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Ensign Scott Barby

Name Scott *Voiceman* Barby

Position Fighter Pilot

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 172lbs
Hair Color blondish/tan
Eye Color blue


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father John Barby CEO major corporation
Mother Jill Barby accountant (free lance)
Brother(s) older: John Barby jr. age 32 (married with two children age 6 and 3) Lawyer with family corporation
Sister(s) Older: Denise Barby age 28 (married with two children age 3 and 8mos) Department manager family corporation

Younger: June Barby age 22 just going to grad school to be a doctor

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Friendly and open personality, easy to talk to
+ brave but does not believe in being 'courageous'
+ skilled Pilot capable of advanced tactics

-Poor disicpline, does what he has too but often complains if feels it is more than he needs to do
-still rather rebellious by nature
Ambitions He feels tricked into becoming a starfleet officer and being a fighter pilot is sort of his payback to what he sees as his Father's treachery. Right now he wants to not do anything that gets someone else killed and then get out, maybe start his own band just to piss off his Father
Hobbies & Interests Music, singing, and reading ancient histories of noble families

Personal History Scott was the third child of four in the barby family. Born 12 April 2366 on Earth. He was soon grown into the problem child. Too much imagination and energy he was always getting into trouble. His two older siblings were model children, obedient and disciplined. Not so with Scott. He was insolent and broke rules just for the sake of breaking rules. He never did anything mean-hearted, or harmful to others mostly hejust pulled pranks against the status quo. By the time he was in fifth grade he had been expelled form very high brow elementary schools three times. On the third his father sent him to a rigid military academy type school.

They did not expel students, their philosophy was to 'mold' young people into proper adults. Thus Scott wasnot expelled but his demerits kept him at the bottom of his class despite excellent grades and performance. He even formed a band among his peers and played on Saturday nights when he was not in detention. As graduation neared he was teased into applying for the Fleet Academy. The top ten students in the graduating class normally went there, even the bottom of any given class was assured admittance to a good college though. Scott applied.

He was as surprised as anyone else once he got the news. He decided to go thinking his father had nothing to do with this. In reality his father once he had found out pulled every string in his possession to get his son accepted. He felt the Academy might just be the one place his son would succeed.

Entering the academy it was impressed upon him that lives depended on your fitness. For once in his life Scott did not goof off. He worked hard, found he had a talent for piloting fighters and declared that his major his second year. just because he was dedicated did notmean he disavowed a social life. He formed another band and they played every Friday and Saturday night. His grades were good and his class rank was in the top ten percent.
Service Record June 2384- September 2388 Academy with major in flight and as a fighter pilot

October 2388-July 2389 Fighter pilot on SB211 near Betazoid. He got into trouble on the nearby planet one time too often and was transferred to the Gorn Border post. It was her met his back seater 'Chase "Fox" Roullier ' and they formed a team. He also got his callsign *Voiceman* while there.

August 2389-December 2391 SB82 He had a tough CO with the Bounty Hunters and he was shaping up nicely with a war looming on the Horizon! The war did not happen but trouble on Bellatrix was looking ominous. He trained hard and was one of the Bounty Hunters top pilots.

December 2391- present w/VF/A-219 Bounty Hunters aboard USS Asgard