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Gunnery Sergeant John Stryker

Name John M Stryker II

Position 4th Platoon Sergeant

Rank Gunnery Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 156lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Skin Tone: Tanned
Physique: Lean and muscular, toned.
Distinguishing Marks: Incidental scars. SF Corps Tattoo on his right forearm


Spouse None ~ Never Married
Father WO-1 John Michael Stryker, SFMC KIA
Mother Winona Marie Stryker, Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Other Family Claire Wistrom, Aunt that raised John.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Considered to be a loner. Will "stand and fight" with no thought to "run". Which causes him some trouble from time to time.

Stryker can be either engaging or quiet as the mood and surroundings dictate. He has advanced through the ranks at a normal and steady pace. Stryker easily admits he has enjoyed his stint as an instructor but relishes the thought of re-assignment to a hot spot. He will tell you simply that MACO’s and Marines are waiting for war. It is what they are trained for.

Special Abilities: Proficient leader.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths/Talents: Loyal to a fault. Dependable under stress or fire. Leads by example. Mission focused.

Limitations/Weaknesses: Inflexibility in the field can become a problem and a weakness. Difficulty forming meaningful relationships with women. Often seen as aloof or disinterested. Exercises limited involvement outside his immediate unit, whom he considers family.
Ambitions When in a leadership capacity, to bring his men home
alive. To complete his assigned task swiftly and surely.
To serve his command (duty station), the Federation and the fleet to the best of his ability.
Hobbies & Interests American West of the 19th Century. Marine Corps History. All manner of weaponry, both historic and currently in use by all races.
Languages Federation Standard, some Klingon, Romulan and Cardasian. Smattering of Ferengi.

Personal History DOB: 10/07/2360

Born in Omaha Nebraska, his mother Winona died in childbirth. His father was a career Marine. As a result, he was raised by his Aunt Claire. John lacked for nothing materially or psychologically. At age five his aunt moved them to Monterey Park California to a house his father had bought. He had a distant relationship with his father who was always stationed somewhere far off in space and was seldom home on leave. Never the less, he contacted his son weekly, contacts John treasured. Those and the occasional picture he would send. His father was killed in a firefight with insurgents while serving on Alpha Eight when John was twelve.

In High school, he excelled in football but had average grades. UCLA offered him a full ride scholarship. He was a good student and an above average football player, his Aunt Claire passed his junior year, John Stryker was alone in life.

He never considered the next level of football, as joining the Marines had become an obsession. Reluctantly, but instinctively, he detached from his girlfriend. His reasoning was that he would leave no one behind. He also withdrew from almost everyone but his team until the end of his Senior season, then he maintained very few close friends, as he understood his calling and it's demands.The day after graduation he was at Star Fleet Headquarters, San Francisco California entering the Academy. As his right hand raised John knew he was committed for life, this was his destiny, a Starfleet Marine.
Service Record Service Record: 2384/15/September: Accepted to Starfleet Academy.2375/15/March: Crewman Apprentice Training cruise.
2385/30/September: Graduates SFA.2375/01/October: Assigned: Starbase 285.
2386/06/June: Assigned: Marine Detachment USS Swiftsure NCC 26543.
2388/10/July: Assigned: Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 45th Marine Infantry Regiment.
2390/09 September: Assigned Marine Training Facility, Alpha Centauri
2392/1/March: Assigned USS Asgard

Promotion History: 2386/30/September: Graduates SFA. Private
2387/01/February: Privet 1st Class
Promoted to Lance Corporal 2387/18/January:
Promoted to Corporal 2389/10/July:
Promoted to Sergeant 2391/07/April:
Promoted to Staff Sergeant 2392/12/January
Promoted to Gunnery Seargent 2390/2/March
Out of Character Notes Medical Review: Psychological Report:"There are no personality traits evident that would keep Marine Recruit Stryker from completing Marine training and serving at the highest standard of the Corps.

Maj. A. Kellerher PhD, SFMC San Francisco, California.
Allergies/Health Issues None of record.
Counseling Review Not relevant at this time