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Chief Warrant Officer Eric Stoltz

Name Eric Stoltz

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 179lbs
Hair Color brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description His appearance is nondescript, he would be slightly taller then average and in a little better shape maybe then most in a room. What sets him apart though is his confidence and calm attitude


Spouse WAs married to Dorothy Hamilton his childhood sweetheart for 24 years. She died (2389) after a long fight with illness.
Children son Dexter Stotlz age 23, Ensign/Engineer on DS3. Just graduated-started service June 2391
Father Jim Stolts (deceased 2366 natural causes
Mother Mary-Ann (deceased 2384 natural causes
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) twins: Jody Stotlz age 42 married with three kids
: Janelle Stoltz age 42 married with two kids

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eric on his first assignment was placed in a special unit to take care the ship habitat for a group of aquatic aliens. It sort of set his career into the path it took. Most of his service has been on star bases modifying ships for special needs of non-air breathing races. he is a can-do type person and has found ways through the years to safely transport many races.

Personal History Born 26 April 2345 on a colony planet. he had a fairly normal childhood, the planet he was born on was mostly peaceful and calm. He attended good local schools and fell in love in the senior year of his schooling with a classmate. They both had a yearning for the stars and an aptitude for engineering.
Service Record June 2364- Jan 2365 Eric and Dorothy joined Starfleet as a married couple. They attended their training together and were assigned Deepspace-4 together.
march 2365-feb 2368: DeepSpace-4 Eric upon arrival was selected to help create an aquatic environment for a race traveling to trade talks. Eric spent three months helping design and building the habitat then eight months on the ship ensuring it worked. He hated being separated from Dorothy though. He enjoyed the special project though and after discussing it he remained with it. The special team he was on also made rank faster as he reached PO3rd swiftly.
March 2368- Feb 2371: Assigned to SB301. Once again he was on special races habitats. Dorothy made PO3rd while here. Eric also was bumped up to a PO2nd. Their son Dexter was born here. A rare complication though was unrepairable and Dorothy's health was affected .
March 2371 - June 2373 On Earth Warrant officer school. Dorothy was in and out of hospitals the entire time. He was a Warrant-01 upon graduation.
July 2373 - June 2378: Eric was on Jupitor, Sol system designing habitats that wer modular to be adpated to any starsip as need required. He pulled won a promotion to SWO while working on this.
August 2378- may 2381: Aboard a Galaxy with a Medusan. His wife and son on Earth.
June 2381-march 2382: based on earth research and development command.
May 2382- June 2385: Again aboard a Galaxy class with a medusan. he enjoyed his work but his wife's health deteriorated while he was gone.
July 2385 - May 2389: He spent with research and development and teaching at the warrnat school. When his wife died, his son was in the starfleet academy, Eric left his son with her parents and went to a new assignment.
June 2389-June 2391: Deepspace-9 or on a Galaxy, Once more working with medusan and their special needs. He made CWO just after arrival.
June 2391 to March 2392: Aboard the Asgard while the Medusa was aboard. After that mission built the habitat on SD-82 for the Medusa. Decided to stay aboard the Asgard after and helped the transition from the Norway class to the Akira class.
March 2392: As a senior person available accepted the chief engineering position on SB-214 on a temporary basis