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Lieutenant Roger Wilco

Name Roger Wilco

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 162

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 174 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Your average male, most would say he looks young for his age. His only notable trait, Roger's left eyebrow is noticeably higher than the right.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Mortus
Mother Mallora
Brother(s) Roger brothers are Ronan and Santus, their whereabouts are unknown.
Sister(s) none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Roger enjoys reading technical update manuals and has been known to contribute to the community from time to time. He likes drinking coffee at any hour of the day and can be found late at night wondering the stars in stellar cartography.
Strengths & Weaknesses Roger's strengths have always been in Computer Sciences and Stellar Cartography. He gets distracted easily when he finds tasks uninteresting and can prefer solitude far more often than he should.
Ambitions Roger's focus has been his career ever since joining Starfleet. His ambitions have revolved around advancement and helping his shipmates.
Hobbies & Interests Roger is the owner of a vast collection of alien data storage devices.
Languages English, El-Aurian

Personal History Roger was born on the El-Aurian Homeworld on stardate 2256.03 on the southernmost continent of the planet. Roger was the 3rd child of his parents who were Astronomers; he was labeled at a young age as an explorer and took great interest in his parents work.

Roger excelled in his studies but did have issues concentrating in topics that he found unappealing. Besides astronomy, he took a keen interest in computer sciences and warp core theory.

After graduation, he decided to follow his parents and joined the Directorate of Space Science for the El-Aurian Government. After nearly two and a half years his parents retired from the Directorate to settle down on one of the terraformed El-Aurian moons.

After the departure of his parents, Roger began to take further interest in Computer Sciences and not long after submitting his resignation from the Directorate taking a civilian position with the El-Aurian Military’s Bureau of Starship Design and Construction aboard El-Aurian One, a dry dock facility orbiting the 3rd planet in the El-Aurian System. There he focused his efforts on improving Starship Computer Core design and overseeing their installation on new ships. Several years had passed and Roger still found his position rewarding, to that end he officially tendered his application to the El-Aurian Military.

Shortly after being accepted and beginning his training, the El-Aurian Government received reports of a hostel species taking a new foothold in their area of space. After several more attacks on surrounding planets, the El-Aurian Military was given control of Rogers Home World, ordering the complete evacuation of all El-Aurian colony’s that were off-world, including Roger’s parents.

Quickly gaining a field commission due to the ongoing threat, Roger was posted to a heavy cruiser as an operations officer patrolling a distant corner of El-Aurian space. When the attack came they quickly learned the name of the hostel species… The Borg. Shortly after the attack started, it was apparent that relocating everyone back to the homeworld was a mistake as The Borg easily broke through the planetary defenses and with all El-Aurians on the planet surface assimilation came with little resistance.

With the planet now in disarray, Rogers captain ordered a retreat setting course for the Alpha Quadrant, a region of space not yet known to The Borg. They spent years traveling at high warp evading other hostel species and at the same time meeting other generous and peaceful worlds sympathetic to their situation.

After reaching the Alpha Quadrant, Roger’s ship disbanded and the crew all set out on their own adventures, some even decided to set course back to the El-Aurian Home World.

Some years later, Roger joined Starfleet.
Service Record Character Service Record:
2280.10 – Application to Starfleet Academy and Acceptance
2284.23 – Graduation from Starfleet Academy, 14th in his class
2284.56 – Posting to USS Hershey, Operations Officer – Sol System Patrol
2284.95 – Transferred to USS Horton, Operations Officer – Deep Space Assignment
2286.03 – Position with Starfleet Command Operations – New Starship Design, Computer Core Specialist