones.
Strengths & Weaknesses His strengths are: working will under pressure, able to lighten the mood under any circumstances which is found to add productivity from those who work with him. His refusal to let failure slow him down or stop him helped him throughout his life as well as entrance into the Academy.
Ambitions To gather enough experience to become stationed at StarFleet Engineering Corps to help develop new ships and technology.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys the holo decks, a little of a adrenal freak, he can be known to run some extensive programs. He loves to play around with the engineering systems to see where and what can be tweaked here and there for different results.

Personal History Grew up in a farm setting in what was once called Canada, since a small child he was playing around with farm equipment and making adjustments that would sometimes turn out for the worse. His failures only seem to spur him on to the dismay of his family.

he applied for early entrance to StarFleet Academy at age 16 and when refused his finished up his schooling then at age 18 re applied, this time gaining entrance on his aptitude tests for engineering systems. His father wanted him to do the Command Courses, so Shawn humored him for the first year then later switched over to engineering, thankfully for the cross training Command Personal get Harper didn't waste his first year and was able to start of his second year in the engineer corps.
Service Record At age 21 Shawn graduated and his first posting was not on a star ship but on a out post where Starfleet felt his talents were best suited. After a year of being on the out post his brother, Ryan died in a science lab accident at Starfleet Academy. Taking personal leave Shawn traveled back to earth for the funeral and while there changed his mind and decided working on a star ship would help him gain new ideas as well as the experience needed in order to get his dream posting.

By age 23 he was assigned to the USS Tracker where he spent the next seven years bouncing up and down the ranks before his finally transferred off and Starfleet gave him a Chief Engineering assignment. Shawn figured the Tracker's Captain got annoyed with him and requested Starfleet to transfer him to another ship.
Service Record Starfleet Academy-Engineering Corps age 18-21 graduated 4th in his class.

Out Post 881-Computer Repair Specialist/Damage Control Specialist 1 year before taking year personal leave.

USS Tracker-First two years- Computer Repair Specialist
years 3-5 - Assistant Chief Engineer/Damage Control
years 5-6 - Chief Engineering Officer
years 6-7 - Demoted to Computer Repair Specialist before being transferred at the end of year 7.