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Lieutenant JG Dahlia Vine

Name Dahlia Vine

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10''
Weight 129 Ibs
Hair Color Long, dark brown/almost black
Eye Color Dark brown/almost black
Physical Description


Father Lorence Vine *deceased*
Mother Frances Raleigh *deceased*

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dahlia is something of an enigma and not many see beneath the surface unless she wishes it. She is able to understand other people and work them out quickly and easily; what makes them tick and what their motivations and buttons to push are. She is playful and easy in nature, her playfulness underlined with a dry and dark humour at times. Despite being a prostitute, she believes in maintaining her dignity and honour by behaving in a professional manner, always honouring a contract and behaving in a professional manner when it comes to work. She also doesn't believe in resorting to criminal behaviour, despite some of the seedier places she has ended up working, and in fact there have been many times she has done something simply because it was 'the right thing to do'. Some people might underestimate her because of her profession, however she is sharp, intelligent and a highly capable and independent woman who never allows herself to stay in someone's debt. When she sets her mind to do something, she does it, and doesn't scare easily.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a half Betazoid, Dahlia is empathic.

She is highly intelligent, always observant, can understand and work people out and when necessary is capable of being very manipulative. She can keep a cool head in stressful situations and is good at laughing things off with playfulness or a joke. She is able to fight if she has to, but prefers not to.

Due to a disruptive upbringing, she had a patchy education that means she has some gaps in her knowledge. She has some vices which include drinking real alcohol and smoking.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, holonovels, films, gambling (especially poker), dancing, clothes, good quality real alcohol (especially brandy)
Languages Standard, Cardassian, some Romulan dialect, some Klingon, some Orion, some Ferengi

Personal History Dahlia was born to two military officers from the independent colony Aurora, her human mother, Frances, and her Betazoid father, Lorence. Although she was born in the capital city of the colony on her mother's wishes, she was mostly brought up on military bases and ships for the majority of her earlier childhood. Until she was 10 years old and her parents joined the Maquis, taking Dahlia with them.

Life was dangerous amongst the unwholesome crews of the Maquis, and she was dragged from ship to base, from cell to cell with her parents. For three turbulent years she experienced life in the Maquis, until they were wiped out by the Dominion and Cardassian forces when Dahlia was 13 years old.

Her ship was boarded during the final sweep that stamped out the Maquis. While the boarders killed the outnumbered and out gunned crew, Dahlia was found by a Cardassian, Soliak, who hesitated in shooting when he saw how young the girl was...and she reminded him of his daughter. He took the girl prisoner instead, and within weeks, she'd become his ward.

Soliak remained Dahlia's guardian for the next two years, throughout the war, until he felt like he had no choice but to join the Cardassian Liberation Front. Fearing what might come of the human girl with his involvement in the Cardassian rebellion, he told her that he'd managed to track down her uncle, gave her some funds and sent her to a neutral station. However, her uncle never showed up and the 15 year old girl was left having to survive alone.

After her funds ran out, she had no choice but to fall into whatever work she could find, and she was quickly caught up in a group of prostitutes working for an Orion. It was a sharp learning curve for Dahlia, and after a couple of years of it she took the chance of a free trip to get to a Starfleet base. She decided to try and apply to Starfleet, wanting a chance of a secure future. She knew she only had one chance and the young girl thought that her history would seem like a security risk even if she knew she wasn't one. So she decided to hold the more damning parts of her past out of the application, knowing that her being from a non-Federation world meant they wouldn't have a file on her. She didn't disclose that her parents had been Maquis or that she'd been with them and the Maquis in her teenage years, she didn't disclose that a Cardassian officer had been her guardian during the war, and she didn't tell them that she was a prostitute.

After testing she was found to be lacking in some science and mathematics knowledge, but they were impressed by her high overall intelligence scores, in both regular intelligence tests and emotional intelligence tests. That, combined with her empathic abilities, made her an appealing cadet for some departments, and she was offered a place in the Academy. She had gotten through two years of training as an Intelligence officer when the deceit on her entrance forms was discovered and she was thrown out of the Academy.

Dahlia ended up on an unsavoury station, racking up a bar bill and with no prospects to speak of. She ended up falling back into prostitution, turning tricks to get by. Over time, she discovered that not only was she good at what she did, but it granted her a pull with a lot of people she could manipulate. She tried not to stay in the same place too long, knowing that could be fatal if whoever was managing the girls got too close to her, instead, she would make sure to move every year or two to another backwater station where she could build up her business, relying on prostitution to earn a living.

She became comfortable in her own skin, and with her job. She decided it was more honest than many professions, and in her skewed view of men and women, she decided that it was probably more honest than relationships. Everyone knew what they were getting in to, she fulfilled her contract, no messy emotions. Well, most of the time. She became a confident, independent woman who took pride in both doing what she did well and for providing for herself in a very harsh world.

Dahlia eventually wound up on Blight's House of Trade, where she got caught up in having to provide so high a percentage of her earnings that she was unable to leave when things were becoming too close for comfort with some of the people there. It was the chance encounter with Ryder MacCloud there that changed her fate. She was able to help him in locating a missing Starfleet Officer, helping them to escape...and got a ride out to freedom in return. It made her realise what she'd missed out on, and how she could be worth more and do more with her life. MacCloud arranged for her to meet with a contact in Starfleet Intelligence, and she offered Dahlia the chance to go undercover in order to earn a second chance in Starfleet as an Intelligence Officer.

It turned out to be a dangerous mission, allowing herself to be taken as a slave worker onto the ship, the DesertRose, part of the Blood Rose syndicate. Her time undercover there was hard and became more and more dangerous by the day. She took a gamble of making her position worse by manipulating the Captain and XO into taking an interest in her. Once they'd taken her to their bed, she was in the position to learn a lot of intel on the syndicate quickly.

With the violence against her increasing, Dahlia could sense the danger peaking and realised she may well not have long left to live. She took a chance and got a message out to MacCloud, passing on her intel. He was able to track her and rescue her, but the job wasn't done until they managed to put a stop to their plans to take over a system and killed the Captain.

It had been a dangerous, difficult and grim undercover mission, but it earned Dahlia a place back in Starfleet. Although it was hard to say goodbye to MacCloud, she was relieved to get a second chance, to prove to herself that she could be worth more that what someone was willing to pay for her body. She was entrusted with the rank of Lt JG and her first position was aboard the resilient Asgard.