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Lieutenant JG Sol

Name Sol

Position Doctor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0''
Weight 155 Ibs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description


Spouse None
Children None
Father Seth Holmes (Human)
Mother T'Sel (Vulcan)
Brother(s) Vael (half brother, full blooded Vulcan via his mother)
Sister(s) Juliet Holmes (half sister, full blooded Human via his father)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sol maintains control over his emotions in the Vulcan manner, which gives him a calm, emotionless exterior. However, as a half human, his control is not as strong as many other full Vulcans, and as a result, his emotions are sometimes closer to the surface than in other Vulcans. His Vulcan side means that those emotions are stronger and deeper than in humans and he works hard with meditation and mental training to keep them as repressed as he is able. He has accepted that he will never reach Kolinahr, the ultimate attainment of pure logic and purge of all emotions, however he maintains as much control as possible.

He struggled with his experiences as a Marine during the war, and he was deeply disturbed by the more traumatic missions. He tries to find physical distractions to mental challenges and unwanted memories and threatening emotions, exercising vigorously in different forms, to excess at times, to the point that it could be called an addiction by some. He finds the physical exertion both a distraction and relief at times and it is something he continues to push himself harshly in.

He still finds comfort in the simple companionship of animals and can easily spend hours tending to plants. He finds people harder, but does not admit it or show it. He still views humanity as his weaker half, but he has learnt to respect humans in their own way and within their own limits, despite his earlier childhood conclusions he drew about their weakness and unreliability after his human father’s abandonment. He is blunt and to the point, something that makes interaction with humans more difficult at times, but he also shows concern and loyalty to his fellow well as a wicked sense of sarcasm and dry wit. Many a time he has made a comment that others have suspected to be a joke, albeit a subtle or wry one, to which he only responds with innocence.
Strengths & Weaknesses Skilled doctor, especially in surgery and emergency treatment. High stamina and strength from his Vulcan heritage and continual physical training. Fine athlete and high ability and training in a number of hand to hand combat disciplines across different cultures. Excellent sniper and good with small explosive devices. Maintains emotional repression in the traditional Vulcan way, so can remain calm and focussed under pressure. Excellent with plants and a natural animal handler.

Sol tries his best to maintain control over his emotions at all times, but as a half human his emotions can be closer to the surface at times than other full Vulcans. He physically trains and exercises too much and too hard. Can be stubborn and set in his ways and views at times. Struggles with his experiences as a marine during and after the war. Has little to no patience with technology when it goes wrong or it is temperamental, and is not well versed in how to fix it himself.
Ambitions To remain serving as a doctor out in the field as long as possible
Hobbies & Interests Running, track and field sports, climbing, horse riding/jumping/dressage, hand to hand fighting disciplines, general physical exercise/training, growing and cultivating plants, looking after animals, music (listening and playing the violin and lyre), reading and learning.
Languages Standard, Vulcan, Cardassian

Personal History Sol was born to a Vulcan mother, T’Sel, and a human father, Seth Holmes. They met whilst working on the USS Cavendish and had something of a friendship, even though there was a lot of sniping and banter involved. It was in the middle of a mission that T’Sel went through Pon Farr, and although she tried her best to quell the symptoms with meditation, she was unable to fully control it. As a friend, Seth offered to help how he could when he realised she was unwell in some way. He hadn’t quite expected the offer to be accepted so fully, and the pair mated. The result was an unplanned pregnancy. Despite the fact that she and Seth remained no more than friends and had no intention of pursuing a relationship, she decided to go ahead and have the child.

To start with, Seth remained in contact with his son, wanting to offer support and do his duty as a father. However, as his son grew up and became more noticeably Vulcan, he had a harder time relating to him as his own child, and the visits became fewer and fewer. By the time Sol was 12 years old, his father had stopped visiting entirely and they lost contact.

Sol struggled in his teenage years to master his emotions as well as other Vulcans. His mother guided and helped him as she could, but eventually she decided to send him off the ship she was working on and back home to Vulcan for better discipline and help. When he returned to her at 16, he was much more stable and appeared to have successfully controlled and repressed his emotions as other Vulcans did, even if it had been a struggle along the way. But he had also become disdainful of his own human half, seeing it as a weakness...and the abandonment from his father seemed to only reinforce his views on human weakness.

Sol threw himself into his studies and hobbies instead of contemplating what he could not change. He developed his interest in plants and animals, taking comfort in the simple companionship, and he always had a pet of some kind at any given time, as well as a garden, be it a small tray in his quarters or working in a large arboretum. He indulged in the greater strength and stamina of his mother’s race, having always been a keen sportsman, and developed into a determined and talented horseman, climber, track and field athlete and fighter in a number of hand to hand disciplines. Although in truth they became passions of his, he would never have admitted it by using that word. He spent two years as a professional athlete, competing at the highest levels in Equestrian eventing and the Decathlon.

His mother grew concerned with his lingering disapproval of his own human side and suggested that he explore the idea of joining Starfleet, to serve as she still did alongside humans. Of course, she was more subtle in the reason for her suggestion. She had always been the first to encourage him in the ways of her own race, but she was concerned that continued resentment of a part of himself would only lead to further problems down the line.

In respect for his mother’s wishes, Sol visited a Starfleet recruitment fair, but had no real intentions of joining. He couldn’t imagine himself glued to a computer all day. He hadn’t expected the Starfleet Marines to also have people there. With growing hostilities in the quadrant, they were eager to get more recruits, and when the Vulcan paused long enough to look, they jumped on the opportunity to encourage someone with the species’ strength, stamina and emotionless calm to join them. For Sol, it appealed to the active sportsman in him, his need for physical exertion, and also presented a new challenge, something he needed. It would also satisfy his mother’s wishes. And at no point did he ever admit to himself that joining the Starfleet Marines could have anything to do with the fact that his father had been a Marine.

Sol did well in training, his emotionless calm proving to work well in the highly pressurised environment. His test scores allowed him to train as an officer, and his physical prowess and hand to hand combat skills allowed him to excel in some areas of the course. His Vulcan heritage attributed to his abilities in using a wide range of weaponry accurately and effectively and he was able to take specialised training as a sniper, in unarmed combat and with small explosive devices.

By the time Sol graduated and was sent out in the field, hostilities and tensions were at an all time high. Sol ended up serving as an officer in the Marines throughout the Dominion War and in the clean up effort afterwards. He was involved in many hard and brutal missions, not only during the War, but also in the aftermath. He was good at what he did, and cool and calm as ever with his Vulcan control whilst doing it. But for a Vulcan who had his emotions closer to the surface than some others due to his human half, but also had the deeper and stronger levels of emotions deep down as Vulcans did, he found it harder to get through some of the harsher and bloodier missions.

He kept it to himself though, knowing that it wouldn’t be expected from him. He kept his head down and just kept fighting after the war, doing what he was trained to do, despite how hard he found some of the more grim missions. Despite concern from a few friends, he just kept going and kept fighting, not wanting to admit how fighting in the war had affected him, and how his continued fighting and killing only served as a constant reminder of traumatic missions and added more poison to the wound. It was at the end of a particularly difficult mission that he lost his Vulcan control in an unexpected emotional outburst towards his comrades, and it was hard to tell who was more shocked over it, them or him.

It was what led to him resigning from the Marines after 5 years of service since finishing training. He’d fought through a war, he’d fought and cleaned up through the aftermath, and he’d finally realised after losing emotional control that he couldn’t do it anymore.

He fell off the radar for a number of years, travelling to try and calm his mind and soul again, regaining his emotional control, pushing down his experiences of war and fighting. He spent time travelling to a number of different planets and stations, occupying himself in his old interests of sport and exercise as well as plants and animals.

After five years of travelling however, he felt that he was no longer travelling and recovering his control, and was simply drifting. It wasn’t something he liked, having been used to being useful. It was an unexpected meeting with an old Instructor that led him to think about starting a new career. So he didn’t like what he’d done before? The Instructor told him that it didn’t mean he couldn’t do something else to serve, and in fact, it might put his mind to rest if he found a way to contribute in a peaceful manner rather than just fighting.

Sol took the words literally and applied for Star Fleet Academy, to start over again. But this time, he became a Doctor, someone to heal. He spent four years retraining, taking refuge in studying and learning again. He did well with his focus, and although it was judged that his bed side manner wasn’t brilliant due to his emotionless Vulcan demeanour, he achieved highly in his modules and specialised in surgery and emergency medicine.

Sol found life more settled on ships as a doctor; he was even able to start growing plants again and he always had a pet of somekind with him. He proved to be good at his new career, finding it somewhat soul cleansing, even if he would never admit it. After three years as a doctor, he was promoted, and the following year he was sent to serve on the Asgard.
Service Record 2369-2373 - Starfleet Marine Officer Training
2373 - USS Halo, 2nd Lieutenant as part of a Marine Detachment
2373 - 95th Regiment, 2nd Lieutenant
2374 - USS Ja’sal, 2nd Lieutenant as part of a Marine Detachment
2374 - USS Lowe, 2nd Lieutenant as part of a Marine Detachment
2375 - 12th Regiment, 2nd Lieutenant
2375 - 12th Regiment, 1st Lieutenant
2376 - USS Tirade, 1st Lieutenant as part of a Marine Detachment
2377 - 15th Regiment, 1st Lieutenant
2378 - 15th Regiment, Captain
2378 - Resigns from the SF Marines

2383-2387 - Starfleet Medical Academy, Medical Officer Training (with specialist training in surgery and emergency care)
2387-2388 - USS Regal, Doctor, Ensign
2389 - USS T’Col, Doctor, Ensign
2390-2391 - USS T’Col, Doctor, Lieutenant JG
2391-Present - USS Asgard, Doctor, Lieutenant JG
Out of Character Notes Colour pictures by Jack_Crawford (Star Trek Photomanipultion Archive) and the black and white picture by Stutteringbutterfly