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Lieutenant JG Oliver Barcelo

Name Oliver Barcelo

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 185
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description If there is a word to describe Oliver's appearance it's average. While at the academy his uniform was never the best pressed or the in the worst condition. He's always made it a point to stay out of the spotlight. Although he has been known to clean up well, most people can't remember anything remarkable about his appearance which he finds suited for his chosen career. At 5'9" he isn't athletic but keeps in shape and is ready to get physical is he needs to.


Father Roberto Barcelo
Mother Maria Barcelo
Brother(s) Robert Barcelo Junior (Older)
Randy Barcelo (Younger)
Other Family Commander Orn Olafson (Mentor)
Captain Jake Mason (Contact)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Oliver is the perfect Intelligence Officer for one reason, no one seems to notice him. Although, he's known to be soft spoken, when he does speak it tends to be relevant and important to the situation. Oliver always seems to blend into a room and it just feels like he belongs there. Not seeming to be the athletic type he's kept himself in constant shape since arriving at the academy. Though quick to smile, you would more likely find Oliver lost in a book at the local bar then drinking with friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Observant - Very quiet Oliver listens to everything and everyone. He is an excellent judge of character, and looks at life through the eyes of the many characters he has read about in his books.
Non-Descriptive - When Oliver joined Starfleet he thought he would have trouble shining, but from very early on he caught the eye of Starfleet Intelligence for not catching the eye of anyone else.
Balanced - Oliver has focused on not calling attention to himself in any one area of his training. This has made him a sort of Jack of All trades, average in combat, science, engineering, able to hold his own in tough situations.


Anti-Social - Due to his quiet nature Oliver has been known to be ostracized and thought to be anti-social. People have always thought Oliver would love to live in his books rather than meet and talk to people. While at the academy most of his fellow cadets thought of him as a brown noser closer to the professors than the other cadets.
Command Experience - Because Oliver has never really stood out he has never been put in a leadership role. While he successfully passed all of his command courses at the academy. None of his fellow officers or crewman have ever really looked to him for leadership.
Ambitions Leaving his father's home in Miami, Earth, Oliver surprised everyone leaving his family. Everyone assumed he would take over one of his father's restaurants like the rest of his brothers. Never having been one to take chances or risks Oliver joined Star Fleet deciding he would try to live his own adventures in space and see the galaxy. While because he's very quiet it doesn't seem like he wants to go far in his career, Oliver knows it's a matter of time before he is thrust in to a leadership role.
Hobbies & Interests Oliver is an avid reader. Lost in histories mostly you will find him reading anything he can get his hands on. While not opposed to a good holo-novel he prefers to read on a pad or is he's really lucky something bound and printed. He tends to stay away from replicated books because he claims they feel and smell different. His parents always encouraged this hobby and he has quite a collection of old books. When Oliver goes undercover he takes on the identities of the characters from his books a game his superiors have always found amusing. When Oliver is in character he is charismatic he is in charge, very unlike himself.
Languages Federation Common, Spanish, Dominion Common

Personal History Oliver grew up a middle child of three brothers. His older brother was the rebellious type always getting in to trouble and his younger brother was his father's shining joy following in his foot steps. Oliver was content to just observe and write in his journals. Never breaking the rules, but also never really taking any chances in life. His father was an accomplished Chef with three restaurants and groomed his children to take them over. So it came as a huge shock to his family when Oliver approached them tell them he was leaving to join Starfleet.

Getting into Starfleet wasn't easy. His grades in school weren't bad but the were far from the great. His only saving grace was his ability to write. After putting together the entrance essay of a lifetime he was admitted to Starfleet Academy and began his studies. Oliver time at the academy wasn't hard except that he didn't make many friends. He was closer with the professors than with the other cadets. Early own he caught the eye of Starfleet Intelligence, Commander Orn Olafson, who took on Oliver as his mentor.

Commander Olafson was 6'7" blonde with sharp blue eyes and he envied how easily Oliver blended in with his surroundings. He showed him to collect information from potential threats to girls favorite things. When Oliver graduated there was no question what department he would be in. His first assignment was to the USS Agatha a Nova Class Starship and an Intelligence Officer. The Agatha was tasked with a science exploration in the Beta Quadrant. He served aboard the ship as an Ensign and like most of his career, his accomplishments and service aboard the ship went mainly unnoticed. He was a hard worker but never did anything more than what was expected.

At the end of his second year aboard the Agatha Oliver was sent orders to arrive at Deep Space Nine in Bajoran Space for new assignment with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade attached. When he arrived at DS9 he was surprised to see that no one on station knew anything of his transfer. As he was wandering the promenade he was called to a Lissepian freighter where he met with with Captain Jake Mason for the first time. Mason explained that Starfleet Intelligence thought Oliver was perfect to go undercover. There were threats in the Gamma quadrant that the federation needed to know about. Rumors the dominion was rebuilding their forces.

Mason handed Oliver his new pip simply saying, "This is for you, if you choose to accept your assignment however you won't be wearing it for a while. Good luck, Lieutenant." In the morning Oliver had two sets of orders sent to him. He could return to the USS Agatha and resume his post as an Ensign or board a shuttle into the Gamma Quadrant through the wormhole. He stepped to the replicator near his room asked for civilian clothes signed all the paper work to put his personal belongings in storage taking with him only his second edition copy of Isaac Asimov's Foundation.

The next two years were a blur and exhilarating. Arriving in the Gamma Quadrant at asteroid base to commence training, learning Dominion Common, more advanced hand to hand combat training and learning some cultural differences he would find. He was given a small two person cargo ship and some rudimentary trading materials and sent to make contacts through the Gamma Quadrant. Oliver saw himself as one of Isaac Asimov's merchant princes and took on the identity of the characters from the book, Hober Mallow. Trading throughout the Gamma Quadrant from sector to sector gathering Intel. Throughout his mission he made more and more contact with Mason and as he did Mason began to worry. He realized Oliver was getting lost in the character he had created for himself and he called him back to DS9. Oliver had almost forgotten he was in Starfleet demanding payment up front for the information he gave the Captain.

Returning to DS9 on his first morning he received a message from Mason. Thanking him for the service he did the Federation and congratulating him on his newest assignment to the USS Asgard as an Intelligence Officer. He was brought into an office and debriefed and at the end of it sent home to Miami to sit with his family. It took a couple of weeks for him to re-adjust to his identity

After being home for month OIliver can't wait to back in space. He misses the feeling of the gravplates under his feet and staring out the portholes to see stars in every direction. He wants to continue to write his own story and he knows the Asgard will be his next chapter.
Service Record (2383-2387): Cadet, Starfleet Academy, San Fransico, Earth
(2387-89): Ensign, USS Agatha, Intelligence Officer
(2389-2391) Lt Junior Grade, Starfleet Intelligence, Undercover Ops
(2391 - ): Lt Juinor Grage, USS Asgard, Intelligence Officer