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Lieutenant Narira Atay

Name Narira Atay

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 1401bs
Hair Color Black (tips dyed blue)
Eye Color Black
Physical Description She's very pale for a betazoid, her skin almost porcelein white, and she has a nasty tendency to burn if she doesn't cover up in strong UV light. Narira keeps her hair very long, almost to her knees, in a moment of vanity in an otherwise practical life. On duty its normally carefully bound and pinned to keep it out of delicate moving parts using a mass of multistrand plaits and twists.

She keeps herself at regulation fitness, and is well proportioned, not skinny, but not pudgy.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Mika Atay
Mother Drevivia Atay, Daughter of the thirteenth House
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Sumek, professor at Vulcan academy of sciences, became her mentor, and a close paternal figure

Personality & Traits

General Overview Narira is a reserved and composed young woman, a product of her upbringing on Vulcan.

This hides her daily struggle with her overwhelming telepathic capacity, held in check by strong medication and daily meditation. Her telepathy came through very early and is extremely strong, one of the strongest known. This is not a good thing. Without her medication she is quickly overwhelmed by the cacophony of minds that surround her, hearing not only top of mind thoughts, but also the underlying ‘true thoughts’. This is not an ability she can turn off and on at will. Years of practise and medical assistance have allowed her to build strong psychic walls to keep it out, but it also keeps every one out. As medical technology progress she hopes to learn to control and filter her power, but for now she must accept a much less refined solution. but time is running out

She is building tolerance to the medication and has perhaps two to three years before she has to have her telepathic abilities removed to protect herself and others.
Strengths & Weaknesses One of her talents has always been adapting existing equipment to new uses, jury rigging old components and backwards engineering new discoveries to stretxh what she has available. She enjoys the challenge of the puzzle of how to make do, or work out how something works, and can be found fiddling with all mannor of devices even when not on duty.

Narissa is wary of close contact with others, fearing that closeness and familiarity might overcome her carefully constructed barriers, despite her medications. therefore she is often very reserved and stand offish, sometimes giving offence when none was intended, and can often freeze up in social situations.
Ambitions To be a normal telepath and find a cure for her out of control powers.

She's also trying to burn through her bucket list before her brain either explodes, or she's lobotomised for her own and other's safety.

Hobbies & Interests Narira prefers solitary or small group activities, due to the nature of her condition; she enjoys reading and loves to draw and paint.
Languages Federation standard, Medaran (Dominant language group of Betazed)

Personal History It was obvious that Narira was not going to be "normal" before she was three years old, when she was developing language skills very quickly, by the time she was three and a half, the reason for that was clear. Her telepathic ability was already active and she was taking language straight from the heads of those around her. Normally her telepathy shouldn't start before puberty. Narira's doctors agreed to medicate her to limit her telepathy, and started her on a small dose.

As she got older her abilities only continued to get stronger, and she added the capacity to broadcast. The nightmare of the eight year old Narira would wake the neighbourhood. Her medication was changed, again dulling her ability. Despite never having had to train her abilities like most Betazeds, her sheer power meant she was easy able to sense and project when the medication was not in effect.

At puberty her abilities trebled. Without medication, whole continents were shouting into her head, and she always knew when her dose was due as her abilities began to leak back, despite her efforts to build barriers. Her parents considered surgery to remove her telepathic centres, but Narira was absolutely adamant she could control it, and put a lot of effort into it. With a third change in medication, to the most powerful available, she was able to manage her condition, though she was now completely reliant on verbal communication only.

Her parents also decided a change in environment might help, and at the age of thirteen her family moved from Betazed to Vulcan. It was hoped that a planet where the thoughts and minds of the vast majority of the population were controlled logical, and emotionally repressed, would be less harsh on her young mind, and her mother hoped that the discipline of the Vulcans, who had telepathy of their own, might help train Narira in her own skills.

This worked reasonably well. Her parents found a good teacher, Sumek, a specialist in the telepathy of Vulcans. He worked with her directly and she learnt much about applying the concentration and discipline needed to build and maintain walls in her consciousness. The time they spent together meant they developed a close relationship as student and mentor, and she considers him part of her family.

As she got a handle on her powers she found an element of peace, and realised she could participate fully in a community, with careful management of her condition. Encouraged by Sumek and determined to prove herself, she applied to , and was accepted to, Starfleet Academy.
Service Record Finding machines easier to handle than people, she gravitated towards engineering, and entered starfleet in the hope of finding some peace through the isolation of a small ship in the emptiness of space. She worked diligently at the academy and took her first posting on the USS Ch'Zerath, a science vessel examining space time fluctuations, where she helped the chief engineer develop a new shape of warp field to help ships fly along the fluctuations more closely to measure the effect.

After a little while She moved to the USS Shakespeare, that patrolled the Romulan Border, first as a warp specialist then as Assistant Chief Engineer, During this time they had a close run in with a romulan patrol vessel and the warp engines were disabled. They were dozens of light years from help. with subscpace communications damaged, and being in deep space, away from any space lanes that might contain someone to hear their emergency beacon. At this point her junkrat tendancies came to the fore, and she was able to adapt multiple parts of the Shakespeare into a functioning warp drive, giving them a burst of speed that put them into the path of an Andorian trade vessel that was able to come to their rescue and get them home. But on arrival it was also clear that her medication regime was weakening, and her time as functioning person was in danger.

With the added impetus of wanting to make the most of the time she had left, and feeling her engineering skills and abilities were more than up to the task of running an engineering department, and she put in for multiple department head position, hoping she would be able to learn the people handling skills she needed before her time ran out.
Out of Character Notes tbc