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Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies

Name Bettina Lyra Davies EMTP/PO2

Position Paramedic

Second Position Paramedics/Nurses

Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight #120
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slim, but not anorexic, athletic, but not muscular. Her features are plain and delicate, and she has a bright smile and expressive brown eyes that have flecks of green. Her shoulder-length hair is auburn, and she wears it up while at work, although she prefers to keep it down when off-duty. Bettina chooses casual clothing in earth tones with occasional splashes of color, and she isn't overly particular about her appearance...often, her clothes are a shade too big, or are mis-matched or patched, although she does keep them clean.

She has pierced ears, wears a silver chain necklace that has a few baubles hanging from it, and bracelets with tiny bells.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Sumner/horticulturalist/Deceased
Mother Grace/naturalist/Deceased
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) NA

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bettina approaches things from a simple, straight-forward view, and sometimes this helps her to see deception or obfuscation, although she tends to take things literally and is rather naive and trusting. She has a knack for healing although she doesn’t have the ability for the advanced education that would qualify her as a physician. She likes to laugh and she likes to play, and while she takes her job seriously, she has a knack for putting people at ease and making light of serious situations. Despite her gentle nature, she won't hesitate to jump in and stand up for anyone who she feels has been threatened.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Bettina has a knack for mechanical things, and has enjoyed since she was a child taking things apart and putting them back together.

Her empathy and calm bearing under stress make her valuable in medical emergencies.

Because of her own simplicity, she connects well with children


Prone to trust, and to believe that there is good in everyone, she often doesn't see the bad until it is blatantly obvious.

Bettina has trouble with reading comprehension...she does well with hands-on learning, but often needs to read something over several times and even then can become frustrated and give up.
Ambitions Bettina just wants to be able to fly and be in the stars, where her heart has always seemed to pull her, and if she can find stability and 'family' along the way, she'd be happy!

Hobbies & Interests While she can't carry a note, she has some skill at playing the chanter, and some untrained ability sketching with pastels.

She also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and horseback riding, although she isn't thrilled with water and tends to stay away from activities such as swimming or sailing.

Bettina is fairly well skilled in games of sleight-of-hand, something she developed to help distract patients.

She likes to make things grow, and would love to tend a garden, but her obsessive passion is flying and the stars.
Languages Standard, can swear in Klingon

Personal History The only daughter of a horticulturalist and his naturalist wife, Bettina grew up loved and happy, traveling to archeological sites around Earth with her parents, gaining an appreciation for earth and nature. They taught her about history and holistics, art and music, and about caring for others.

But her eyes were always on the heavens, and her heart was in the sky. It was evident early on that, while she was a bright child, she had trouble learning via traditional methods, a frustration for her. But it was also evident that she would apply herself to things that interested her, and eventually learn what she had to. From an early age, her quiet nature gave her a way with animals, and local children brought her an assortment of injured and sick birds, kittens and puppies to tend. Using an assortment of herbs and readily available cures, she did what she could. While she wasn’t always successful, by the time she was in her later schooling, she was being sought for advice for simple medical conditions and injuries.

Knowing that college wasn't a viable option, and wanting to go into space, Bettina opted to join Starfleet, a decision that scandalized and distressed her parents. Bad enough she wanted to join in the structured organization, but they didn’t think she could survive the rigors of the didactic courses, and didn’t want her to be disappointed. But she prevailed, driven by her desire to go to space, and attended the Academy with lukewarm support of her parents.

Bettina had no delusions that she could be a doctor, so she initially applied as a nurse. But even that proved to be daunting, and one of her instructors finally steered her toward emergency medicine, where she found her niche. The training, primarily hands-on, came much more easily for her, and she did well, passing the courses on her first try.

Initially, she was assigned to the hospital attached to SF HQ in San Francisco, and she was a little disappointed, since she was looking forward to getting out and seeing the Universe.

Her parents were away on a 'dig' when they fell ill and died within days of each other. The news hit her hard and for a time she felt lost and aimless, but finally she rallied and advocated for an assignment on a station far from Earth, up in the stars she loved.

DS82 offered her the chance she wanted to meet, work with and interact with an eclectic array of beings, as well as giving her invaluable experience with caring for different species and dealing with situations that tried her skill and proved her mettle.

Recently, she has been assigned to a task force that was sent to Bellatrix to provide services, including medical care, to the teams there working on repairing a dam.

Service Record 2386 -- SF Academy, Emergency Medicine/Cadet

2388 - 2388 -- SF Medical Center, EMS/PO3

2388 - Present -- DS82 EMS/PO2