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Name Vehno

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 134lbs
Hair Color reddish brown
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description Curvy but lithe of movement


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father unknown
Mother unknown
Brother(s) N/a
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Only thing she had close to family is the Orion syndicate *Golden Hemlock*. They raised and trained her from birth

Personality & Traits

General Overview She was raised in a sort of dormitory with twenty other Orion girls. The 'dormitory' had three Mistresses who taught them everything from accounting to seduction. All the girls were trained as acrobats and thieves as well. Friendships were discouraged and 'ratting out' another girl brought rewards.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is wise beyond her years and has a keen sense for survival. She learned early to not stand out or look too pretty. Neither would lead to a good outcome for her. Bt being good enough to be useful but not needed she learned to avoid the many pitfalls her 'sisters' fell into.
Ambitions To not end up in a brothel or sold off as a slave

Personal History She never knew her parents or any blood relation. She was raised in a sort of Orion guild orphanage. Trained as a thief, an acrobat, and an accountant so she was both useful and smart. Her lithe body was also trained to catch the eye and to seduce or distract any male she met. She learned by experience not to be too pretty as those girls were sold off into slavery. Too smart and she would end up drugged in a brothel so she did not become a problem. Too athletic and she might end up on a crew. Hiding when not stealing or enforcing the Guild agenda.

By being just good enough and not being noticed she ended up where she wanted to be, a nice boring job. The last job she had was on SB82 taking care of the slave fighters. She had few real responsibilities as long as they fought. Make sure they were healthy, make sure they maintained a fighting attitude, and fetch what they needed within reason.

Then she had been assigned to Ranulf Blackhawk, a marine pilot. He was nice to her despite being imprisoned. He never cvaused her problems or needed much. He took his first fight without complaint and he was barely hurt at all. She found herself liking him which she knew was a dumb thing to do. His life expectancy was short, he would only live as long as he won and as long as he stayed healthy enough to fight. Still she found she liked giving him massages and listening to him talk.

Then his friends had broke him free and he had taken her back to his ship to help her out. She had feared the Orion's would in the end find her. She decided to leave the ship and find out how much trouble she was in. She learned the worst and was captured as she tried to return to the Asgard.

To her shock Ranulf came for her! Right into the heart of the GoldenHemlock's power base! Now she was back on the Asgard and knew she could not go back. She had no idea what she would do next, but she had a friend now.